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Page history last edited by Archer844 1 year, 10 months ago



January 1

    A.J. Langer Def. Julia Louis-Dreyfus (TKO6)

    Cameron Diaz Def. Carrie Ann Moss (UD10)

    (Fox Flyweight Title) Michelle Pfeiffer Def. Ch. Brooke Langton (KO7)

    (Retro Bout). (Ca.1974) Su-Ling Def. Cynara (UD10)

    Stacey Blitsch Def. Torrie Wilson (KO4)


January 2

    (Fox & Jantzen110 Title Unification) Michelle Pfeiffer Def. Teri Hatcher (KO4)

    (Retro Bout). (Ca.1974) Su-Ling Def Gayle (KO6)

    (Retro Bout) (Ca, 1974) Cynara Def Olivia (KO5)


January 3

    (Beach & Bleachers Venue) Jeri Ryan Def. Traci Bingham (KO1)

    (Fleet Center, Boston) Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Syren (UD10)

    Jeri Ryan Def. Lynda Carter (KO4)

    Elisabeth Shue Def. Gillian Anderson (UD10)


January 4

    Cameron Diaz Def. Sandra Bullock (UD10)

    Seka Def Rosemary Lorenz (Close UD10)


January 5

    Kathy Ireland Def. Jeri Ryan ((UD10)


January 7

    Jeri Ryan Def. Angie Harmon (UD10)


January 9: Wide World of Fights

    Lynda Carter Def. Sigourney Weaver (TKO1)

    (Studio Lightweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Draw Vs. Tracy Scoggins

    (Fox 116 Title) Jennifer Grey Def. Ch. Shania Twain (TKO8)

    Shannen Doherty Def. Michelle Williams (UD10)

    (Studio 110 Title) Dani Fishel Def, Ch Michelle Pfeiffer (KO1)


January 11

    Nia Peeples Def. Chae (UD10)

    (Studio 122) Nia Peeples Def. Ch. Lucy Liu (UD10)


January 14: Rematch Requests

    (Fox 116 Title) Shania Twain Def. Ch. Jennifer Grey (TKO8-By Submission)

    Shannen Doherty Def. Michelle Williams (UD10)

    (Studio 110 Title) Ch. Nia Peeples Def. Lucy Liu (KO2)


January 15-16: PPV

    Ali Landry (Debut) Def. Elizabeth Berkley (KO10)

    Stacy Blitsch Def. Missy Hyatt (KO3)

    (Studio 122 Title) Dani Fishel Def. Ch. Shannen Doherty (KO10)

    Tracy Scoggins Def. Cindy Margolis (KO2)

    Leanne Rimes Def. Natalie Portman (TKO2)

    Jeri Ryan Def. Jeanne Tripplehorn (KO3)

    Ali Landry Def. Catherine Bell (KO2)

    Ali Landry Def. Bobbie Phillips (TKO4)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Ali Landry (TKO10)

    Stacey Blitsch Def. Debra McMichael (KO6)


January 18

    Cat Bell Def. Daisy Fuentes (UD10)

    Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars) Def. Leanne Rimes (KO6)

    (Studio 122 Title) Jamie Luner Def. Ch. Dani Fishel (KO10)


January 19

    Jennifer Connelly Def. Jeri Ryan (KO5)


January 20

    Stacey Blitsch Def. Kim Page (1 Pt. Dec.)


January 22-23: PPV

    (Semi-Private Bout. Indoor Gym. Malibu Beach House) Sharon Stone Def. Madeline Stowe (UD10)

    Ali Landry Def. Jane Krakowski (KO10)

    (Rematch) Debra McMichael Def Stacey Blitsch (1 Pt Dec)

    (Site: Paris, France) Elizabeth Hurley Def. Sophie Marceau (UD10)

    Vanessa Marcil (Debut)l Def. Sarah Michelle Gellar (KO4)

    Ali Landry Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Rachael Leigh Cook (Debut) (KO7)

    Lucy Liu Def. Vanessa Marcil (KO4)

    Kim Page Def Francine (KO7)


January 24: Official FCBA Title List

(Each Title Assigned or Left Vacant)



    Maxim: Alyssa Milano

    Paramount: MIchelle Pfeiffer

    Reebok: Nia Peeples



    Maxim: Shania Twain

    Paramount: Carmen Electra

    Reebok; Debbe Dunning 



    Maxim: Jamie Luner

    Paramount: Vacant

    Reebok: Catherine Zeta Jones



    Maxim: Vacant

    Paramount:  (In February Daisy Fuentes is given the title)

    Reebok: Charlize Theron 



    Maxim: Tyra Banks

    Paramount: Brooke Shields

    Reebok: Cindy Crawford





January 27

    Jeri Ryan Def. Cindy Margolis (KO1)

    Anna Kournikova Def Kiana Tom (KO3)


January 29-30: PPV

    (Vacant Seniors Title) Anjelica Huston Def Jessica Lange (KO8)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Michelle Williams (UD10)

    Rachael Leigh Cook Draw Vs. Leanne Rimes

    Catherine Bell Def. Jane Krakowski (KO8)

    Danielle Fishel Def. Vanessa Marcil (KO2)

    (Vacant Maxim Welterweight Title) Cameron Diaz Def. Jenny McCarthy (UD10)

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Lolita Davidovitch (UD10) 

    (Maxim/Reebok Bantamweight Titles Unification) Shania Twain Def. Debbe Dunning (UD10)



February 1

    Kelli Williams (Debut) Def.Jennie Garth (KO1)


February 2: Boxing After Dark

     (Undercard) Teri Hatcher Def. Kelli Williams (KO10)

     (Main Event) (Site: Radio City Music Hall) Tia Carrere Def. Jeri Ryan (KO5)


February 3

    Anna Kournikova Def. Dorothy Hamill (UD10)

    (Simguy Short Story) (Fist Fight). (Hard Rock Cafe) Salma Hayek Def. Cindy Crawford (KO)


February 4-5: PPV

    (Undercard) Michelle Williams Def. Sarah Michelle Gellar (KO7)

    (Main Event) (Maxim Lightweight Title) Dani Fishel Def. Ch. Jamie Luner (UD10)

    Yasmine Bleeth Def. Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)

    Jeri Ryan Def. Bobbie Phillips (TKO10)

    (Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch. Catherine Zeta-Jones Def. Melinda Messenger (TKO5)


February 6

    Stacey Blitsch Def Kimberly Page (1 Pt Dec)


