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20 Mar 2009 Lacey Chabert vs Scarlett Johansson

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Posted by simguy on 3/20/2009


Before: "There's never been a southpaw JMD champion for good reason," Lacey states in prefight. "It's because we don't finesse each other in JMD - there's no room for trickery - and girls that try that crap get exposed. JMD is fighting the way Darwin intended it: survival of the fittest. I'm the best there's ever been at this, because I'm built perfectly for it - head to toe. Scarlett's a 7 rack hanging on a 2 chassis: that's just not good enough." Johansson demure: Chabert's reputation monolithic when it comes to knocker-knocking, but Scarlett won't be intimidated. "You don't see girls employing JMD finesse because quite frankly, none of them are capable," Johansson shrugs. "Chabert, Simpson, Hewitt, Eggert? Come on - those girls only know one way, and yes, Chabert's been the best at getting it done. But I'm here to take JMD to a whole other level - a level Lacey can't even reach on her tippy-toes." Chabert in heartpounding white push up and panties, white gloves. Johansson in lavender scoop top of stretchy cotton with white petal trim about decolletage; dark purple bikini bottoms; white gloves; platinum blonde curls.


During R1,2: Johansson forming up in extreme southpaw: right foot/shoulder forward - left hand at chest - feet widespread apart. Scarlett flat footed - using the right hand to bat at Lacey's raised left - then Johansson leans in, pounding a single left hand straight to Lacey's plump rack. Chabert predictably angered, surges forward with lefts and rights: Johansson scampers back - using right hand to push and flail as she turns to her right, eventually calming Lacey down. This rhythm predominates early - Scarlett landing stout, single, provocative shots; Lacey charges ineffectively forward all jugs a-jumpin' until she's managed back into compliance. Latter half the rounds are uneasy standoffs - Lacey eyes narrowed, licking her lips as she tries to fit Scarlett for single, lunging right hands in the rack in retaliation. Johansson getting the better of these exchanges - owning the space between the fighters - gently rotating counterclockwise to keep her lead (right) foot outside Lacey's left.


R3: Lacey with better pressure early - pushing and bodying Johansson to ropes. On the apron, Chabert's jiggling, compact strength apparent - buttocks ringing as she stands up into Scarlett to stack her; shoulders writhing as she reaches under Scarlett's arms to chest her to ropes. Chabert scrounging effectively - packing fists and scrubbing forearms into Scarlett's jugs - softening Johansson up with tucking blows to paunch, or clubbing swats upside head. Johansson teeth bared, getting ragdolled against ropes, but handling herself well: she's tying up, squirming against Lacey, trying to take the edge off. Down the stretch - Johansson shocks Lacey a cute right uppercut off the right foot, stunning the champ: right hook to cheek/slick, slicing left to rack backs Lacey onto her heels, eyes blinking. Johansson lunges forward, carrying another left thick to Lacey's jugs, then picking 'em up robusto via a deep-digging right uppercut. Lacey howling in pain, stumbling backward as Johansson stays on her: Chabert hits far ropes in disarray, groans as Scarlett leans in close, dragging a left hand into the pit of Chabert's tummy. Johansson stacks Lacey upright, then OH, THE RACK TAKEN! Scarlett bares her fangs, shoulders shrugging as she gets all up into Lacey's jugs hup-hup-hup. Chabert astonished, mouthpiece falling off her teeth as she slumps in wonder at ropes. Scarlett rampages to bell, stealing a promising Chabert right out from under curvy brunette.


R4: Scarlett belligerent - maybe a little full of herself after that triumphant third: she's squaring away midring pushing her weight on Lacey, looking to work her over toe-to-toe. Chabert recovering well, doing her thing: nice little shoulder-bumps and pushes inside giving Lace room to scrub offending jug in tight. Scarlett looking for that sneaky right uppercut to get an edge: Lacey wise to it now - turning left shoulder into it to block, then digging back right hands to belly and breasts. By the final minute, blunt, brutal inside-slugging has Johansson wobbly butt: accumulation has blonde shabby as Lacey pumps hard for points.


R5,6: Lacey builds on her good fourth - crowding Scarlett, opening up her stance, fighting off her chest. Fight drifts to ropes - Lacey on top: Chabert squirming effectively as always - brawny little arms writhing to pull and bump at Scarlett's defences. Johansson grimacing with the effort of working her arms down inside Lacey's then straining to turrrrn Chabert into ropes: Lacey quickly correcting these reversals, out-wrestling Scarlett in the clinches. In between the pushing and pulling - Lacey doing good, thumping work on belly and breasts: Chabert frequently tucking a right hand into paunch to set up a thick swipe at jug. Johansson bedraggled through 6 - tired blonde curls limp in her eyes: she's hurting from a steady dose of Lacey-on-top.


