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20 Oct 2007 (Title) Ch Britney Spears vs Christina Ricci

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JMD Title Bout (Part 1)


Posted by simguy on 10/20/2007, 9:24 am


Before: Britney curt with press before her JMD matches - you can see her angering-up as the date approaches; feel her channelling all her frustrations into the event - JMD the perfect outlet for a celebrity under siege. Ricci coming in tight and sturdy - giving away size, but no ferocity to the defending champ. "I'm getting Britney at a great time," confides a shrewd Christina. "She's big and strong, but she's got a lot on her plate these days and I KNOW she's praying that this won't be a war. Too bad for her it's gonna be war and then some. I'm gonna be all up in her bra, every minute of every round - I'm gonna be a nightmare of punches for this girl. The ring's been Britney's refuge for a while now, but come fight night - it's all gonna come tumbling down." Britney in MTV black bra and boy cut trunks with sparkly highlights; small black work out gloves. Christina in purple bra; dirty blonde curls; small black work out gloves; white cotton trunks. Girls touch up right knuckles to opposition jug, quickly turning away after ring instructions.


During R1: Ricci dukes collected at chin - she's bobbing/weaving forward, engaging midring with tight-clubbing right/lefts, head-and-shoulders on Spears. Britney in wide stance, right at her cheek, left at her gut, getting spanked: she faces into it, staying supple, rolling shots, then dropping a quick right off the shoulder/slicing, rising hook to take Ricci hard on chin. Christina stampin' hurt early, face stricken: Britney wades into smaller girl's healthy rack with a walking barrage of stuffing lefts and rights. Ricci hits ropes, rallies - SHE forces BRITNEY back under buzzsaw barrage. Spears scowling, stepping back, walking Ricci into firm lead rights to chin, then gouging that left hook tight to breasts: Brit managing her foe, turning her, getting the better of a tough and determined Christina through 1.


R2: Ricci barrels in undaunted - top of her head flattening Britney's bra as girls tumble to canvas. Ricci scrambling on top, burying right hands into Brit's ribs as Spears struggles underneath: ref's warnings all around as seething beauties start to descend into JMD madness. More headlong rushes from Christina: Spears accepting the charge and either wrestling Ricci to ropes or spinning to canvas with her. Ref engaged in constant breaks and warnings - forced to separate jiggling battlers and give them terrible tongue lashings at several points.


R3: Ricci committed to insane, headlong pressure up the middle - she's collapsing distance on Britney, effectively neutralizing Spears' sidestepping evasions; forcing toe-to-toe on Brit. Chris bobbing, keeping hands free - she's ripping hooks out of the crouch to paunch, bra, and skull; chopping right hands to cheek and flank. Spears getting outworked, standing in the pocket, rolling about half the incoming, but absorbing a terrific pasting from a busy Ricci. Midway through, tuff body bumps have Spears attempting to step back for distance; she tries a right uppercut as Chrissy's hurtling in, gets CRUSHED a murderous overhand right to chin instead and DOWN GOES BRITNEY! Spears popped and dropped - on her back in blinking stupor: CHRISTINA SWARMS IN! Ricci goes to her haunches over top Britney's right arm (pinning it to canvas) and POUNDS both hands down hammer-fist style against Britney's heaving, helpless rack! Spears crying out in alarm: Ricci looking like she's throwing a tantrum, slamming the sides of both fists repeatedly down upon Britney's upthrust jugg - poor Spears hugging herself, curling onto her side as ref lifts Ricci bodily away to give her a scolding. Resume: Britney frazzled, cheeks tear-stained - she sits in ropes, earmuffs up and rides it out as Ricci squares away and pours on a thick, clubbing lather of leather to bell.


R4: Tractorpull: look away. Girls tackling each other to canvas, squirming and writhing for top-position, then jamming blind into helpless ribs and pain-wracked tummies from the sprawl. Wild, shrieking abandon from both - they hurtle into ropes, struggling in muscular embraces - twisting and turning, holding and hitting each other. Britney clearly stronger - sometimes simply flinging Ricci to canvas - but Christina more relentless, bouncing back into the fray as Spears is trying to draw deep breaths. Britney puts a nice intercepting right uppercut onto Chrissy's chin at one point; hooks Christina's midsection and scrubs her jug cleanly at others - enough clean, true-scoring work to give Spears an otherwise sloppy and chaotic fourth.


R5: Ricci head down, tackles Britney to a seat in the ropes: Chrissy softening Brit up with a pumping barrage of lefts and rights square to those black trunks, lurching Spears forward in trouble. RICCI HAMMERS RACK! Christina standing up in the stirrups, curling her fists up into Britney's overhanging bra as Spears is tingling hurt from the trunk-work: Britney stricken, reaches to clinch, trying to hold Ricci close as Christina struggles to cram in extra tummy punches before the break. That's the way of it - relentless headlong blitzing from Ricci driving Spears to ropes; trunk-and-tummy softening barrages followed by glorious, chugging jug-mugging. Spears in trouble, eyes frowned shut as she soaks up the beating: she's not answering back much, just trying to pull Ricci in and weigh her down for breaks.