February 8

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Carey Lowell (KO4)

    Catherine Bell Def. Jeri Ryan (UD10)

    Angie Harmon Def. Carey Lowell (TKO5)


February 12-13: Retro Bouts

    (Ca. Late 1940's) Esther Williams Def. Jane Russell (KO10)

    (Ca. Late 1940's) Mitzi Gaynor Def. Esther Williams (KO3)

    (Ca. 1960's) Tina Louise Def. Julie Newmar (UD10)

    (Ca. 1960's) Dawn Wells Def. Barbara Eden (UD10)


February 14

    (Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Joan Severance (TKO3)

    Natalie Raitano Def. Michelle Williams (UD10)


February 15

    Catherine Bell Def. Bobbi Phillips (TKO8)


February 16

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Ch. Dani Fishel Def. Janine Turner (KO6)


February 17

    Heather Graham Def. Jeri Ryan (KO8)

    (Non-Title) Charlize Theron Def. Catherine Zeta Jones (KO8)


February 19-20: PPV

    Bobbi Phillips Def. Janine Turner (KO7)

    Pamela Paulshock (Debut) Def. Jewel Kilcher (TKO3)

    (Non-Title) Charlize Theron Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO7)

    Christie Brinkley Def. Tracy Scoggins (KO3)

    (Site: Buenos Aires, Argentina) Anna Kournikova Def. Gabriela Sabatini (KO3)

    Demi Moore Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO4)

    Debbe Dunning Def. Charisma Carpenter (KO4)

    Natalie Raitano Def Bobbie Phillips (KO2)

    (Maxim/Reebok Middleweight Title Unification) Cindy Crawford Def. Tyra Banks (KO1)

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Demi Moore (KO5)

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) (6 Weeks Later) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Debbe Dunning (KO10)

    Christina Aguilera (Debut) Def. Dani Fishel (TKO5)


February 21: President's Day Rumbles

    Natalie Raitano Def. Nicole Eggert (UD10)

    Natalie Raitano Def. Donna D'Errico (KO10)

    Ali Landry Def. Pamela Paulshock (UD10)

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Rebecca Romijn Def. Ch. Charlize Theron (TKO3)

    Kelli Williams Def. Janine Turner (UD10)

    (Retro Bout. Ca. 1950's) Betty Grable Def. Anita Ekberg (KO6)


February 23

    Christy Brinkley Def. Elizabeth Berkley (UD10)

    (Retro Bout. Ca.1958) Rita Moreno Def. Mitzi Gaynor (KO8)


February 24

    Jeri Ryan Def. Nikki Cox (Debut) (KO3)

    Teri Byrne (Debut) Def. Erika Eleniak (Debut) (KO8)


February 25-27: PPV

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Ch. Dani Fishel Def. Natalie Raitano (KO2)

    (Vacant Paramount Lightweight Title) Melinda Messenger Def. Jamie Luner (TKO8)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Cindy Margolis (TKO9)

    Kim Page Def. Christie Brinkley (KO4)

    Britney Spears Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO10)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Uma Thurman (KO2)

    Gillian Anderson Def. Kristin Davis (UD10)

    (Beach & Bleachers. Site: Venice Beach, Ca.) Pam Anderson Def. Teri Hatcher (KO5)

    Tia Carrere Def. Kristy Swanson (UD10)


February 28

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Gena Lee Nolin Def. Ch. Rebecca Romijn (UD10)


February 29

    Demi Moore Def. Jane Krakowski (UD10) 



March 1

    (Reebok Flyweight Title) Gillian Anderson Def. Ch. Nia Peeples (KO5)

    (Retro Bout.Ca. Early 1960's) Ann-Margaret Def. Angie Dickinson (KO7)


March 2

    Christina Aguilera Def. Rachael Leigh Cook (KO10)


March 3-5: PPV

    Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Christina Aguilera (UD10)

    Michelle Williams Def. Jennifer Milmore (Debut) (KO4)

    Leanne Tweeden Def. Catherine Bell (KO9)

    Charisma Carpenter Def. Jaime Pressly (KO10)

    (Reebok Flyweight Title) Ch. Gillian Anderson Def. Lucy Liu (UD10)

    Charlize Theron Def. Ali Landry (TKO8)


March 6

    Tia Carrere Def. Christy Brinkley (UD10)

    (Retro Bout. Ca. Early 1960's) Ann-Margaret Def. Mitzi Gaynor (UD10)

    (Seniors Bout) Joanna Kerns Def. Jessica Lange (KO5)


March 8

    Jennie Garth Def. Katherine Heigl (Debut) (UD10)

    Katherine Heigl Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO3)

    Mary Pierce Def. Gabriela Sabatini (TKO9)

    (Seniors Bout) Lynda Carter Def. Joanna Kerns (KO3)


March 10-12

    (Undercard) Jewel Kilcher Def. Katherine Heigl (KO2)

    (Main Event) Lucy Liu Def. Nia Peeples (KO6)

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Tia Carrere Def. Ch. Gena Lee Nolin (KO7)

    Michelle Williams Def, Bobbi Phillips (UD10)

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Charlize Theron Def. Ch. Dani Fishel (UD10)

    (Maxim Bantamweight Title) Neve Campbell Def.Ch. Shania Twain (KO1)


March 13

    Deborah Unger Def. Madeline Stowe (UD10)


March 14

    Teri Byrne ("Fyre") Def. Nicole Eggert (KO10)


March 16

     (Story by Bellefan. Non-FCBA) Kiana Tom Def Midajah O'Hearn (Debut) (KO3)


March 17-19: PPV

    Tank Enterprises Vs, Kim's Krushers Stable War

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Catherine Bell (TE) Def. Ch. Charlize Theron (KK) (UD10)

    Lucy Liu (KK) Def. Michelle Williams (TE) (UD10)

    Jewel Kilcher (KK) Def. Dani Fishel (TE) (UD10)


    Kiana Tom Def. Leanne Tweeden (KO4)

    Charlotte Ross (Debut) Def. Kelli Williams (KO5)

    Fyre (Teri Bryne) Def. Donna D'Errico (UD10)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def.Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)


March 20: On Set Fight: "Charmed"

    Alyssa Milano Def. Shannen Doherty (UD10)


March 22

    (Undercard) Diane Lane Def. Charlotte Ross (KO4)

    (Main Event) Charlize Theron Def. Rena Mero (Sable) (UD10)


March 23

    (Beaches & Bleachers. Site: Hawaii Hilton) Trisha Stratus (Debut) Def. Kiana Tom (TKO4) 


