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Page history last edited by Vassago 1 year ago

  1. January
    1. December 31-January 1 PPV
    2. January 2: Boxing on the Beach
    3. January 2: Mandalay Bay Boxing
    4. January 7-8 PPV
    5. January 14: Non-PPV Partial Report
    6. January 14-15 PPV
    7. January 21-22 PPV 
    8. January 28-29 PPV
  2. February
    1. February 4-5 PPV
    2. February 6: Boxing on the Beach
    3. February 9: Boxing After Dark
    4. February 11-12 PPV
    5. February 12: South Beach Boxing
    6. February 18-19 PPV
    7. February 21: Monday Night Boxing After Dark
    8. February 22:  Tuesday Night B.A.D.D.E.R.
    9. February 25 Pre-PPV: Boxing on the Beach
    10. February 25-26 PPV
  3. March
    1. March 4-5 PPV
    2. March 11-12 PPV
    3. March 18-19 PPV
    4. March 25 PPV
  4. April
    1. April 1-2 PPV
    2. April 9 PPV
    3. April 15-16 PPV
    4. April 22-23 PPV
    5. April 23 (6 Weeks After PPV): Boxing After Dark
    6. April 29-30 PPV
  5. May
    1. May 1: Playboy Mansion Boxing
    2. May 6-7 PPV
    3. May 13: Night O'Champions
    4. May 20-21 PPV
    5. May 27: French Tennis Open Report
    6. May 27 PPV
  6. June
    1. June 3-4 PPV
    2. June 10-11 PPV
    3. June 14: Boxing on the Beach
    4. June 17-18 PPV
    5. June 18: Sparring Report
    6. June 19: Boxing on the Beach
    7. June 24-25 PPV
  7. July
    1. July 1-2 PPV
    2. July 4: Boxing on the Beach
    3. July 8: "SUPERFIGHT"
    4. July 18-19: "Variety Show"
    5. July 26: "Midweek PPV"
    6. July 26:
    7. July 27: Boxing After Dark
  8. August
    1. August 5-6 PPV
    2. August 9-10: Boxing After Dark
    3. August 13: Boxing on the Beach
    4.  August 19-20 PPV
    5. August 21: Boxing on the Beach
    6. August 27 PPV
  9. September
    1. September 2-3 PPV
    2. September 11: Boxing After Dark
    3. September 16-17 PPV
    4. September 18: Cougar Bout
    5. September 18: Retro Bout
    6. September 30-October 1 PPV
  10. October
    1. October 4: Boxing After Dark
    2. OCTOBER 14-15 PPV
    3. October 16: Boxing After Dark
    4. October 18: Boxing After Dark
    5. October 28-29 PPV
  11. November
    1. November 3: Private Bout
    2. November 11-12 PPV
    3. November 13: Boxing on the Beach
    4. November 14: Fite Nite in Canada
    5. November 20: Boxing After Dark
    6. November 25 PPV
    7. November 27: Boxing After Dark
  12. December
    1. December 3 Mini-PPV
    2. December 5: Boxing After Dark
    3. December 9 PPV
    4. December 10: Sauna Fight
    5. December 12: Boxing After Dark
    6. December 14: Boxing After Dark
    7. December 14 Special PPV: Tech Unlimited/Krushers Stable War
    8. December 18: Xmas Boxing After Dark
    9. December 23: Holiday PPV
    10. December 30-31 PPV



December 31-January 1 PPV

     Dani Fishel Def. Amy Davidson (KO8)

     Jewel Kilcher Def. Elisha Cuthbert (TKO4)

     Brandy Ledford Def. Yasmine Bleeth (KO3)

     Jaime Pressly Def. Milla Jovovich (TKO3)

     Laetitia Casta Def. Sofia Milos (UD10)

     Alana de la Garza Def. Krista Allen (KO6)

     Jeanne Tripplehorn Def. Nicolette Sheridan (TKO8)

     Victoria Pratt Def. Erica Durance (KO2)

     Amanda Righetti Def. Jessica Biel (KO6)

     Charisma Carpenter Def. Kelly Brook (KO10)

     Gena Lee Nolin Def. Victoria Silvstedt (KO1)

     Britney Spears Def. Jessica Alba (KO5)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Jeri Ryan Def. Jenny McCarthy (KO9)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Kristanna Loken Def. Rebecca Romijn (TKO4)


