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20 October 2001 Danielle Fishel vs Lucy Liu

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Posted by Simguy on 10/20/2001, 11:03 am.


Before: Reports of Liu pampering herself while stable mates drill hard all around her are confirmed on the scales - Lucy a soft, pudgy version of the woman who once ruled the FCBA - sexy little chin waddle would do Richard Fish proud. Dani grinning as Liu's weight announced as equal to her own - Fishel smelling opportunity as Lucy comes in a true bantam for this fight. Dani in teal sports bra, grey boy cut stretch shorts, Liu in black sports bra, leopard print boy cut trunks. 


During R1: Liu light on her feet despite the speculation, hands palm-out at her shoulders as she skips to her right. Fishel scuttling after her, reaching with the left to measure distance to Lucy's stomach when Liu drops a lightning bolt right in and down across Dani's temple. DANI'S DOWN! Fishel out for a just a moment, rolls to the canvas, blinking hurt on her back and struggling to beat the count - grinning Liu lifts her mitts and struts in the neutral corner. Fishel shakes it off and answers with punches, driving Liu back and discouraging any immediate consolidation, but down the stretch, Liu once again luring Dani forward, stops , drops that chopping right hand on the eye, jumps to the right and jams a short left hand into Dani's mouth, reloads and pops Fishel AGAIN with the left - Dani wobbly butt and hanging on at the bell as Liu roars to 10-8.


R2: Liu conserving energy, fades to the ropes, inviting Dani in and sets up a supple bodied defence as Fishel squares up to bombard. Dani pounding dutifully away with wide clubbing lefts and rights - Liu reading it well, turning her shoulders quickly side to side to slip, bending at the waist, leaning back into the ropes - no question Dani's the aggressor, but Lucy's avoiding anything big. Final minute, Liu finally counters off the ropes, punching with Dani and nailing her a left hook inside Dani's right, then a slashing right inside Dani's left - Fishel suddenly forlorn, stumbles back on her heels all hurt and Liu walks calmly off the ropes with her hands at her side. Showboaty slap and pivot from Lucy as she molests Dani with punches from the thigh or knee - Fishel stumbling, trying to stay square as Liu steps around her.


R3,4,5: Lucy Liu puts on a jiggly boxing clinic - carrying the extra weight well. Hands at her side, bouncing left or right, tapping her jab against Dani's trunks or belly, then skidding that big right hand against the face - Fishel all covered up, flinching and overeacting - been awhile since she's tasted the sudden power of Lucy Liu. Liu running a potshot and escape offense, lumping up Dani's face to be sure, but also hacking right hands under Dani's hook to bite at kidney, tapping the backhand jab at the crotch to draw warnings, and constantly showing Dani up by bending outrageously away from punches to leave Fishel swatting at air. All three rounds for Liu - Dani in teeth-gnashing frustration after 5.


R6: Shutout Lucy Liu. No hard punching from Lucy - this is all about touching Dani at will, then letting her know all about it. Liu slipping and ducking punches, often coming inside to body up on Dani's hip, or sidestepping to hug Fishel up from behind with a feline smile. Fishel churning, almost out of control as she swings and lunges but can't get leather on meat. Liu swatting Dani insolently on the butt at the bell, sends Dani back to her corner fuming.


R7: Dani gets a lecture, settles down and comes out much more effective this round. Keeping a stubby jab in the center of Liu's chest, Dani backs the Asian to the ropes and welts away to the waist, ignoring that smoke-and-mirrors head. Liu turning her body to roll with punches, but this is Dani's most effective work of the fight - Liu often cringing and falling in to clinch rather than allowing Dani to work. Fishel reaching under Liu's arms to heave her into the ropes keeps Lucy pinned - good pounding work from Dani.


R8: Dani once again controls Liu with the chest jab, body's her to the ropes, then gets her hips and shoulders into it, just clubbing and chugging away at the wilting Asian. Lucy mouth breathing, not as elusive as she had been, just leaning forward, staying loose, trying to take punches as best she can. Midway through, Dani methodically digging the hook to the liver or swiping it across Liu's chin inside, steps back surprised as a groggy Lucy Liu takes a knee! Liu catching her breath, sinks back into the ropes and allows Dani to finish up big on her - Fishel swarming Liu to the bell to complete the shutout. Liu flushed, obviously fatigued - a grinning Dani Fishel skips to her corner fresh and breezy.


R9: Dani bullying now, hounding Liu to the ropes, going to the tender midsection, beating down Liu's arms - Lucy leaning forward, soaking up a bad beating about her hips, tummy and biceps, just staying close, keeping her face buried in Dani's shoulder. Final round, Liu starts to slip side to side, finally spinning out underneath a wide Dani right - Fishel turns and is DRILLED a lashing left cross out of the southpaw stance as Lucy suddenly turns it on! Dani hurt, reaches to clinch as Liu steps back to walk her into ruinous uppercuts from the thighs, Fishel's head dancing as her feet stomp forward on reflex. Liu sidestepping, allowing Dani to crash past - bell sounds to allow Dani to get out of the round, but Lucy steals points, breaks Fishel's momentum.


R10: Dani out with the high guard, punching her jab to the center of Liu's chest just to make contact, girls both step in with hooks, Lucy high, Dani to the liver and Fishel wins the race. Splash of pain on Liu's face as she turns away and drops to her knees in sudden agony - Dani staring down licks her salty lips and nods. Liu beats the count, and runs the rest of the way, touching Dani with backhand jabs, sidestepping and pivoting, or jumping in to clinch for breaks to the bell. Comes back UD10 Lucy Liu.


After: Dani's fitness a factor late as pudgy Liu started to get hit in the second half - but flawless early power boxing from Lucy too much to overcome. Fishel badly banged up around the eyes has mixed emotions about her efforts, "It's frustrating. She came in plump for her, and I thought I'd have a chance to out-work her - and I think I did, I just...the thing you have to say about her is that Lucy Liu knows how to win fights. She can pull a round out here and there when she needs it, she can coast when she has to - it's just hard to slam the lid on her." Liu less gracious in victory, "I could get rich off fighting that girl...wait a second - I HAVE gotten rich fighting that girl! God love her for trying. I'm just very, very comfortable against Dani, what can I say?"


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/21/09.

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