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20 Jan 2009 Allison Mack vs Rachel McAdams

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Posted by simguy on 1/30/2009, 7:16 am.

Before: "You gotta love how Mack plays this," special commentator Neve Campbell smiles wryly, ringside. "Yes, I helped out with her preparations for this fight; when Allison fights me, Rachel's masterminding Mack's camp - that's just the way it is. Can't blame Mack: she's found a sweet spot between two rivals, and she's exploiting it. That's why I think she's got this: I've sparred rounds with her, and I know when it gets toe-to-toe - as hard as Rachel DOES hit - Allison hits harder. The bitter truth is, I used up a lot of MacAdam's legs in our fights - she's never getting that step back. Against Allison, Rachel's facing a harder, fresher fighter who fights like a Dani Fishel with brains. That's a deadly combination, and it's too much for what's left of Rachel." Rachel in midnight blue crushed velvet bra and panties; white gloves. Mack in black boat-neck sports bra; grey stretch cotton trunks; white gloves.

During R1: Rachel fits Allison for a right uppercut early - picking Mack up to chin, straightening her up so violently both feet scoot forward, nearly dropping her. Second minute see MacAdams consolidate - methodical, close-in clubbing beats Mack to apron. Final minute: bruising back and forth - Mack with about a foot of air between her back and ropes. Mirror image slugging crouches: hands near chins; elbows in close to bodies; girls dipping side to side, clipping short swat, either hand, head and body. Bell: MacAdams won't back off - pounding Mack's shoulders/flanks while Mack hammers back. Ref intervenes: hard eyes, heaving chests all 'round.

R2: Allison crouches forward, stubs out her jab against Rachel's midsection; shrugs hook to jug; turns over blunt right hand to chin. MacAdams back two steps, firms, walks Alli into right uppercut/left hook. Mack gobbles it up, hooking Rache to jug; putting a right hand sidearm to flank. HAMMERING back and forth - girls taking turns getting off crisp, keeping elbows in, generating torque from hips. Bit by bit, it's MacAdams; Allison taxing Rache for coming forward, but brawny redhead stepping her blonde back all the same. Bell: Rachel's hook finds Allison's breasts, forcing retaliatory right from blonde. They're banging away mouth on shoulder until ref pries 'em apart. Rachel's round, hard and close.

R3: Rachel imposes will. Firm, pounding jabs force Mack to cover up and crouch: she's defensive. Rib-rocking right and left roundhouses slam into blonde flanks, shaking Allison on the spot. Rache stepping forward after delivering, putting her shoulder into Mack's chest: blonde grimacing, giving ground as redhead pushes weight. Second minute: Mack blocking shots, bobbing/weaving/rolling in her crouch; spirited effort to deny Rachel canvas slows, but doesn't stop redhead advance. Final minute, MacAdams hooks Alllison to chest, punching her into ropes: Mack humiliated to be ropebound, folding forward behind her mitts, butt-in-cables. Thudding beatdown salts round away for Mac: she's hooking with vicious abandon, taking a shuddering Mack repeatedly in right flank. Bell: Rachel steps back with dukes up, giving Allison a brazen "I'm better" look of appraisal.

R4: Shoulder to shoulder fighting - near the MacAdams corner. Short-shrugging stuff - girls cramming/tucking punches into firm bodies - heads in close together. Both women digging in stocky and stout: curvy legs/backsides quivering in stubborn, flat footed stances. Devolves into turn-taking: one girl standing with gloves at her mouth, elbows in tight to her body, face pinched as the other rips at waist/flank. As round progresses, it's apparent that Rachel can't walk her way out of there: Allison's out-hitting her, keeping MacAdams in her home-quadrant. Toe-to-toe tit-for-tat runs bell to bell: glorious two-way spanking earns raucous crowd applause throughout.

R5: Rachel using the jab again, punching Allison's face/upperchest to position blonde near the Mack corner. Similar short-chopping clubbing ensues - women keeping heads in close, tucking into trembling tummies and pain-wracked ribs. Both employing short 6 inch little left uppercuts, tapping at each other's chins in close - then tucking venomous left hooks down behind right elbows. Fists at her mouth, elbows in - Rachel works diligently to wedge right hands to Allison's belly out of a slight torso-roll - just a little dip-n'-tuck punching before regrouping hands at her mouth to take what's coming. MacAdams won't give ground: Mack's turn to take a beating as she fights furiously to keep her back off ropes. Bell: Rachel lands the little right uppercut to chin; puts the hook on top: Neve's out of her seat shrieking FOUL as ref moves in.

R6: Midring - Mack gambling - she lunges in and down, kissing a blunt right hand off Mac's chin. Rachel with fists at chest as head tosses hard to starboard: she steps away, then falters as delayed effect hits her knees. Mack quickly in with stubby tummy jabbing - touching MacAdams three times before arching back, popping hips right and picking Rachel up a jagged left uppercut. MacAdams' mitts split: chinchecked, she reels back to ropes, digging in wobbly butt. Mack steps-to, eyes blazing, fists at mouth: blonde works her jab, keeping right hand at cheek as Rachel covers up earmuff to block. Mack: short right uppercut splits mitts, picks Rachel's head up drowsy; clubbing right hook to cheek startles Rache; short, clouting hook chops across, taking Rache to chin and DOWN GOES MACADAMS! Ripping concise fare numbs Rachel's legs - she drops straight down, spilling awkwardly to her left hip. Mack seething, forcing herself to focus: she's bouncing on the spot in neutral corner as Rachel wills herself up at 8. ON COMES MACK! Nothing fancy: Allison steps to Rachel; hooks her paunch; tucks into jug a right hand; chops a short hammer-drop left onto Rachel's face; turns over a blunt right to face, loosening Rachel against ropes. MacAdams swooning, hands drooping out of position, eyelashes fluttering - stop the fight ref, that's Allison Mack getting off there! Mack hard-eyed, snarling, tucks hook to tummy, jerking Rachel forward with a grunt; bumps left-shoulder to chest, rocking Rache ragdoll into ropes. Blunt right hand to face bounces Rachel's head over top strand: her hands drop, torso lolling forward:; Allison reaches under numb redhead arms, stacking MacAdams against ropes, bodying her, propping her and REF STEPS IN! MacAdams slumping out on her feet, held up by official: bruising TKO6 Allison Mack.

After: Ringside: Neve Campbell standing, clapping, whistling - earning a wink and a finger-point of acknowledgment from Mack. "Got into her, banged her up," a scuffed up, but glowing Allison Mack explains in postfight. "Word is, Rachel's lost a little hardness - the crust's gone soft, and you can bang with her now - get her to give in. I think there's something to that - and no disrespect to Rachel because I do respect her - but I think the days of her backing girls up and wearing them down are over. She tried it with me - looked good early - but look at her now. Hurting."

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