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20 June 2003 (Partial) Kelly Hu vs Jenny McCarthy

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Originally posted by Simguy on 6/20/2003, 7:03 am.


Hu in black leather bra style bikini

Jenny is white bikini top, shades o’blue splash print bottoms


UD10 Hu


Jenny Mac wore her closed left eye and swollen, tender features like badges of honor in a defiant postfight—she’d lost a close decision, but given Kelly hell in a thrilling two way contest that pushed the Amazin’ Asian to her limits.


JMac took it to Kelly early, nearly flooring the slickster with a swinging right behind the ear and following up brutal along the ropes, this wasn’t pretty stuff—Jenny mauled Kelly without remorse, low blows, elbows, headbutt “anything”. Jenny would say later, “to get Kelly squared up and out of her closed stance.” Toe to toe, blonde on brunette at the ropes—Mac leapt out to an early lead, By the end of the third, Kelly had her legs back under her and was starting to make Jenny miss and in the fourth—deadly counter right hands victimized a brazen McCarthy, putting her on all fours after repeated connects to the chin. From then on, it was back and forth excitement—Jenny getting on Kelly, bodying her to the ropes and hurting her—Kelly turning Jenny midring, boxing her, hurting her back with pinpoint screened right hands. All even after 8 and both women ragged, a knockdown in the 9th would seal the fight for Kelly. Hu would draw boos as she ran the clock in the tenth, freezing a frustrated blonde out as McCarthy chased, took stabbing punches on the face in an effort to bring blonde donnybrook. Kelly Hu exited the ring shortly after the announcement of her victory and would not attend the post fight party—something about throbbing ribs and eyes banged to slits—McCarthy lingered in the ring, basking the glow of hard-won respect, if not victory.


Reposted by Archer 5/3/09.


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