March 24-26: PPV

    Dana Delany (Debut) Def. Kim Delaney (Debut) (UD10)

    (Paramount Lightweight Title) Ch. Melinda Messenger Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO2)

    (Maxim Bantamweight Title) Natalie Raitano Def. Ch. Neve Campbell (KO7)

    Fyre (Teri Bryne) Def. Pam Anderson (UD10)

    Jaime Pressly Def. Charisma Carpenter (KO4)

    Jessica Lange Def. Vanessa Williams (KO5)

    Terry Farrell (T,E. Debut) Def. Nicole Kidman (KO4)

    Debbe Dunning Def. Jeri Ryan (UD10)

    (Seniors Bout) Kim Basinger Def. Dana Delany (UD10)

    Michelle Williams Def. Charlotte Ross (UD10)

    (Site: Outdoors, Hawaii Hilton) Kiana Tom Def. Vicky Pratt (KO4)


March 27: Oscar Night)

    (Seniors Title) Meryl Streep Def. Ch. Anjelica Huston (KO10)

    Nia Peeples Def Charlotte Ross (KO10)


March 28

    Dana Delany Def. Kristin Scott Thomas (Debut) UD10)

    (Site: Outdoors. Hawaii Hilton) Tanya Merryman (FCBA Debut) Def. Vicky Pratt (UD10)


March 29

    Charlotte Ross Def. Janine Turner (UD10)


March 31-April 2: PPV

    (Paramount Bantamweight Title) Ch. Carmen Electra Def. Charlotte Ross (UD10)

    (Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch. Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Angelina Jolie (Debut) (UD10)

    (Paramount Lightweight Title) Demi Moore Def. Melinda Messenger (UD10)

    (Reebok Flyweight Title) Ch. Gillian Anderson Def. Dana Delany (UD10)

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Ch. Tia Carrere Def. Sophie Marceau (KO9)

    Chae Def. Fyre (Teri Bryne) (KO2)

    Ali Landry Def. Vanessa Williams (KO8)

    (Maxim Bantamweight Title) Dani Fishel Def. Ch. Natalie Raitano (UD10)

    (Seniors Bout) Vanessa Williams Def. Jessica Lange (UD8) 



April 7

    Jeri Ryan Def. Shannon Whirry (Debut) (UD10)

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Ch. Tia Carrere Def. Charlize Theron (TKO4)

    Lucy Liu Def. Natalie Raitano (KO2)

    Tanya Merryman Def. Cynthia Hill (KO8)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def Jewel Kilcher (KO6)


April 8

    (Seniors Bout) Kim Basinger Def. Vanessa Williams (UD8)

    Dana Delany Def. Diane Lane (KO2)


(April 9-20: Simguy On Vacation)


April 21

     (Retro Bout. Ca. 1950's) Marilyn Monroe Def. Mitzi Gaynor (UD10)

     Charlie Theron Def. Minnie Driver (Debut) (TKO6)

     Ali Landry Def. Kelly Rutherford (Debut) (UD10)

     Kari Wuhrer Def. Vanessa Angel (Debut)


April 22-23: PPV

    Kelly Preston Def. Heather Graham (UD10)

    Kristy Swanson Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO3)

    Cindy Margolis Def. Syren (UD10)

    Terry Farrell Def. Sela Ward (UD10)

    (Seniors Title) Ch. Meryl Streep Draw Vs. Jessica Lange

    Jewel Kilcher Def, Britney Spears (UD10)

    Jennie Garth Def. Diane Lane (KO1)

    Kim Page Def. Fyre (Teri Bryne) (TKO9)

    Deborah Unger Def. Gina Gershon (UD10)


April 28: Sexy World Order (SWO) Vs. Club Beautiful Stable War

    MIssy Hyatt (CB) Def. Shannon Tweed (SWO) (KO2)

    Cindy Margolis (CB) Def. Ali Landry (SWO) (KO4)

    Trish Stratus (SWO) Def. Midajah O'Hearn (CB) (1 Pt. Dec.)


April 29: PPV

    (On The Set: "Ally McBeal) Lucy Liu Def. Portia DeRossi (KO6)

    Kelly Preston Def. Charisma Carpenter (KO5)

    Cindy Crawford Def. Kathy Ireland (KO8)

    Jeri Ryan Def. Diane Lane (KO3)

    Demi Moore Def. Jennifer O'Dell (Debut) (KO2)



May 2

    Brandy Ledford (Debut) Def. Kari Wuhrer (TKO9)

    Kelly Rutherford Def. Jeanne Tripplehorn (KO10)


May 3

    Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Jane Krakowski (UD10)


May 5

   (Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Tanya Merryman (KO7)


May 7

    Dana Delany Def. Jennifer O'Dell (KO10)


May 8

    Jeri Ryan Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO9)


May 10: Retro Bouts

    (Ca, 1980) Loni Anderson Def. Raquel Welch (UD10)

    (Ca. Early 1960's ) Sophia Loren Def. Ann-Margaret (KO4)


May 12: Retro Bouts

    (Ca.1950's) Marilyn Monroe Def. Sophia Loren (KO7)

    (Ca. 1971) Raquel Welch Def. Jill St. John (UD10)


May 13

    Jeri Ryan Def. Mariah Carey (KO7)


May 14: Reebok Bantamweight Title Bout (by CB)

    (Site: Miami). Ch Shania Twain Def Bobbie Phillips (KO6)


May 15 (Tank Enterprises Card)

    (From: Fleet Center. Boston)

    Gabrielle Reece Def. Terry Farrell (KO8)

    Shannen Tweed Def. Syren (UD10)

    Michelle Williams Def. Leanne Rimes (UD10)

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Cindy Margolis Def.Ch. Catherine Bell (UD10)

    (Maxim/Reebok Bantamweight Title Unification) Ch. Shania Twain Draw Vs. Dani Fishel


May 17

    Salma Hayek Def. Cheryl Ladd (KO4)

    (Site: St. Tropez, France). Gena Lee Nolin Def. Debra Messing (KO1)

    (Site: St. Tropez, France) Sophie Marceau Def. Jennifer Aniston (KO2)


May 19

    (Undercard) Christina Aguilera Def. Shannen Doherty (KO10)

    (Main Event) Charlize Theron Def. Jeri Ryan (UD10)


May 20

    Tanya Merryman Def. Monica Brant (UD10) 


May 21: Retro Bouts

    (Ca. 1960's) Jill St.John Def. Shirley Eaton (UD10)