January 2: Boxing on the Beach

     Brittany Daniel Def. Amy Weber (FCBA Debut) (TKO9)


January 2: Mandalay Bay Boxing

     Krista Allen Def. Molly Sims (KO4)


January 7-8 PPV

     Famke Janssen Def. Cameron Diaz (UD10)

     (Partial Report) (Miami. South Beach Boxing) Jennifer Esposito Def. Emily Procter (UD10)

     Jenny O'Dell Def. Katie Holmes (UD10)

     Catherine Bell Def. Denise Richards (KO7)

     Vicky Pratt Draw Vs. Demi Moore  

     Erica Durance Def. Carrie Ann Moss (UD10)

     Rachael Leigh Cook Def. Lacey Chabert (Debut) (UD10)

     Charlize Theron Def. Mandy Moore (TKO2)

     Kelly Lynch Def. Virginia Madsen (TKO8) 


January 14: Non-PPV Partial Report

     Virginia Madsen Def. Carrie Ann Moss (KO8)

     Nicolette Sheridan Def. Carrie Ann Moss (KO3)

     Kim Cattrall Def. Carrie Ann Moss (TKO6)

     Kim Cattrall Def. Virginie Madsen (KO8)

     Tricia Helfer Def. Carrie Ann Moss (TKO6)


January 14-15 PPV

     Allison Mack Def. Dani Fishel (1 Pt. Dec)

     Angelina Jolie Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

     (Ice Hotel, Quebec) Laetitia Casta Def. Deborah Unger (TKO6)

     Megan Fox (Debut) Def. Teri Hatcher (TKO5)

     Neve Campbell Def. Brandy Ledford (UD10)

     Eliza Dushku Def. Jessica Alba (1 Pt. Dec.)

     (JMD Bout)Michelle Williams Def. Lacey Chabert (TKO5)

     Stacy Keibler Def. Kelly Brook (KO6)

     Evangeline Lilly Def. Kim Raver (FCBA Debut) (UD10)

     Torrie Wilson Def. Katherine Heigl (TKO5)

     Natalie Portman Def. Jessica Simpson (1 Pt Dec)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Kaley Cuoco Draw Vs.  Jolene Blalock


January 21-22 PPV 

     (Bell Sports/Tech Unlimited Stable War) Rachal Leigh Cook Def. Natalie Portman (1 Pt. Dec)

     (BSE/TU Stable War) Jennie Garth Def. Katie Holmes (KO2)

     (BSE/TU Stable War) Jennifer Connelly Def. Britney Spears (KO10)

     (BSE/TU Stable War) Jenny O'Dell Def. Jessica Biel (KO2)

     (BSE/TU Stable War) Laetitia Casta Def. Charisma Carpenter (1 Pt Dec)

     (BSE/TU Stable War) (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Kaley Cuoco Def. Keira Knightley (UD10)

     Michelle Williams Def. Jessica Simpson (UD10)

     Nikki Visser Def. Gena Lee Nolin (UD10)

     Dani Fishel Def. Allison Mack (UD10)

     Monica Bellucci Def. Ali Landry (UD10)

     Jennifer Garner Def. Stacy Keibler (KO7)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch Kristanna Loken Def. Torrie Wilson (TKO3)


January 28-29 PPV

      (Partial Report) Felicity Huffman Def. Amy Brenneman (KO8)

      (Partial Report) Sarah Carter Def. Vanessa Marcil (TKO7)

      Kelly Packard Def. Sarah Michelle Gellar (KO6)

      Torrie Wilson Def. Nikki Visser (KO6)

      Milla Jovovich Def. Denise Richards (TKO9)

      Megan Fox Def. Katie Holmes (UD10)

      Ali Landry Def. Monica Bellucci (UD10)

      Estella Warren Def. Cindy Crawford (TKO2) 

      Dina Meyer Def. Nicolette Sheridan (UD10)

      Claire Danes Def. Lindsay Lohan (UD10)

      Charlize Theron Def. Erica Durance (TKO6)

      Catherine Bell Def. Laetitia Casta (1 Pt Dec)

      (Unified Lightweight Title) Charisma Carpenter Def. Ch Jeri Ryan (UD10)