Ricci/Spears conc.


Posted by simguy on 10/20/2007, 9:34 am.



R6: More Ricci. Britney cranky, not punching with anything CLOSE to JMD-style volume: she's lounging on the ropes, clinching, looking to roll and counter. Ricci the aggressor all around the ring - showering Spears with tight, pelting lefts and rights, chewing at the Spears underbelly, ribcage, and jugs with pit-bull persistence. Christina having a hard time actually moving Spears with punches: Britney facing into punishment and looking listless - but she's taking Ricci's best shots. Fleshy impact of the small-mitt leather on Spears' rounded chassis sounding out PIK! PAK! PEK! as Ricci clubs away. Bell: Ricci still pushing in close, lifting repeat right uppercuts to Britney's jugs as Spears rides her right arm over Chrissy's left shoulder, sulking under the beating.


R7: Ricci the busier, more aggressive, more relentless beauty: Spears bigger, absorbing thrilling shellack, apparently too strong to be stopped. Ricci launching herself at Spears, belting away non-stop, hounding Britney along ropes. Driving tackles from Ricci - Chrissy deliberately lowering her shoulder, tieing up around the thighs and looking for takedown - visibly wearing Britney (not to mention the Ref!) down. Spears cranky-frowning - sitting in the ropes trying to tie up as Ricci mashes away to jug and tummy. Spears head occasionally jerking to the side as Ricci clocks jaw at intervals: Chrissy hitting the bigger girl clean, keeping her hurt and numb if not doing tremendous damage with any one shot. Fight spills to canvas on multiple occasions: Ricci always squirming on top, wrestling Britney to her back, pinning her down and body punching her until ref physically hoists Christina away. Break: BSE trainer holds the tiara in front of Britney's battered and tired face: no words exchanged - he's just making her stare at it.


R8: Britney accepting Ricci-rushes onto her chest, bogging Christina down effectively, getting some weight onto Ricci before ref's breaks. Brit starting to clip Ricci coming in - Spears clever hands coming alive, catching Ricci short right uppercuts and clouting hooks as Britney's laying back into ropes. Ricci getting hit, then snuggled: Britney finally utilizing her Dani-busting tricks to put some wear-and-tear on Ricci. Chrissy's turn to show durability; she's rocked and shook by several individual uppercuts over the course of the round - forced to find her legs and withstand mop-up flurries. Britney finally enjoying Ricci's rack, working Chrissy's bra with meanspirited, shrugging little left hands as Ricci's stooped forward. By the final minute, Britney's bodying up and walking Ricci to ropes, there to punish her with big-girl holding and hitting. Ricci not the same girl when she's not intiating and coming forward.


R9: Britney fades: Ricci re-asserts herself. Bad form breaks for Spears who just seems spent and shabby all of a sudden. Ricci able to double Brit over, push her sideways to ropes, ride a forearm across her upperback and jam away the free mitt as Spears slumps against ropes, taking. At one point, hard, swinging rights and lefts to the jaw stun and hurt Britney, disorganizing her: hands outstretched, she turns into ropes, gives up her back and hugs the top strand while leaning out over top of it. Ricci plowing away lusty, ramming rights into Britney's offered backside, and jerking away murderous, rising lefts into Britney's tummy from 3/4 behind. Spears still too big to go down - she's simply overwhelmed and disheartened by the constant touch of Christina.


R10: Tractorpull: look away. Sloppiest round not just of this fight - but of the year (SROY). Hardly a clean punch landed as girls embrace, trip to canvas, scramble and writhe all squeals and curses. Ricci just a little handful in there - legs writhing, feet driving on canvas to wrestle Britney onto her back - Spears groaning, tieing up over-under to hold Ricci close and bog down her illegal bodypunching as the girls squirm on canvas. Spears even resorting to scissoring up either of Ricci's legs during these canvas-clinches: Brit making no pretense of attempting to reverse off her back - all she wants to do is secure Ricci for ref's breaks. Impossible to score round goes as a draw, but Christina's clearly the one making the effort: she'd punch Britney if she could. Rare JMD distance bout goes to cards, comes back UD10 for the NEW JMD queen - Christina Ricci!


After: Ricci jumping and jiggling around - she worked her little butt off tonight to strip Brit of tiara and jewel-encrusted bra. Christina proudly sporting both as she takes a well-deserved champion's strut, grinning playfully at ringside press as reporters hammer away on laptops to report the upset. Britney frazzled, disheveled, and all scuffed up: BSE teamates consoling her in hushed tones in the corner as Ricci soaks up the spotlight.

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