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20 March 2009 Virginie Ledoyen vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by simguy on 3/20/2009, 6:48 pm


Before: "Why should I respect her?" Mish says in response to a Tractorpull question. "She's a typical Tech no-name: I'm Mish Friggin' Williams - terror of the 110 pound division - queen of all she surveys. Look: I could sell this fight. Ooh, she's a multi time champion - she can box as well as slug - ooh, she's tough and unpredictable. Cram all that: Virginie's just another dumb slut who's here to make me look unstoppable. I'll whack this cow out, then get back to what I do best: taking belts and breaking hearts. Chris Ricci's the weakest champion we've had in years - probably since Virginie. I need to be getting in there as soon as I can."


Ledoyen demure - detached from Michelle's hardnosed trumpeting. "Michelle talks - it's what she does," Virginie asserts. "She's full of bombast - like her famous twist tied tops, she's easily undone. Yes, I shall box and I shall slug - Michelle knows what to expect from me. The problem for her, is that she does not know what to expect from herself. When she's getting hurt and confused, the real Michelle will pop out, and she will be just as surprised as the rest of you at what she does then."


Virginie in electric blue bikini; white gloves; long brown curls loose. Mish in zebra print bikini with twist-tie top and bottoms; white gloves.


Virginie with an enigmatic, Mona Lisa smile during ring instructions: Williams doesn't like it, hooks Virginie's tits as ref's droning, "...defend yourself at all times..."

DURING R1: First minute: Virginie alert, pumping jabs, keeping right at her cheek and pivoting sharply left around her poke. Mish attacking up the middle, getting her right flank turned: she's repulsed and rebuked, unable to penetrate. Midway through, Ledoyen leans into a pounding right cross off the jab, buckling Michelle's knees: hooking/crossing follow up flurry punches Williams to her buns! Mish takes 8: Virginie hops-to, aggressively slashing right hands across the Williams paunch. Mish punched to a seat in ropes, hands at temples: VIRGINIE GOES RACK! Ledoyen swishing limber lefts and rights in - back straight, head up, shoulders twitching side to side as Mishy's jugs get bounced. Williams crying out - twist tie tested to it's structural limits as French vixen sends a saucy message in the first. Michelle having her suit seen to during the break: she's buzzed, pasted on her stool.

R2: Mish angry, surging forward...into the teeth of Virginie's educated jab. Ledoyen playing it smart during blonde surges: pre-empting Mishy with poke; pivoting left - often while pushing heel of her left hand against top of Michelle's head. Williams turning and turning, slugging furiously, but coming up short: Ledoyen dictating distance, staying out of harm's way through 2.

R3: Same again: Virginie really jabbing Michelle well, then turning her; Ledoyen in control midring. Williams undisciplined even by her own standards: winging, ill-conceived power punches normally paid for by stinging, straight Ledoyen one-twos. Left side of Michelle's face lumping up: she's taking a lot of Virginie leather - some of it fierce. At one point, Ledoyen strokes Michelle a savage hook to the tummy while pivoting-left. Williams cringes on receipt, visibly bothered by the shot: Virginie's not just playing pattycake in there.

R4: Mish swinging, often stooping forward, lowering her head, starting sweeping punches from behind her butt. Crazy stuff, but forcing Ledoyen to back away and scatter at times. It's also hard to time: midway through, Virginie gets caught trying to fit Mishy for a drilling one-two; catches a right hand wallop upside the head instead. LEDOYEN GOES DOWN! Virginie clapped to her back; she rises quickly, but she's blinking, clearly buzzed. Williams bouncing in after 8, intent on mauling Virginie at ropes: Ledoyen does a nice job spinning out of there, legging out rest of the round with Mish in hot pursuit.

R5: Three minutes of patient, hard-punching, Virginie Ledoyen precision. Jab really punishing Michelle - stalling her out at the end of Virginie's reach, setting up rifling Ledoyen right hands. Ledoyen landing jab, right hand, hook combos - then pivoting left round the hook: she's punching Mish dizzy here, shutting Williams down. Mish visibly groggy - lips parted as she trudges forward, takes a shot or two, crouches, then reacts late as Ledoyen sidesteps her. Virginie extending on shots - turning her hips into those right hands and stroking Mish with authority. Down the stretch, Williams exerting almost no real pressure: Virginie able to get back into that rack with pounding right hands - just leaning in and cleaning up via single-shot pastings. Mishy's jugs jumping about when struck - quivering and blushing from spank.

R6: Mish busting up - jugs pink and throbbing - but she's still coming forward, winging haymakers. Ledoyen spooked by some grazing near-misses: she bails out, legging the ring - just running Mish onto jab and sneaky right hands off feints before escaping. Williams the aggressor, but she's following Virginie around, not cutting off the ring. Sloppy stuff from MIsh: she's starting to hear it from HISC head trainer. Danes disgusted in her ringside seat: arms crossed; frowning; lips pursed.

R7: Mish lowering her head, pulling punches around from behind her hip, stepping forward recklessly with the blasts. Virginie trying to time it, but once again getting spooked out of her positions: any one of these punches could get her in trouble. Ledoyen using the ring, trying to circle and curve in from angles: Michelle landing the odd fat wallop to French tits or ribs, scattering Virginie. Another round to Michelle, but less effective than she'd wish: Ledoyen in good shape to her corner, avoiding any kind of extended, bruising altercation with destructive American.

R8: Virginie gets back to the more measured, constructive jab-and-pivot routine. Williams cooperating - coming forward into poke, crouching, then turning as Ledoyen emerges well to starboard. Ledoyen in wide stance, pushing off right (back) big toe: she's scoring consistently, tapping away at Mishy's left eye and cheek, steadily punishing her. Williams aggressive, but not effective: she's a confused beauty - not letting her hands go this round, not penetrating, not doing anything to improve her chances.

R9: Similar stuff - Ledoyen organized, operating out of classic orthodox stance. Widespread feet enable her to lean back and escape the odd swinging Mish power punch: Williams just looping over the top, hoping to brain her French tormentress. Ledoyen getting cute, jab flirting with Michelle's breasts with spanking insolence. Williams cheeks hot with shame, but she's just not choosing well - obviously thinking in terms of blowing Virginie away with one haymaker.

R10: Mish jabs at last - stubbing her left hand out in Virginie's breasts - driving Ledoyen ropeside. Michelle scoots into position, staying low, beating her fists against Ledoyen's waist via tight-arm roundhouses: THIS is Williams' game. Virginie grimacing, feeling Mish to the body: French girl has dukes at temples, leaning forward to shoulder Mish off, then leaning away to make her miss. Williams staying busy, hammering Ledoyen to ribs, reaching in and chesting her to ropes to keep her pinned down as necessary. Virginie calm in the pocket - dipping and digging from her high guard, always bringing hands back quick, keeping her elbows in. Sturdy round for Mish - she outworks Ledoyen, punishes her, but can't find the offswitch as Virginie proves poised under pressure. Comes back UD10 close - Virginie Ledoyen!

After: Mish stunned - pacing her corner hands on hips, staring at canvas: sloppy, complacent effort tonight paves the way for the Ledoyen upset. Virginie grinning I-told-you-so in her corner, accepting hugs and kisses for a clean, professional performance. "An easy fight for me," Virginie says with a shrug. "Michelle was impatient, dis-respectful: I punished her for these sins. HISC fighters are arrogant: they need to learn that they cannot simply show up and be handed victory. Some of us know how to fight and will beat them even at their best, let alone at their laziest."

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