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20 March 2009 Alicia Witt vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by simguy on 3/20/2009, 6:52 pm


Before: "We may have signed Witt for bench strength initially," Theron says in prefight, "but after I saw her against Zeta Jones - and outworking Nadia Bjorlin? I knew we had another phenom on our hands. That's why I want to fight Alicia Witt - she's the kind of heady, unpredictable threat that I haven't had in quite some time. I've sparred with her, but I want to taste her angry punches - see what she's really got under the hood."


Witt equally complimentary of Krusher's Top Gun: "I didn't even think twice," Witt says of the offer-sheet. "You get into the FCBA to fight Charlize Theron - that's one of the goals of any fighter. Then for me, it's also the chance to take down the Queen of the Blondes - so there was no way I was going to say no!"


Witt in green cashmere crochet bikini; black gloves. Charlize in pink, festive beach bikini from recent candids; white gloves.

During R1: CT rangy-big early - putting the jab out there, leaning into Witt, palming her shoulders, shoving her off. Alicia adjusting early to Theron's long poke: slipping inside it, answering back a Zeta-Jones style hook to jug. Middle minute all about Witt sliding inside to correct Theron's breasts: final minute sees Alicia consolidate. Charlize back-to-ropes late, looking a little flustered, very upright as she's attempting to shove Witt away. Alicia crouching low, pumping lefts and rights to Theron's belly and lower ribcage...then quickly leaning onto right foot to hook chin. CHARLIZE LOOSENS! Good, ringing chin-checks have Theron swaying at ropes: Alicia bares her fangs, dipping and twisting side to side to pull swinging, tight-arc lefts and rights onto Theron's beautiful face. Round ends to the sights and sounds of Witt smashing CT's face back and forth: Theron pursing lips, hair in her eyes as she faces into shocking punishment early. During the break - Alicia's personal masseuse working her shoulders and biceps with deep pressure while trainer gives instrux: just one of many unorthodox Witt training techniques.

R2: Witt staying low - that's job one. Witt slipping CT's jab - looking to move inside it and answer back immediate hooks to jug: that's job two. Once inside, Witt's moving her hands - polishing up that flat, Oscar winning gut PUM! PUM! PUM! - moving greedily up-torso to batter ribs and jugs - then tidying up chin as Theron backpedals. Rapid punches in bunches drive CT to ropes: once again she's upright, trying to palm Witt's shoulders as aggressive redhead dips and twists side to side, slamming home the hurt. Dip n' rip left uppercuts from Charlize test Witt's own ribcage: blonde getting pasted, but proving wily off the ropes. These are hard receipts CT's licking: trainer tells Theron to throw more of them, "She so much as LOOKS at your body, you whack hers - that's the deal!"

R3: Witt with a gambling, looping overhand right early: she crouches into it, pulling it over the top and bouncing it hard off CT's left eye. Theron sputtering to ropes, legs all jittery: once again blonde seeks rope-support at her back as aggressive redhead pursues. Witt attacking - starting her patterns in Theron's waist rubadubdub, creeping up-torso, then claiming chin: steady, vicious strafing runs ringing Theron up. CT stunned, confused - hands outstretched to push at her tormentress, but leaving her head wide open: Witt just bouncing haymakers off Theron's face while dipping to either side, staying safe and low. Emergency repairs necessary in the Theron corner during the break: enswell already being liberally pressed to Theron's puffy features.

R4: Witt takes her fourth straight - aggressively collapsing Theron's lazy jab, attacking the body to set up the head. Charlize backpedalling, standing upright: she's very much a target, just staring into swinging blows upside her head. At ropes, Charlize is sluggish - lips parted, eyes half closed, hair strewn across her brow: magnificent chin and willful legs keeping her in it, but Witt just cleaning up in these minutes. Charlize no longer able to shove Alicia off: redhead able to rest her head against CT's clavicle while pumping tummy. Witt also with a pretty way of bouncing up out of her crouch, carrying a short right hand into CT's paunch: great compact delivery, all legs and backside. Theron just grunting and gasping - arms reaching long down Alicia's back, trying to tie up behind her elbows. Witt extraordinarly wriggly - squirming out of Theron's clutches, bumping and nudging her, then tucking in. Bell: Witt pushes up off Theron, turning away all fresh and sweaty - energized by success. CT grumpy, frowning and sullen: her body's getting a whale of a touch-up.

R5: Witt aggressively up the middle - so slick getting around/under Theron's jab; so effective scoring and moving forward. Theron ushered to ropes and beaten without pity: magnificent blonde absorbing unspeakable punishment as busy redhead digs in. Witt just pounding at her girl - leaning in with stuffing rights to the breadbasket, pushing on Theron to smother receipts. CT trying to clinch, but Alicia all squirmy and supple - constantly pushing Theron arms up and over, then getting back to the beef. Charlize shouting in pain from body shots this round, getting ragdolled...but late the round she shows why she's not just another blonde. Lanky left uppercut picks Alicia up stiff; left hook clouts her face aside...Witt's stepping in fence-post holes! Dazed Charlize goes on the attack - rangy blonde stepping off the ropes, wading into redhead with lanky, swinging rights and lefts slopped hard to head and shoulders. Witt suddenly stunned - she ducks, walks CT's ribs into a clinch: redhead hanging on to avoid going down to late blonde thunder.


