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20 October 2001 Title Ch Shannon Elizabeth vs Demi Moore

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Posted by Simguy on 10/20/2001, 8:35 am


Before: Moore re-arms to face Elizabeth with history beckoning, but some believe she needs another title to really cement her all time standing. "Demi's reign was long and dominant," notes one historian, "but not particularly colourful. There was no Cat Bell to her Charlize, no Milano to her Dani, and a lot of people felt that she ruled during a particularly soft time in celebrity boxing. She never fought Tracy Scoggins in a title match, put outrageous conditions on bouts with Janet Jones and Gina Gershon - there is a feeling out there that she didn't want the truly great fights that were available at the time." Elizabeth licking her chops at the prospect of beating another 'has been', "I'm all about getting off, being first, and doing damage. That's all you need to beat another woman in the ring." Cerebral Moore disagrees, "I hate what Shannon's done to boxing, and it's clear she has no respect for the sport. I think Cat Bell had all of the right ideas and none of the tools to beat her - you'll see me execute that game plan to perfection tonight." Crowd is mixed - Demi a sentimental favourite to some - others just want to see a young champion put something bad on an old one. Shannon in slick ponytail, this strap rust coloured sports bra, leopard print bikini bottoms, Demi in black push up bra, long silky black hair, black bikini bottoms.


During R1: Shannon with fists at chest, dipping side to side, curling her punches up in slicing arcs - Demi slipping in and under these blows, answering every time with a crunching stroke to the rib cage from either hand. Moore with a very tight high defence, combined with timely upperbody movement snaps and digs at Elizabeth's body with chilling efficiency this round. Final moments see Shannon step back, taking a deep, hurting breath and glaring at her tormentress at the bell.


R2: Shannon using feints, gets Demi to commit to an early defensive move, then NAILS the challenger a lanky a rising hook on the temple that has Demi stepping funky in the first minute. Moore backpedalling, blocking as Shannon strides on in - Elizabeth lashing at Demi's flanks, but can't find chin as Demi slides to her right, keeps her chin safe. By the final minute, Demi's shaken off the power stroke and getting back after Elizabeth's rib cage with keen counters out of the crouch to make it close.


R3: Demi with nice moments early, staying low, slipping inside and depositing a thudding body shot before pivoting back and around. But Shannon's stepping it up - often missing the first wild right, but corkscrewing around and labelling Demi with the wrap-around left. Elizabeth has Demi on her heels down the stretch, slugging away with elbows in, bending side to side to pull the lanky lefts and rights in and around Moore's guard.


R4: Moore showing more lateral movement - Shannon can't set her feet to punch, but she's still walking in and swinging away. Moore having a field day - staying calm, dipping under Shannon's left to ram home the right, dipping under the right to rip up with the left - Elizabeth grunting upon impact with her lean torso, getting frustrated as Demi continues to turn her, walk her off balance.


R5: Demi takes the lead on the cards and starts to mix up her attack. Lateral movement and counters to the body seem to stifle Shannon. Once Elizabeth's aggression falters, Demi starts to stay in longer, coming off the body with right uppercuts, left hooks on the chin, lumping Shannon up nicely as the champ stares in outrage at the punching. Elizabeth pushing Demi after the bell, but challenger won't be rattled - Demi marching business like to her corner as Elizabeth fumes.


R6: Shannon one of those fighters who harnesses anger well - she comes out focussed, eyes blazing, but using her feet better, taking away Demi's step to the right and lashing up with her fists to take away the slip. Demi getting clipped across the breasts and mouth forced into steady retreat this round - does a good job of A.) avoiding Elizabeth's haymakers, and B.) keeping her back off the ropes. Down the stretch, Demi unabashedly runs, drawing boos for her good decision making.


R7: CRIPPLING body shots early from Demi - she's getting underneath Elizabeth's wide swings and getting legs and backside into murderous, short digs to the ribs that have Shannon snivelling in pain. Elizabeth beaten to the ropes by the midway point and she's looking panicked - palms on demi's shoulders, trying to push the brunette off, or pulling down on the back of Demi's head. Moore senses hurt in her foe's midsection and won't relent - staying on top, using her shoulders and forearms to pin Elizabeth ropeside. Down the stretch, it's vintage Demi Moore, strong legs keeping the opponent on the ropes, merciless work to the body breaking her down, and vicious, sudden uppercuts in close that have Shannon's head popping up, eyes blank. It's all too much - Elizabeth soaking up a dreadful beating, clinches around Demi's shoulders, then slides the length of the brunette's body to puddle on the canvas. Moore struts away and SHANNON GIVES IT UP! Shannon Elizabeth sobbing on her haunches, can't get off the mat - KO7 for the winner and NEW LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMP: DEMI MOORE!


After: Oh the SHAME! Moore prancing with a crestfallen Shannon around the ring - Elizabeth can't stop the tears any more than she can stop the cheers from a wildly appreciative crowd. Demi Moore busts open a nip and tuck battle with a sudden acceleration - putting too much on Elizabeth too quickly for the young champion to withstand. What's in store for Demi? "I'm definitely going to defend - I feel reborn after tonight and I feel a lot of girls like Shannon don't even remember what it was like to grovel beneath me. They need to learn. I would consider the winner of Charlize Theron and Cat Bell a top contender, yes. I would look at Brittany Daniel, because she reminds me of myself as a very young, largely ignorant fighter with a lot of natural talent - I'd like to leave my stamp there. As I look around - there's a lot of work to be done." Did things just get worse or better? Elizabeth catatonic with despair at the defeat - she had talked herself into believing it could never happen and she's having trouble waking up from the nightmare.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/21/09.

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