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20 Oct 2001 (Title) Ch Denise Richards vs Brittany Daniels

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Originally posted by Simguy on 10/20/2001, 8:36 am.


Before: Denise Richards has been where Brittany Daniel is now—brunette still one of the most bankable stars in boxing, but she’s watching as a young blonde contender is lavished with media attention for this fight and not liking it one bit.


“Richards was once the hot young prospect,” says one long time commentator on the sport, “but she was pure hype coming up, pampered in the gym—when her old management threw her in with tough comp, she took monstrous beatings—most of us never thought she’d ever make it. But she has—Denise Richards has become a solid pro and she doesn’t like the idea that Brittany Daniel could be what she wasn’t: a truly talented youngster who can dominate and win titles without really paying her dues.”


Richards reportedly even working with hated rival Charisma Carpenter to prepare for the despised blonde. “Charisma is tomorrow’s problem,” says Denise, “right now, she’s an ally. She wants Daniel beaten almost as badly as I do.”


Brittany showing NO respect for the champ in prefight—during weigh in, Denise is on the scales—Brittany gets up close, hands on hips to inspect the champ’s waist and glutes, shaking her head with a “tsk tsk” attitude that has Richards fuming.


Denise in teal bikini top, brown bottoms, wet curls, Brittany in snake skin bikini, blonde tousle.


During R1: Daniel puts on a classy clinic, shining Richards up bell to bell, D with guard high, stepping stiffly after her foe, but Brittany the quicker mitted, stepping in with a hurtful double jab, pivoting to the left, dropping straight right hands and hard left hooks to the face of her foe has Richards wandering into accurate punishment, Midway through, Daniel leans away from a Richards hook, leans back in with a sharp one-two and puts Denise wobbly butt. Blonde grinning, jumps to Denise’s left side and helps herself to gut with hooks, landing with the side of her left hand against Richards’ abs. Big brassy shutout, Daniel with hands in the air at the bell, taunting a well-used champion after 1.


R2: Brittany jabs to get inside, sets up shoulder to shoulder, working a chopping over hand right to the eye, setting up that vicious left uppercut to the jugs, Denise won’t cave—she stands in and gives it all back to Daniel and by the second minute—blonde jugs and belly are getting ransacked as brunette’s determination takes over, Brittany slugged, pushed and bullied to the ropes, finishes up in trouble as Denise gets big, shoves and slugs at the bell to draw even.


R3: Girls get cheek to cheek midring and start to lavish punches on one another—crowd on its feet as spanking blows sound out back and forth—it’s brutal, simple give and take. Both girls sinking in the lethal hooks to midsection, putting punches together on the mouth of the opponent as each leans forward, stays close and gets hit. Both pairs of sexy legs are shaken, both heads are jammed back from crisp, clean connects—it’s 5 rounds of vicious punching seemingly packed into 1 and taking place on 4 square feet of canvas. And down the stretch it’s Denise Richards, mouth on Brittany’s shoulder, listing her fists one after the other into blonde breadbasket until Diane’s butt sits on the ropes. Brittany used up late, trying to smother the brunette’s attack—Denise slugging on instinct, eyes closed, just pushing her gloves back and forth into the hated blonde.


R4: Denise exhausted, but Daniel in worse shape—Brit coming off her stool clearly rattled, eyes glassy, hands low—she shuffles to her right, slapping out a don’t hurt me jab as Denise walks her down behind a high, strong guard. D very patient, letting weak blonde punches slap her arms and gloves, then a sudden left hook counter answers back, ragdolling Brittany helplessly at the ropes. Daniel out on her feet, staring as Denise piles on—heartless brunette barrage bangs away at the defenceless face if her foe AND THE REF JUMPS IN! Brittany mewling in protest but her legs can’t support her weight in the man’s arms—TKO4 Denise Richards!


After: Richards responds once again—beating back a highly touted challenger and doing it via sweet stoppage to boot. Daniel suffers a sobbing walk of shame as a beaming champion guides her around the ring, right arm around the waist, left arm waving regally to the crowd.


“Maybe I’ll get some respect after this,” crows Denise. “Everyone’s ducking Dani Fishel and Kelly Packard, only to get beaten up by me. Fighters and fans both have to learn that I’m for real—I’m where your hopes and dreams go to die.”


Too much too soon for Daniel? Three tough qualifying bouts in a span of 10 weeks might have drained the blonde’s tank.


“I didn’t have good legs tonight,” says a subdued Brittany in post fight. “I was fighting hard, but I kept thinking ‘where are my legs?’.


Criticism being leveled at management rather than the fighter. “Connelly was the straw that broke the camel’s back,” says one anonymous source close to Daniel, “we never should have taken that fight, but HBO kept harping on us to build Brittany’s name. In retrospect, we should have rested her after a tough fight like that.”


Reposted by Archer 4/16/09.


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