Posted by simguy on 3/20/2009, 6:52 pm, in reply to "Alicia Witt vs Charlize Theron pt1"


R6: Charlize stalking Witt now: Alicia still woozy - not so eager to penetrate and bring battle. Theron able to establish the jab - keeping Witt at range - then blonde's leaning in with right hands, pounding at her girl's defences. Witt hit hard to chin as Theron leans in and down: redhead stumbling away from impact, fear in her eyes for first time. CT walking Alicia down, but wary: Witt still very cute with the way she ducks down, then rises up into clinches, bogging Theron down. All Charlize - fight circles about the ring as blonde hounds her redhead: Witt buying time with her legs.

R7: Another good head for Charlize, but good defensive adjustments from Witt as well. Right hands that were strafing and buzzing Witt's chin don't land this round: she's slipping in under them, clinching about the waist for breaks. Theron impatient - pushing at Alicia's shoulders in the grasp and complaining to ref: now Charlize is all anxious to bring battle while Witt wants to delay. Charlize being big - leaning on Witt to push her around, then walking her down. Alicia very defensive, but getting herself together: eyes finally look clear despite giving up more points in the 7th.

R8: Alicia baiting Charlize - coaxing aggressive right crosses from the blonde, slipping in under them; hooking Theron's aching ribs tight beneath the jugline. Good snatching clout from Witt: she's scoring, then bringing her mitt back quick to her own chest to reset. Theron shouting in astonishment - frequently left with both hands outstretched as her ribs are baked: Witt countering viciously, goes over to offence as Theron's momentum stalls. Latter half the round sees Witt maneuver CT to ropes once again; redhead able to employ that dipping, side to side weaving motion, pulling wallop onto Theron's face, stunning her. Charlize upright, swaying, looking drowsy. Meanwhile, Witt's claiming steadily against belly, breasts and chin - just ringing CT up huge. Bell: Theron's eyelashes fluttering - face really busting up; she's catching it old-school from Alicia through 8. Witt gives Theron such a ferocious/icy glare upon separation, that ringsiders who can see it unconsciously flinch in their seats!

R9: Witt diving in with an overhand right to CT's body - bouncing it off ribs while bending in and down. Shout of pain CT: knees buckle, then stiffen-straight as she stumbles back into ropes, gutshot. Witt advances all smouldering eyes, tight lips, forcing herself inside. WITT WANTS JUG! Hook and a SLAMMING right hand pound at CT's chest, beating her breathless. Theron whining in pain as Witt leans in to whack puppy. Witt baring her teeth - twisting torso right to claw extra hooks across jug; twisting torso-left to whip her right hand across CT's staring face. OH THE HUMANITY! Charlize being stood up and beaten - crowd roaring - majestic blonde sagging upright against ropes, hands outstretched as her face gets turned to the side. Jones screaming "GET OFF THE ROPES!" from the corner; Krusher fighters and suits all bolt upright in their seats, wide eyed. Hellish spank coming off CT's breasts as Witt commits: redhead pouring everything she's got into shellacking blows to chest, then looking for chin. Back and forth, back and forth - Witt just stacking CT up and battering her and THE REF STEPS IN! Good lord - TKO9 in hard working fashion - Alicia Witt!

After: CT a mumbling wreck, battered beyond recognition - attendants support her by either elbow and wrist, helping her back to her corner in a KO haze. Witt exuberant - dramatic upset brings in a crowd of press - microphones and cameras waiting on every word from a glowing redhead.


"I went back to the beginning," Alicia says in postfight, smiling. "I love to break down tape, and of course, the Krushers have one of the best video libraries in the world, so I had tons of material with which to work. I'd seen Zeta Jones take away girls' jabs with that counter-hook to the breasts, so that was one thing I wanted to do. It really puts the idea in a girl's head that if she jabs, she'll pay a steep jug-price - and Theron was no exception. Plus, I hurt her early, and that was HUGE, because it allowed me to back her up and work her body - which I did to extravagance. You'll notice I upped my punch count 25% for this fight: I knew I'd need higher volume if I wanted to supress a fighter of Theron's calibre. So I was outworking her AND murdering her to the body. Honestly - she should have been ready to go after 4 or 5 rounds of what I was unleashing - but her greatness extended the fight. She hurt me - backed me off - I had to get myself together before I could reassume control. I'd robbed her of her legs though - that's what allowed me to regroup and get back on top: I was pressuring her on too many fronts throughout the fight for her to mount effective resistance - all she had was fighting pride left. Am I better? I wouldn't say that, but I will say this: Theron's a confused, battered beauty right now, and I really don't think she has any answers at this point. I had her strategy beat before we even got in the ring, and she's not used to competing on that level. I'm a handful, and I'm a true ring general: I doubt very much if Charlize wants any part of me, any time soon!"

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