    (Ca. 1960's) Julie Christie Def. Raquel Welch (KO6)

    (Ca. 1960's) Julie Christie Def. Susan George (KO3)


May 21

    Deborah Unger Def. Chelsea Field (Debut) (KO1)


May 23

    Tanya Merryman Def. Timea Majorova (KO7)

    Jeri Ryan Def. Melinda Messenger (KO3)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Debbe Dunning (UD10)


May 24

    Madeline Stowe Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (UD10)


May 25

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Gena Lee Nolin Def Ch.Tia Carrere (KO1)


May 26-27 PPV

    (Paramount Flyweight Title) Ch. Michelle Pfeiffer Def. Diane Lane (UD10)

    Charlotte Ross Def. Janet Jackson (KO3)

    Katherine Heigl Def. Tia Carrere (KO6)

    (Reebok Welterweight Title) Charlize Theron Def. Ch. Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)

    Melissa Joan Hart Def. Michelle Williams (KO8)

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Tia Carrere Def.Ch. Cindy Margolis (UD10)


May 28

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Ali Landry Def. Ch.Tia Carrere (UD10)

    (Site: Playboy Mansion L.A.) Janet Jackson Def. Nicole Eggert (KO4)

    (Site: Playboy Mansion: L.A.) Charisma Carpenter Draw Vs. Angelica Bridges


May 29

    (Site: Playboy Mansion: L.A.) Charisma Carpenter Draw Vs. Angelica Bridges



June 1: Retro Bouts

    (By Simguy. Ca. 1980) Dian Parkinson Def. Lynda Carter (KO9)

    (By Bellefan. Ca. Early 1980's) Dian Parkinson Def. Deborah Shelton (KO3)


June 3-4: PPV

    Angelica Bridges (FCBA Debut) Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Ch Ali Landry Def. Kristy Swanson (TKO6)

    (Paramount Lightweight Title) Ch Demi Moore Def. Jeri Ryan (TKO10)

    Brandy Ledford Def. Kristin Davis (KO1)

    Tanya Merryman Def. Sharon Bruneau (TKO3-By Submission)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Sophie Marceau (UD10)

    Brandy Ledford Def. Diane Lane (KO1)

    (Reebok Bantamweight Title) Dani Fishel Def. Ch. Shania Twain (KO1)

    (Retro Bout. Ca. 1971) Goldie Hawn Def. Jill St.John (KO9)

    Brandy Ledford Def. Charlotte Ross (KO2)

    (Retro Bout, Ca. 1950's) Cyd Charisse Def. Esther Williams (UD10)


June 5: Retro Bout

    (Ca, 1965) Ann-Margret Def Tuesday Weld (KO3) 


June 11-12: PPV

    Teri Hatcher Def. Fabiana Udenio (KO3)

    Terry Farrell Def. Nicolette Sheridan (FCBA Debut) (KO6)

    Catherine Bell Def. Jenny McCarthy (KO2)

    Lucy Liu Def. Brandy Ledford (KO8)

    Liz Hurley Def. Angelica Bridges (KO8)

    (Non-Title Bout) (Site: Wembley Stadium. U.K.) Dani Fishel Def. Samantha Fox (UD10)

    Neve Campbell Def. Christina Applegate (FCBA Debut) (KO9)

    (Reebok Flyweight Title) (Site: Outdoors. Hawaii Hilton) Brandy Ledford Def. Ch. Gillian Anderson (UD10)


June 13

    Tanya Merryman Def. Sherry Goggin Giardina (KO7)


June 14

    Stacy Haiduk (Debut) Def. Angelica Bridges ((UD10)

    (Maxim/Paramount Flyweight Title Unification) Michelle Pfeiffer Def. Alyssa Milano (KO3)

    (Flyweight Title Unification) Brandy Ledford Def. Michelle Pfeiffer (KO7)

    (Site: Micosukee Reservation Casino) Kari Wuhrer Draw Vs.. Brooke Langton


June 15

    Fabiana Udenio Def. Denise Richards (KO1)

    Charlotte Ross Def. Gillian Anderson (TKO4)


June 15-16 Retro Bouts by "Tom"

      (Oct.1966) Abby Dalton Def. Shirley Jones (TKO6)

      (Nov.1968) Jocelyn Lane Def. Yvonne Craig (KO5)

      (Fall 1964) Abby Dalton Def. Mitzi Gaynor (KO4)


June 16-18: PPV

    Alyssa Milano Def. Reese Witherspoon (KO7)

    Elisabeth Rohm Def. Amy Brenneman

    Amy Brenneman Def. Kelly Rutherford (UD10)

    Sophie Marceau Def. Denise Richards (KO3)

    Tia Carrere Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO4)

    Catherine Bell Def. Sophie Marceau (UD10)

    Naomi Campbell Def. Rachel Hunter (KO3)

    (Retro Bout. Ca. Early 1960's. Beach Fight) Sandra Dee Def,. Annette Funicello (UD10)

    Amy Brenneman Def Vanessa Williams (KO1)

    Catherine Bell Def. Katherine Heigl (UD10)


June 18: Boxing After Dark

    Vanessa Williams Def. Debbe Dunning (KO4)


June 19

    Gillian Anderson Def. Teri Hatcher (KO2)

    (Paramount Welterweight Title) Ch. Daisy Fuentes Def. Jeri Ryan (KO2)

    Neve Campbell Def. Jessica Steen (Debut) (UD10)

    Terry Farrell Def. Tyra Banks (UD10)

    Kelly Gignillant Def Tanya Merryman (UD10)

    (Site: Paris, France) (Non-Title) Charlize Theron Def. Sophie Marceau (UD10)


June 20

    Chae Def. Alyssa Milano (TKO4)

    (Retro Bout. By "Tom". Ca.1965) Mitzi Gaynor Def. Juliet Prowse (KO6)


June 21

    (Undercard) Deborah Unger Def. Julianna Margulies (Debut) (UD10)

    (Main Event) (Reebok Middleweight Title) Debra McMichael Def. Ch. Cindy Crawford (KO1)

    Sophie Marceau Def. Tia Carrere (UD10) 


June 22

    Barbara Nevin (Debut) Def. Heather Locklear (TKO2)

    Sandra Hess  Def. Courteney Cox (UD10)

    Amanda Peet (Debut) Def, Jennifer Aniston (TKO1) 


June 23-25: PPV

    Amy Jo Johnson Def. Alyssa Milano (KO4)