February 4-5 PPV

     Estella Warren Def. Monica Schnarre (UD10)

     Natalie Portman Def. Hilarie Burton (TKO1)

     Jessica Alba Draw Vs. Jewel Kilcher

     Kelly Brook Def. Amanda Righetti (KO10)

     Krista Allen Def. Jenny O'Dell (UD10)

     Eva Longoria Def. Sarah Carter (KO3)

     Jessica Biel Def. Nikki Cox (UD10)

     Salma Hayek Def. Sarah Michelle Gellar (KO7)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Kaley Cuoco Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO10)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Kelly Packard Def. Ch. Jennifer Love Hewitt (TKO10)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Kristanna Loken Def. Rachel Hunter (KO1) 

     Jaime Pressly Def. Brandy Ledford (UD10)


February 6: Boxing on the Beach

     (Site: Australia) Estella Warren Def. Nikki Visser (UD10) 


February 9: Boxing After Dark

     Charlize Theron Def. Katie Holmes (UD10)


February 11-12 PPV

     Rachael Leigh Cook Def. Alyson Hannigan (KO2)

     Milla Jovovich Def. Jennie Garth (1 Pt Dec)

     Estella Warren Def. Laetitia Casta (UD10)

     Jennifer O'Dell Def. Charlize Theron (1 Pt Dec)

     Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Lacey Chabert (KO6)

     Claire Danes Def. Natalie Portman (UD10)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Charisma Carpenter Def. Krista Allen (UD10)


February 12: South Beach Boxing

     Vivica A. Fox Def. Eva Mendes (UD10)


February 18-19 PPV

     Jessica Simpson Def. Christina Ricci (1 Pt Dec)

     Jolene Blalock Def. Neve Campbell (UD10)

     Lacey Chabert Def. Christina Aguilera (KO10)

     (PPV Interlude: Atlantis Resort) Stacey Williams Def. Janet Jones (UD10)

     Kelly Brook Def. Erica Durance (TKO8)

     Jennifer O'Dell Def. Debbe Dunning (KO8)

     Catherine Zeta-Jones Def. Jessica Biel (KO2)

     Natalie Portman Def. Sarah Michelle Gellar (UD10)

     Michelle Williams Def. Rachael Leigh Cook (KO5)

     Jessica Alba Def. Jaime Pressly (KO2)

     Jennifer Connelly Def. Eliza Dushku (KO3)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Claire Danes Def. Ch. Kelly Packard (UD10)


February 21: Monday Night Boxing After Dark

     Virginia Madsen Def. Jamie Lee Curtis (KO2)

     Ashley Scott Def. Debbe Dunning (TKO3)


February 22:  Tuesday Night B.A.D.D.E.R.

     (Aristide Story) Britney Spears Def. Jillian Barberie (KO8)


February 25 Pre-PPV: Boxing on the Beach

     (Partial Report) Molly Sims Def. Taylor Cole (TKO9) 


February 25-26 PPV

     Virginia Madsen Def. Vanessa Williams (KO2)

     Uma Thurman Def. Nicole Kidman (KO5)

     Debbe Dunning Def. Carrie Ann Moss (KO1)

     Kate Bosworth Def. Brandy Ledford (TKO8)

     Megan Fox Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (1 Pt Dec)

     Kate Beckinsale Def. Milla Jovovich (KO3)

     Hilarie Burton Def. Amy Davidson (TKO3)

     Kelly Hu Def. Scarlett Johansson (1 Pt Dec)

     Tyra Banks Def. Katherine Heigl (TKO2) (Intro. Body Saddle?)

     Dani Fishel Def. Vivica A. Fox (UD10)

     Eva Longoria Def. Salma Hayek (UD10)

     Jennifer O'Dell Def. Catherine Bell (KO2)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Natasha Henstridge Def. Ch. Kristanna Loken (KO1)




March 1: Boxing on the Beach

      Carmen Electra Def. Lori Loughlin (KO9)


March 2: Lindsay's Big Adventure

      (Aristide Story) (Site: Las Vegas) Lindsay Lohan Def. Elisha Cuthbert (UD10)


March 4-5 PPV

     (Partial Report) (Poolside, Beverly Hills Hotel) Penelope Cruz Def. Paris Hilton (TKO6)