R7: Scarlett stems the tide: midring, operating out of the wide southpaw stance, she does well when she potshot Lacey's jugs, then manage the headlong brunette charge with sidestepping footwork. Chabert all bared teeth/flashing eyes - but she's having trouble re-establishing position. Meanwhile - Scarlett's claiming steadily against Lacey's bulging rack - jamming stiff, pounding left hands one at a time into that talented bra. Chabert brought into compliance: by the final minute she's standing angled-in with her left side fronting on Scarlett's right - the two looking to lean in and score (right hands for Lacey, left hands for Scarlett) against offending rack from range. During the break - both girls getting ice-pack rubdowns against throbbing puppies.


R8: More of this patient, potshotting stuff: just the way Scarlett wants it. Chabert no longer surging after Johansson after being smote to jug: Lacey's playing the game - looking to fit single, very hard right hands to Johansson's bra as the girls circle slowly counter-clockwise. Johansson's right hand a constant nuisance - batting at Lacey's left mitt; occasionally flicking out to tap left tit; slapping at Lacey's temple. Scarlett using the right to distract, then pouring herself forward: she's getting wonderful leaning leverage on her left hands - just smashing into Lacey's jugs. Chabert fighting back tears - circling - trying to answer: she's frequently slapped off balance by Scarlett's pesky right hand just as Lacey's committing - Johansson pivoting counterclockwise and turning Lacey's left flank. Down the stretch, Scarlett leans in, cleans up jug a pounding left hand - then stays on her front (right) foot in order to double up and fit a second left hand in. Lacey stumbling backward, momentarily shocked. She's a confused beauty, absorbing volume to her jugs that she rarely encounters in a typical 3 round JMD contest.


R9: Johansson closes - she wants to finish: Chabert's not ready. Snuggling shoulder to shoulder - pushing and bumping inside - Lacey's still stronger. She's pushing Scarlett around, jamming right hands into her tummy, then tucking into rack. Johansson with some cute moves inside: she'll turn torso-right and drag that left hand into Lacey's jugs, then crowd in close with the left shoulder, trying to smother receipts. Constant job of work for Chabert to body-up and push Scarlett out of her crouches - but Lacey's up to it. Her constant pressure puts Scarlett wobbly butt through attrition again this round.


R10: Scarlett gets her geometry, fights her fight: she's turning counter-clockwise; leaning in and slamming huge, hurtful left hands against Chabert's pulsing jugs - really smashing at the beef. Lacey petulant, following Scarlett around, trying to answer Johansson's insolent jugs with swinging rights: she's just not as adroit as Johansson at this. Scarlett managing her foe - outscoring her 3 to 1 as the girls continue to fetch each other thick, single-shot clout: it's all to Scarlett's liking. Goes to rare UD10; comes back for the winner and NEW JMD champ - Scarlett Johansson.


After: Lacey stunned: picked apart and pancaked all night long - she's the victim of the most calculating and tactical JMD battle plan ever devised. Johansson strutting, preening - taking a few posed photos, then marching on the Chabert corner with a big underdog's grin. Lacey sniveling, but brave: she stands up off her stool - staring off into the distance as she knows what's coming. Scarlett approaches with a swagger - then breaks into a gallop over the last few feet - leaping onto Lacey and carrying her back into ropes. Chabert stunned - arms wrapping instinctively around Scarlett's back as Johansson leaves her feet, plows her jugs onto Lacey's face and wraps up brunette head in both arms. Girls bounce off ropes and crash to mat: Scarlett's legs writhing to secure Chabert around her waist. On their sides (Lacey on her left, Scarlett on her right) Scarlett's wriggling like it's a fight - arms cinching up; hips gulping; ankles crossing and crossing with dry slaps as she pulls Lacey in extra-tight. Johansson eventually rolling Lacey onto her back - scootching up on Lacey to get maximum jug-weight on her face: Scarlett settling in on her haunches, crouching close over her victim, face all lit up and flushed with excitement. Poor Lacey! From her back - Lacey's hands push at Scarlett's armpits, or reach up to pull at her shoulders. At one point, Lacey's hands fist into Scarlett's bouncy blonde curls, trying to pull Johansson's head up and back. Scarlett cackles at the pain, wriggling for an extra millimeter of better position, just keeping her weight on and letting her jugs do the work of reducing Chabert. Lacey's early roll-attempts are vigorous - nearly spilling Scarlett to one side or the other...but brunette legs grow heavy after a time, and eventually flatten against canvas. Licking her lips, Scarlett knows she's got this - just cinching up, pouring it on until Lacey's arms fall out to either side, wrists bent back in surrender. Johansson sits up in Lacey's stomach, hands on Lacey's ribs as she gazes down in triumph on Chabert's glistening, conquered, sleeping face. In days to come, Scarlett comments on her particularly vigorous smothering of Chabert in RACK Magazine: "I wanted to take her down like a big jungle cat, you know? You ever see those movies of lions bringing down gazelles? That kind of thing? That's how I wanted to claim Lacey - like I'm the predator and she's just this little fawn."

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