    Terry Farrell Def. Jamie Luner (KO7)

    Jennie Garth Def. Neve Campbell (KO4)

    (Non-Title) Charlize Theron Def. Rene Russo (Debut) (KO9)

    Torrie Wilson Def. Vicky Pratt (KO6)

    (Unified Flyweight Title) Lucy Liu Def. Ch. Brandy Ledford (UD10)

    (Maxim Welterweight Title) Sophie Marceau Def. Ch, Cameron Diaz (KO2)

    (Paramount Middleweight Title) Kim Page Def Ch Brooke Shields (KO6)

    Famke Janssen Def. Christy Brinkley (KO2)

    (Site: Outdoors. Playboy Mansion L.A.) Trish Stratus Def. Midajah O'Hearn (UD10)


June 26

    Ashley Judd Def. Diane Lane (KO10)

    (Rematch) (Boxing After Dark) Ashley Judd Def. Diane Lane (KO3)


June 27: Retro Bouts

    (Ca. 1960) Mitzi Gaynor Def, Angie Dickinson (KO5)

    (Ca. 1960) Angie Dickinson Def. Honor Blackman (KO6)


June 28

    Sandrine Holt (Debut) Def. Angie Harmon (KO4)


July 1-2: PPV 

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Ch. Ali Landry Def. Amy Brenneman (UD10)

    (Maxim Welterweight Title) Ch. Sophie Marceau Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO8)

    Michelle Williams Def. Dana Delany (KO7)

    (Paramount/Reebok Welterweight Title Unification) Charlize Theron Def. Daisy Fuentes (UD10)

    Teri Hatcher Def. Stephanie Seymour (TKO2)

    (Seniors Bout) Markie Post Def. Catherine Bach (KO2)

    (Rematch) Jennie Garth Def. Neve Campbell (UD10) 

    Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Jessica Steen (KO6)

    (Paramount Bantamweight Title) Ch. Carmen Electra Def. Nia Peeples (KO4)

    (Seniors Bout) Kim Basinger Def. Victoria Principal (TKO7)

    Kelly Hu Def. Brandy Ledford (KO5)

    Madeline Stowe Def.Meg Ryan (UD10)


July 2: Retro Bouts by Tom

     (1968)  Deanna Lund Def Jocelyn Lane (TKO6)

     (1994) Deborah Shelton Def Debra Sandlund (UD10)


July 3: Mini-Card

    Kristy Swanson Def. Debbe Dunning (TKO3)

    Brooke Langton Def. Sandra Hess (TKO7)

    Terry Farrell Def. Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)


July 4: Retro Bout by "Tom"

      (Ca. 1960's) Jocelyn Lane Def. Mitzi Gaynor (UD10)


July 4-5: Recent Requests

    Jennifer O'Dell Def. Denise Richards (KO9)

    Brandy Ledford Def. Natalie Raitano (KO2)

    Jessica Steen Def. Jennifer Aniston (KO5)

    Neve Campbell Def. Tori Spelling (TKO1)


July 6

    Britney Spears Def. Michelle Wright ((UD10)


July 7-9: PPV

    Jaime Pressly Def. Brooke Langton (KO6)

    Kelly Hu Def, Sandra Hess (UD10)

    Jennifer O'Dell Def. Dana Delany (KO8)

    Nicole Eggert Def. Denise Richards (UD10)

    Sandrine Holt Def, Amy Brenneman (UD10)

    Michelle Williams Def. Jenny O'Dell (KO3)

    Peta Wilson Def. Naomi Campbell (KO3)

    (Maxim Welterweight Title) Ch, Sophie Marceau Def. Terry Farrell (KO10)

    (Retro Bout. Ca.1960's) Barbara Luna Def. Barbara Eden (UD10)


July 14-16: PPV

    Torrie Wilson Def. Bridgette Wilson (Debut) (KO2)

    Monica Brant Def. Tanya Merryman (KO2)

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch Charlize Theron Def. Rebecca Romijn (KO4)

    Heather Graham Draw Vs. Jeri Ryan

    (Training Camp) Famke Janssen Def. Rebecca Romijn (KO8)

    Elle MacPherson Def. Naomi Campbell (KO4)

    (Reebok Lightweight Title) Catherine Bell Def. Ch. Catherine Zeta Jones (KO6)

    (Retro Bout. Ca. 1963) Janet Leigh Def, Mitzi Gaynor ( UD10)


July 18

    Leslie Bibb (Debut) Def. Carly Pope (Debut) (UD10)

    Carly Pope Def. Kelly Packard (UD10)


July 19

   Shannen Doherty Def. Leslie Bibb (UD10)


July 20

    Jewel Kilcher Def. Janet Jackson (KO2)


July 21-23: PPV

    Kelly Hu Def. Neve Campbell (KO4)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Bo Derek (TKO4)

    Jeri Ryan Def. Tracy Scoggins (UD10)

    Shania Twain Def. Michelle Williams (UD10)

    (Bantamweight Title Unification) Carmen Electra Def. Dani Fishel (KO7)

    (Non-Title) Catherine Bell Def. Charlize Theron (KO10)

    Kiana Tom Def Monica Brant (UD10)


July 26

     Valerie Bertinelli Def. Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)    


July 27

    Barbara Niven Def. Valerie Bertinelli (KO4)


July 28-30: PPV

    Denise Richards Def. Stacey Lynn (FCBA Debut) (TKO6)

    (Non-Title) Charlize Theron Def. Angelina Jolie (KO2)

    Jaime Pressly Def. Brooke Langton (TKO1)

    (Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch Catherine Bell Def. Kristy Swanson (UD10) 

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Carmen Electra Def. Kelly Hu (UD10)

    Holly Marie Combs Def. Amy Jo Johnson (UD10)

    Lucy Liu Def. Leslie Bibb (UD10)

    Halle Berry Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO2)



August 5: PPV

    Vicky Pratt Def. Monica Brant (TKO4)

    Brooke Langton Def. Elisabeth Shue (UD10)


August 6-8: PPV

    Terry Farrell Def. Minnie Driver (KO10)

    Kelly Hu Def. Dani Fishel (KO4)

    (Non-Title) Lucy Liu Def. Carmen Electra (KO10)

    Dana Delany Def. Valerie Bertinelli (TKO5)

    Janet Jackson Def. Elisabeth Shue (UD10)

    Nia Peeples Def. Sandra Hess (KO3)

    Jennifer Lopez Def. Janet Jackson (UD10)


August 9

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Halle Berry (TKO4)

    Cameron Diaz Def. Halle Berry (KO4)


August 12-14: PPV

    Jaime Pressly Def. Halle Berry (KO4)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Cameron Diaz (KO3)

    Jennifer Lopez Def. Elisabeth Shue (UD10)

    Maria Bello Def. Dana Delany (UD10)

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Charlize Theron Ch. Def. Ali Landry (1 Pt. Dec.)