     (Partial Report) (Boxing On The Beach) Molly Sims Def. Taylor Cole (TKO8)

     (Partial Report) (Boxing After Dark) Amanda Tapping Def. Lauren Graham (TKO10)

     Jessica Simpson Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (TKO8)

     Tricia Helfer Def. Alana de la Garza (1 Pt. Dec)

     Kelly Packard Def. Lucy Liu (KO2)

     Grace Park (Debut) Def. Linda Park (TKO4)

     Britney Spears Def. Keira Knightley (KO9)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Claire Danes Def. Michelle Williams (TKO3)

     Kelly Brook Def. Jeri Ryan (UD10)

     Jessica Biel Def. Jennie Garth (KO8)

     Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Laetitia Casta (UD10)

     Jessica Alba Def. Lisa Rinna (TKO3)

     Jennifer Garner Def. Vicky Pratt (TKO7)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Jolene Blalock Def. Ch. Kaley Cuoco (UD10)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Charisma Carpenter Def. Charlize Theron (UD10)


March 11-12 PPV

     (Partial Report) Christina Milian (Debut) Def. Ashanti Douglas (TKO8)

     Lindsay Lohan Def. Elisha Cuthbert (TKO5)

     Jewel Kilcher Def. Jessica Alba (KO9)

     Hilarie Burton Def. Linda Park (KO1)

     Kelly Packard Def. Eliza Dushku (UD10)

     Jennifer Garner Def. Jenny O'Dell (KO8)

     Dani Fishel Def. Grace Park (TKO7)

     Kelly Hu Def. Jaime Pressly (UD10)

     Jessica Simpson Def. Salma Hayek (UD10)

     Virginia Madsen Def. Jennifer Connelly (TKO6)

     Eva Longoria Def. Lucy Liu (UD10)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ali Landry Def. Ch. Natasha Henstridge (UD10)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Charisma Carpenter Def. Laetitia Casta (UD10)


March 18-19 PPV

     (Partial Report) Molly Sims Draw vs. Brooke Burns

     Tricia Helfer Def. Krista Allen (1 Pt Dec)

     Nikki Visser Def. Kristanna Loken (TKO8)

     Uma Thurman Def. Tyra Banks (KO10)

     Rebecca Romijn Def. Cori Nadine (UD10)

     Jessica Biel Def. Kelly Brook (UD10)

     Eva Mendes Def. Cameron Diaz (UD10)

     Catherine Bell Def. Jennie Garth (KO9)

     Jewel Kilcher Def. Jessica Alba (UD10)

     Shannen Doherty Def.(Debut) Elisabeth Harnois (KO10)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Claire Danes Draw vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Britney Spears Def. Ch. Jolene Blalock (UD10)


March 25 PPV

     Dani Fishel Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (TKO6)

     Jessica Alba Def. Elisha Cuthbert (UD10)

     Eliza Dushku Def. Elisabeth Harnois (UD10)

     Kristin Kreuk Def. Natalie Portman (TKO6)

     Charlize Theron Def. Peta Wilson (KO7)

     Gena Lee Nolin Def Cori Nadine (KO10)

     Krista Allen Def. Nikki Cox (KO4)

     Eva Longoria Def. Kelly Packard (KO2)

     Laetitia Casta Def. Kate Winslet (KO7)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Charisma Carpenter Def. Estella Warren (KO6)


March 26: Non-Simulated C. Nadine VS B. Carrier

     (1980's. Body Blow Match. Poolside) Cori Nadine Def. Brandi Carrier (KO) 




April 1-2 PPV

     Erica Durance Def. Angelica Bridges (KO7)

     Elisabeth Harnois Def. Rachael Leigh Cook (KO5)

     Jennifer Connelly Def. Kirsten Dunst (TKO1)

     Katie Holmes Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (1 Pt Dec)

     Jaime Pressly Def. Elisha Cuthbert (KO4)

     (Body Blow Bout) Britney Spears Def. Jessica Simpson (KO)

     Jenny O'Dell Def. Victoria Pratt (KO3)

     Catherine Zeta-Jones Draw Vs. Kaley Cuoco

     Katherine Heigl Def. Jeri Ryan (TKO7)

     ("Queen of the Brunettes" Bout) Ali Landry Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

     Jessica Biel Def. Catherine Bell (KO2)

     Lindsay Lohan Def. Megan Fox (UD10)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Kristin Kreuk Def. Ch. Claire Danes (TKO3)


April 9 PPV

     (Partial Report) (Resort Boxing) Stacy Kamano Def. Debbe Dunning (UD10)

     (Partial Report) (Site: Santa Monica Pier) Brittany Daniel Def. Vanessa Angel (KO5)

     (Partial Report) Rebecca Gayheart Def. Penelope Cruz (UD10)

     Michelle Williams Def. Elisabeth Harnois (UD10)

     Jessica Biel Def. Erica Durance (UD10)

     Eva Mendes Def. Cameron Diaz (KO3)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Kristin Kreuk Def. Jessica Simpson (UD10)


April 15-16 PPV

     Hilarie Burton Def. Jennifer Love Hewitt (TKO3)

     Katie Holmes Def. Elisabeth Harnois (UD10)

     Kelly Brook Def. Jennifer Garner (KO9)

     Nikki Cox Def. Debbe Dunning (KO7)

     Denise Richards Def. Laetitia Casta (UD10)

     Kelly Packard Def. Kelly Hu (TKO4)

     Uma Thurman Def. Laura Prepon (UD10)

     Jessica Alba Def. Danielle Fishel (UD10)

     (Unifed Flyweight Title) Natalie Portman Def. Ch. Kristin Kreuk (KO7)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Ali Landry Draw Vs. Katherine Heigl


April 22-23 PPV

     (Partial Report) Kelly Ripa Def. Penelope Cruz (KO2)

     Krista Allen Def. Sarah Lancaster (Debut) (KO10)

     Jewel Kilcher Def. Evangeline Lilly (KO2)

     Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Kate Winslet (KO8)

     Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Jessica Simpson (TKO4)

     Ellen Pompeo (Debut) Def. Rebecca Gayheart (TKO7)

     Michelle Williams Def. Kelly Packard (TKO2)

     Daisy Fuentes Def. Tyra Banks (KO9)

     Catherine Bell Draw Vs. Victoria Pratt

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Jennifer Connelly Def. Ch. Britney Spears (UD10)

     Jennifer Garner Def. Charlize Theron (TKO6)

     Lexa Doig Def. Brandy Ledford (UD10) 


April 23 (6 Weeks After PPV): Boxing After Dark

     Penelope Cruz Def. Naomi Watts (TKO10)

     Terry Farrell Def. Bobbi Philipps (KO4)

     Alyssa Milano Def. Beverly Mitchell (KO7) 


April 29-30 PPV

     Katie Holmes Def. Amy Smart (TKO6)

     Naomi Watts Def. Penelope Cruz (KO7)

     Jennifer Love Hewitt Def. Sarah Michelle Gellar (UD10)

     Catherine Bell Def. Nikki Cox (KO1)

     Jennifer O'Dell Def. Rosario Dawson (Debut) (KO5)

     Jolene Blalock Draw Vs. Eliza Dushku

     Tricia Helfer Def. Ashley Scott (KO8)

     Kelly Hu Def. Neve Campbell (TKO4)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Natalie Portman Def. Claire Danes (UD10)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Jennifer Garner Def Ch Charisma Carpenter (UD10)




May 1: Playboy Mansion Boxing

     Erika Eleniak Def. Brandy Ledford (KO5)


May 6-7 PPV

     (Partial Report) Anna Nicole Smith Def. Victoria Silvestedt (KO10)

     (Partial Report) Denise Richards Draw Vs. Catherine Zeta-Jones

     (Partial Report) Kelly Packard Def. Evangeline Lilly (KO7)

     (Partial Report) Amy Davidson Def. Mila Kunis (Debut) (KO5)

     (Partial Report) Rachel Bilson Def. Brittany Murphy (Debut) (KO10)

     Erika Eleniak Def. Brittany Daniel (TKO6)

     Lacey Chabert Def. Christina Ricci (1 Pt. Dec)

     Molly Sims Def. Beth Ostrosky (UD10)

     Gena Lee Nolin Def. Estella Warren (KO8)

     Nicole Kidman Def. Katie Holmes (UD10)

     Lindsay Lohan Def. Elisabeth Harnois (KO3)

     Michelle Williams Def. Kristin Kreuk (KO6)

     Rosario Dawson Def. Mariah Carey (KO4)