    (Note: It later became policy for fighters not to hold simultaneous titles in different divisions)

    Lucy Liu Def. Carmen Electra (KO4)

    Brooke Langton Def. Ashley Judd (UD10)

    Dana Delany Draw Vs. Charlotte Ross 


August 15

    Charlotte Ross Def. Erika Eleniak (UD10)

    Valerie Bertinelli Draw Vs. Erika Eleniak


August 16

    Donna D'Errico Def. Erika Eleniak (UD10)


August 18 : PPV

    Jeri Ryan Def. Liz Hurley (KO5)

    Valerie Bertinelli Draw Vs. Michelle Williams 

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Title Unification Bout) Ch. Catherine Bell Def. Demi Moore (UD10)


August 19-20: PPV

    Jennifer :Lopez Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Def. Holly Marie Combs (KO1)

    Brooke Langton Def. Deborah Unger (KO4)


August 21:

    (U.S. Olympics Gymnastics Trials) Dominique Dawes Def. Jamie Dantzscher (UD10)



August 22

    Erika Eleniak Def. Kari Wuhrer (KO8)


August 24

    Amy Brenneman Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO4)


August 25: PPV

    Salma Hayek Def. Michelle Williams (KO5)

    Jennifer Lopez Def Jane Krakowski (UD10)


August 26-27: PPV

    (Maxim Welteweight Title) Ch Sophie Marceau Def Jeri Ryan (KO4)

    Ashley Judd Def Kim Basinger (UD10)

    Lucy Liu Def Kelly Hu (KO1)

    Anna Kournikova Def, Anke Huber (KO6)

    Dana Delany Def. Catherine Oxenberg (Debut) (UD10)

    Kirsten Dunst (Debut) Def. Rachael Leigh Cook (TKO5)

    Tia Carrere Def. Kristy Swanson (KO8)

    Brooke Langton Def. Jenny O'Dell (UD10)

    Sharon Stone Def.Angie Harmon (UD10)

    Alyssa Milano Def. Denise Richards (K04)


August 28

    Kim Basinger Draw Vs. Sharon Stone



September 1-2: PPV

    Halle Berry Def. Angelica Bridges ((UD10)

    Sharon Stone Def, Kim Basinger (KO2)

    Kelly Hu Def, Brooke Langton (TKO4)

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Def, Fairuza Balk (Debut) (UD10)

    Kelly Packard Def. Kirsten Dunst (TKO3)

    Terry Farrell Def, Laetitita Casta ((TKO8)

    (Main Event) Lucy Liu Def. Salma Hayek (KO9)

    Sharon Stone Def. Lynda Carter (UD10) 


September 5: New PPV

    Eliza Dushku Def. Sarah Michelle Gellar (1 Pt. Dec.)

    Fairuza Balf Def Michelle Williams (UD10)

    Anna Kournikova Def. Kiana Tom (KO5)

    Lucy Liu Def. Dani Fishel (KO3)

    (From 7/26/00. John Hancock Gymnastics Tournament) Svetlana Boginskaya Def. Suzy Favor Hamilton (TKO7)

    Jane Krakowski Def. Dana Delany (UD10)


September 6

    Ashley Judd Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO9)


September 7: Retro Bout

    (1959) Julie Newmar Def. Cyd Charisse (TKO5)


September 8-9: PPV

    Jenna Elfman Def. Geena Davis (TKO8)

    Jennie Garth Def. Kelly Hu (TKO7)

    Deborah Unger Def. Brenda Bakke (Debut) (UD10) 

    (Non-Title) Charlize Theron Def. Ashley Judd (KO7)

    (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Lucy Liu Def. Jaime Pressly (TKO3)

    Amy Jo Johnson Def. Claire Danes (KO6)

    Christina Aguilera Def. Rachel Stevens (Debut) (TKO2)

    Jessica Simpson (Debut) Def Britney Spears (UD10)


September 10: TE (Tank Enterprises) Card

    Christina Aguilera Def. Michelle Williams (UD10)

    Dani Fishel Def. Gabrielle Carteris (KO2)

    Terry Farrell Def. Jenna Elfman (UD10)

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Title) Jennifer Lopez Def. Ch. Catherine Bell (KO9)

    (Retro Bout. Ca.1954) Susan Hayward Def. Debra Paget (TKO6)

    (Retro Bout, Ca. 1950's) Mitzi Gaynor Def. Susan Hayward (KO5)


September 12

    Amy Brenneman Def. Darryl Hannah (KO4)

    Jeanne Tripplehorn Def. Tia Carrere (KO7)


September 14

    Pamela Paulshock Def. Cori Nadine (KO2)


September 18-22: PPV

(Simguy Had Posting Troubles)

    Jane Krakowski Def. Dana Delany (KO4)

    Britney Spears Def. Jessica Simpson (KO5)

    Kristy Swanson Def. Catherine Bell (UD10)

    (Paramount/Reebok Welterweight Title) Terry Farrell Def. Ch. Charlie Theron (TKO7)

    Charisma Carpenter Def. Jane Krakowski (TKO10)

    Dani Fishel Def. Ashley Judd (UD10)

    (Maxim Welterweight Title) Jeanne Tripplehorn Def. Ch. Sophie Marceau (UD10)

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Title) Jeri Ryan Def. Ch. Jennifer Lopez (UD10)

    (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Lucy Liu Def. Gillian Anderson (KO4) 


September 23

    Ali Landry Draw Vs. Pamela Paulshock

    Charisma Carpenter Def. Kari Wuhrer (KO9)


September 26: "Midweek Mayhem"

    Kari Wuhrer Def. Heather Locklear (TKO9)


September 30-October 1: PPV

    Michelle Williams Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (KO9)

    Dana Delany Def. Helen Hunt (KO4)

    Catherine Bell Def. Melinda Messenger (KO8)

    (Paramount/Reebok Welterweight Title) Ch. Terry Farrell Def. Elizabeth Berkley (TK04)

    (Unified Flyeweight Title)Ch. Lucy Lui Def. Kelly Packard (KO10) 