     Jaime Pressly Def. Jessica Alba (TKO1)

     Ashley Scott Def. Krista Allen (TKO3)

     Alyssa Milano Def. Salma Hayek (UD10)

     Erika Christensen (Debut) Def. Dani Fishel (TKO6)

     Charlize Theron Def. Laetitia Casta (TKO5)


May 10: Boxing After Dark

     (Undercard) Sandrine Holt Def. Beth Ostrosky (KO7)

     (Main Event) Molly Sims Def. Angie Harmon (TKO7)


May 13: Night O'Champions

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Ali Landry Def. Gena Lee Nolin (KO6)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Natalie Portman Def. Rachel Stevens (UD10)


May 20-21 PPV

     (Partial Report) Annette Milbers Def. Kiana Tom (KO)

     (Partial Report) Nikki Visser Def. Natasha Henstridge (UD10)

     (Partial Report) Laura Prepon Def. Anna Nicole Smith (KO5)

     Courtney Thorne-Smith Def. Elisabeth Harnois (KO2)

     Megan Fox Def. Scarlett Johansson (TKO2)

     Denise Richards Def. Nikki Cox (TKO5)

     Britney Spears Def. Erika Eleniak (TKO4)

     Katherine Heigl Def. Mandy Moore (KO3)

     Rachael Leigh Cook Def. Reese Witherspoon (UD10)

     Carmen Electra Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

     Mariska Hargitay Def. Amanda Tapping (KO9)

     Tricia Helfer Def. Jeri Ryan (TKO2)

     Kaley Cuoco Def. Cameron Diaz (KO5)

     Teri Hatcher Def. Ellen Pompeo (KO1)

     Charlize Theron Def. Catherine Bell (UD10)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Jessica Biel Def. Ch. Jennifer Garner (UD10)


May 27: French Tennis Open Report

     (Partial Report) Anna Kournikova Def. Anastasia Myskina (KO7)


May 27 PPV

     Brittany Daniel Def. Kaley Cuoco (UD10) 

     Elisha Cuthbert Def. Jessica Simpson (TKO8)

     Katie Holmes Def. Amy Smart (TKO4)

     Jaime Pressly Def. Evangeline Lilly (UD10)

     Alyssa Milano Def. Hilarie Burton (TKO2)

     Laetitia Casta Def. Annette Milbers (UD10)

     Dani Fishel Def. Erika Christensen (KO3)

     Carmella Decesare Def. Erika Eleniak (1 Pt Dec)

     Grace Park Def. Jenny McCarthy (KO4)

     Neve Campbell Def. Lindsay Lohan (TKO7)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Carmen Electra Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO1)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Ch. Natalie Portman (UD10)

         Post Fight 



June 3-4 PPV

     (Partial Report) Vanessa Marcil Def. Kelly Monaco (1 Pt Dec)

     (Partial Report) Molly Sims Def. Angie Everhart (KO6)

     Courteney Cox Def. Erika Eleniak (TKO2)

     Anna Kournikova Def. Kaley Cuoco (UD10)

     Daisy Fuentes Def. Kristanna Loken (KO7)

     Brittany Daniel Def. Charisma Carpenter (TKO3)

     Erica Durance Def. Ashley Scott (TKO2)

     Tricia Helfer Def. Stacy Keibler (UD10)

     Katie Holmes Def. Elisha Cuthbert (UD10)

     Dani Fishel Def. Alyssa Milano (KO2)

     Evangeline Lilly Def. Eliza Dushku (KO10)

     Kelly Brook Def. Jenny O'Dell (KO5)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Ali Landry Def. Nikki Visser (KO3)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Carmen Electra Def. Jennifer Connelly (UD10)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Charlize Theron Def. Ch. Jessica Biel (KO9)


June 10-11 PPV

     Anna Kournikova Def. Cori Nadine (TKO9)

     Angelina Jolie Def. Bobbie Phillips (TKO6)

     Jewel Kilcher Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (UD10)

     Rachael Leigh Cook Def. Amy Davidson (TKO8)

     Angie Everhart Def. Beth Ostrosky (TKO9)

     Jenny O'Dell Def. Brittany Daniel (KO9)

     Jessica Simpson Draw Vs. Natalie Portman

     Michelle Williams Def. Naomi Watts (UD10)