    Kari Wuhrer Def. Teri Hatcher (KO3)

    Kelly Hu Def. Jennie Garth (UD10)





October 6-8: PPV

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Yasmine Bleeth Draw Vs. Ch Carmen Electra

    Jessica Alba (Debut) Def. Kelly Packard (KO7)

    Gillian Anderson Def. Dana Delany (KO8)

    Michelle Williams Def. Vanessa Marcil (KO1)

    (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Lucy Liu Def. Kari Wuhrer (KO4)

    (Soon after Lucy Liu vacates flyweight titles)

    (Maxim Welterweght Title) Katherine Heigl Def. Ch. Jeanne Tripplehorn (UD10)

    Sarah Michelle Gellar Def Jessica Alba (UD10)


October 9-10: "Monday Madness"

    Carrie Ann Moss Def. Deborah Unger (UD10)

    Diane Lane Def. Jennie Garth (KO1)


October 11-12: Requests

    Brenda Bakke Def. Stacey Haiduk (KO10)

    Diane Lane Def. Jennifer O'Dell (UD10)


October 13-14: PPV

    Monica Brant Def. Stacey Lynn (TKO4)

    Torrie Wilson Def. Midaja O'Hearn (UD10)

    Josie Davis (Debut) Def. Demi Moore (UD10) 

    Brooke Langton Def. Lucy Liu (UD10)

    (Maxim Welterweight Title) Ch. Katherine Heigl Def. Charlize Theron (UD10)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) (Partial Report) Ch.Carmen Electra Def. Diane Lane (UD10)


October 15: Retro Bouts

    (Story by MarcD. Ca.1922,) Mae West Def. Eleanor Boardman (KO)

    (Story by MarcD. Ca. 1927) Clara Bow Def. Mae West (KO14)


October 17: "Midweek Madness"

    Brandy Ledford Def. Kelli Williams (UD10)

    (Private T.E. Bout) Catherine Bell Def. Dani Fishel (TKO6)


October 19

    Brenda Bakke Def. Sandrine Holt (KO7)


October 20-22: PPV

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch. Jeri Ryan Def. Kristy Swanson (KO2)

    (Vacant Paramount Flyweight Title) Nia Peeples Def. Charlotte Ross (KO6)

    (Vacant Maxim Flyweight Title) Jessica Alba Def. Kari Wuhrer (UD10)

    (Vacant Reebok Flyweight Title) Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Kelly Packard (KO5)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Yasmine Bleeth Def. Ch. Carmen Electra (UD10)

    (Maxim Welterweight Title) Sophie Marceau Def. Ch. Katherine Heigl (UD10)

    Mimi Rogers Def. Sharon Stone (KO8)

    (From a 6/00 "Boxing After Dark") Ashley Judd Def. Jennifer Aniston (TKO8)

    Gina Gershon Def. Ashley Judd (TKO8)


October 24: Requests

    Torrie Wilson Def. Kathy Ireland (TKO9)

    Rena Mero (Sable) Def. Denise Richards (KO2)


October 25

    Charisma Carpenter Def. Denise Richards (KO8)


October 26

    Rena Mero (Sable) Def. Torrie Wilson (KO3)


October 27-29: PPV

    Charlize Theron Def. Lisa Nicole Carson (UD10)

    Kim Delany Def. Dana Delany (KO9)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Elisabeth Shue Def. Ch. Yasmine Bleeth (UD10)

    (Non-Title Bout) Catherine Bell Def. Terry Farrell (UD10)

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch. Jeri Ryan Draw Vs. Ashley Judd

    Lucy Liu Def. Carmen Electra (KO2)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Kiana Tom Def. Ch. Elisabeth Shue (KO4)

    Cameron,Diaz Def. Talisa Soto (KO4)


October 30: Boxing After Dark

    Cameron Diaz Def. Tia Carrere (UD10)

    Jewel Kilcher Def. Katherine Heigl (UD10)

    (Main Event) Charlize Theron Def. Talisa Soto (KO3)


October 31

    Dani Fishel Def, Michelle Williams (UD10) 




November 1

    Eva LaRue (Debut) Def. Josie Davis (KO8) 


November 3-4: PPV

    (Paramount Middleweight Title) Tylene Buck Def. Ch. Kimberly Page (KO4)

(Note: Story is written with Pamela Paulshock as winner, but Simguy later says he confused her with Tylene. It is Tylene who loses title on

12/20/00 so we have made the change here.in the interests of clarity).

    Jennifer Lopez Def. Talisa Soto (TKO5)

    Dana Delany Def. Kim Delaney (KO2)

    Giselle Fernandez Def. Eva LaRue (UD10)

    Catherine Bell Def. Jenna Elfman (UD10)

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Title) Ashley Judd Def. Ch. Jeri Ryan (KO10)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch.Kiana Tom Def. Lucy Liu (TKO4)

    (Maxim Lightweight Title) Ch, Charlize Theron Def. Cameron Diaz (UD10)

    Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Jennifer Connelly (TKO9)


November 5

    (Welterweight Title Unification Bout) Site: Paris, France) Sophie Marceau Def. Terry Farrell (UD10)

    Jennifer Connelly Draw Vs. Jennie Garth


November 6

    Dana Delany Def. Bonnie Bedelia (Debut) (TKO2) 

    (Maxim Flyweight Title (Ch. Jessica Alba Def. Diane Lane (KO5)


November 7

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Talisa Soto (KO7)


November 8

   Eva LaRue Def. Jane Krakowski (KO1)

   Eva LaRue Def. Talisa Soto (KO1)


November 10-12: PPV

    Neve Campbell Draw Vs. Amy Jo Johnson

    Bobbi Phillips Def. Denise Richards (KO3)

    Dani Fishel Draw Vs. Alyssa Milano 

    (Reebok Flyweight Title) Diane Lane Def. Ch. Sarah Michelle Gellar (KO10)

    Yasmine Bleeth Def. Lucy Liu (UD10)

    (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Sophie Marceau Def. Terry Farrell (KO6)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Tia Carrere (UD10)

    Eva LaRue Def, Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

    Jennifer Connelly Def. Bridgette Wilson (KO2)


November 13: Boxing After Dark

    MIchelle Williams Def. Holly Marie Combs (UD10)

    Talisa Soto Def. Vanessa Williams (UD10)


November 15

    Talisa Soto Def. Jeanne Tripplehorn (KO3)


November 17-19: PPV

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Titles) Debbe Dunning Def. Ch, Ashley Judd (KO2)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Kelly Hu Def. Ch. Kiana Tom (UD10)

    Catherine Bell Def. Faith Hill (KO8)

    Britney Spears Def. Shania Twain (1 Pt Dec)

    (Reebok Flyweight Title) Dana Delany Def. Ch. Diane Lane (KO7)

    (Main Event) (Maxim Lightweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Draw Vs. Eva LaRue


November 21-22: Boxing Afrer Dark

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Jenna Elfman (KO1)

    Liz Hurley Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

    Ali Landry Def. Kristy Swanson (UD10)


November 23-25: PPV

    Bridgette Wilson Def. Charisma Carpenter (1 Pt. Dec.)

    Katherine Heigl Def. Lisa Nicole Carson (KO8)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Kelly Hu Def. Dani Fishel (UD10)

    (Paramount/Reebok Lightweight Title) Ch. Debbe Dunning Def. Cat Bell (KO5)

    (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Sophie Marceau Def. Peta Wilson (UD10)

    (Maxim Flyweight Title) Shannen Doherty Def. Ch. Jessica Alba (UD10)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Famke Janssen (KO2)

    Amy Jo Johnson Def. Shiri Appleby (Debut) (KO6)


November 26: Special Event PPV

    Chyna Def. Raye Hoillitt (KO3)


November 28-29: Boxing After Dark

    Jewel Kilcher Def. Kate Winslet (Debut) (UD10) 

    Jane Krakowski Def. Mimi Rogers (KO8)

    Helen Hunt Def. Sela Ward (KO7) 



December 1

    Jewel Kilcher Def. Jennifer Lopez (UD10)


December 2-4: PPV

    Heather Thomas Def. Mimi Rogers (KO7)

    Mish Williams Def. Courteney Cox (UD10)

    (Maxim Flyweight Title) Ch. Shannen Doherty Def. Jessica Alba (UD10)

    Neve Campbell Def. Jessica Biel (Debut) (KO4)

    (Lightweight Title Unification Bout) Charlize Theron Def. Debbe Dunning (KO2)

    (Reebok Middleweight Title) Ch. Debra McMichael Def. Lisa Nicole Carson (KO3)


December 5: Boxing After Dark

    (Non-Title Bout) Cindy Crawford Def. Carey Lowell (TKO7)

    Christy Brinkley Def. Daisy Fuentes (KO10)


December 8-10: PPV

    Jennifer Connelly Def. Jennie Garth (UD10)

    Shania Twain Def. Christina Aguilera (TKO3)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Kristy Swanson (KO3)

    Alyssa Milano Def. Chae (KO5)

    Jeri Ryan Def. Jamie Luner (KO10)

    (Maxim/Reebok Middleweight Title Unification Bout) Cindy Crawford Def. Debra McMichael (KO6)

    Mimi Rogers Def. Suzanne Somers (UD10)


December 11-12: Boxing After Dark

    Christy Brinkley Def. Carol Alt (KO4)

    Daisy Fuentes Def. Naomi Campbell (KO7)

    Tessie Santiago (Debut) Def, Gena Lee Nolin (1 Pt. Dec.).)

    (Non-Title) Downtown Julie Brown (Debut) Def. Kelly Hu (TKO3)


December 13: Fight Requests

    Torrie Wilson Def. Rena Mero (KO1)

    (Paramount Middleweight Title) Ch. Tylene Buck Def. Monica Brandt (KO6)


December 14: Boxing After Dark

    Sela Ward Def. Amy Brenneman (UD10)


December 15-16: PPV

    Jennifer Connelly Def. Ashley Judd (UD10)

    Lucy Liu Def. Alyssa Milano (KO10)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch Kelly Hu Def Carmen Electra (UD10)

    (Reebok Flyweight Title) Ch. Dana Delany Def. Salma Hayek (KO3)

    (Maxim/Reebok Middleweight Titles) Ch. Cindy Crawford Def. Christy Brinkley (TKO2)

    (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Tessie Santiago (KO5)


Decmber 18: Boxing After Dark

    Kelly Lynch Def. Kristy Swanson (UD10)

    (Paramount Middleweight Title) Debra McMichael Def. Ch. Tylene Buck (KO1)


December 19: Boxing After Dark

    Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Shannon Sturges (KO2)

    Jennifer Connelly Def. Kristy Swanson (TKO8)


December 20: Boxing After Dark

    (Seniors Title) Jessica Lange Def. Ch. Meryl Streep (UD8)

    Bobbi Phillips Def. Denise Richards (KO9)


December 21: Boxing After Dark

    Lisa Nicole Carson Def.Daisy Fuentes (KO7)

    Terry Farrell Def. Terri Clark (KO3)


December 22-24: PPV

    Jaime Pressly Def. Dani Fishel (KO1)

    Jessica Alba Def. Michelle Williams (TKO6)

    Gena Lee Nolin Def. Tessie Santiago (KO1)

    Catherine Bell Def. Tea Leoni (KO7)

    (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Sophie Marceau Def. Jewel Kilcher (TKO2)

    (Middleweight Title Unification Bout) Cindy Crawford Def. Debra McMichael (UD10)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Kelly Hu Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO8)

    Ali Landry Def. Kelly Lynch (UD10)


December 25: International Boxing

    (Site: Munich, Germany) Liz Hurley Def. Eva Habermann (Debut) (UD10)


December 26-27: Retro Bouts

    (Ca, 1965) Julie Andrews Def. Ann-Margret (UD10)

    Ca. Late 1970's) Laurette Spang Def. Maren Jensen (TKO6)


December 27 Boxing After Dark

     Peta Wilson Def. Lucy Lawless (KO5)

     Catherine Bell Def. Catherine Zeta Jones (UD10)


December 28: Boxing After Dark

    Dina Meyer (Debut) Def. Terry Farrell (KO8)


December 28: International Boxing

    (Site: Germany) Eva Habermann Def. Jennifer Lopez (KO3)

    (Site: Hong Kong) Sandrine Holt Draw Vs. Francoise Yip (Debut) 


December 29-30: PPV

    Paula Trickey Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO7)

    Jeri Ryan Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO7)

    (Unified Bantamweight Title) Lucy Liu Def. Ch. Kelly Hu (KO8)

    (Unified Lightweight Title) Dina Meyer Def. Ch. Charlize Theron (TKO6)

    (Unified Middleweight Title) Peta Wilson Def. Ch. Cindy Crawford (TKO10)

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