     Jolene Blalock Def. Kelly Packard (KO3)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Carmen Electra Def. Tara Reid (TKO7) 

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Kristin Kreuk Def. Ch. Sarah Michelle Gellar (UD10)


June 14: Boxing on the Beach

     Taylor Cole Def. Angie Everhart (KO9)


June 17-18 PPV

     (Partial Report) Penelope Cruz Def. Kelly Ripa (KO10)

     (Partial Report) Kelly Monaco Def. Sarah Carter (KO9)

     Angie Everhart Def. Taylor Cole (KO7)

     Daisy Fuentes Def. Torrie Wilson (UD10)

     Christina Aguilera Def. Amy Davidson (TKO2)

     Claire Danes Def. Thora Birch (Debut) (UD10) 

     Rachel Bilson Def. Mila Kunis (UD10)

     Laura Prepon Def. Kristanna Loken (KO6)

     Kelly Brook Def. Katherine Heigl (KO7)

     Laetitia Casta Def. Ashley Judd (TKO5)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Carmen Electra Def. Jessica Alba (TKO5)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Eva Longoria Def. Ch. Kristin Kreuk (UD10)


June 18: Sparring Report

     Demi Moore vs. Lauren Bergfeld


June 19: Boxing on the Beach

     Angie Everhart Def. Taylor Cole (KO9)


June 24-25 PPV

     Ellen Pompeo Def. Calista Flockhart (UD10)

     Jenny O'Dell Def. Angie Everhart (KO9)

     Jewel Kilcher Def. Nikki Cox (TKO4)

     Kelly Packard Def. Hilarie Burton (TKO3)

     Erica Durance Def. Brittany Daniel (KO8)

     Catherine Bell Def. Tricia Helfer (TKO3)

     Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Michelle Williams (1 Pt Dec)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Def. Kelly Brook (UD10)




July 1-2 PPV

     (Partial Report) Jennifer Lopez Def. Beyonce Knowles (KO10)

     (Partial Report) Molly Sims Def. Faith Hill (UD10)

     (Partial Report) Carrie Ann Moss Def. Nicolette Sheridan (KO4)

     (Partial Report) Lolita Davidovitch Def. Lisa Rinna (KO5)

     Shannon Elizabeth Def. Emily Vancamp (KO6)

     Jenny O'Dell Def. Taylor Cole (TKO7)

     Kelly Hu Def. Alyssa Milano (UD10)

     Mariah Carey Def. Tyra Banks (KO8)

     Catherine Bell Def. Catherine Zeta-Jones (KO3)

     Sarah Carter Def. Beverly Mitchell (TKO2)

     Dani Fishel Def. Kelly Packard (UD10)

     Jessica Alba Def. Katie Holmes (TKO2)

     Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Claire Danes (TKO3)

     Eliza Dushku Def. Angelina Jolie (KO5) 

     Katherine Heigl Def. Charisma Carpenter (KO6)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Ch. Eva Longoria Def. Nicole Eggert (KO10)


July 4: Boxing on the Beach

     (Venice Beach Pier) Brittany Daniel Def. Brooke Burke (KO6)

     (Partial Report) Kari Wuhrer Def. Brooke Burke (KO9)

     (Partial Report) Brooke Burke Def. Brandy Ledford (UD10)

     Brooke Burke Def. Lori Loughlin (KO3)

     (Partial Report) Kiana Tom Def. Brooke Burke (KO9)



     Jennifer Connelly Def. Jessica Alba (KO6)


July 18-19: "Variety Show"

     (Set of "Fantastic Four") Jessica Alba Def Maria Menounos (KO10)

     (Partial Reports. Retro 1977: David Moll Invitational Apt. Boxing Tournament)


Qualifying Tournament:

 Pam Def. Cynara (UD10)

 Debbie Def. Belinda (UD10)

 Tiffany Def. Denise (UD10)

 Lois Def. Marguerita (KO1)

 Jenny Def. Salome (KO8)

 Bibi Def. Tara (KO6)

 Kyla Def. Olivia (UD10)

 Madge Def. Hester (KO1)

Tournament: Rd.1

 Pam Def. Bibi (KO9)

 Tiffany Def. Madge (TKO2)

 Kyla Def. Lois (UD10)

 Debbie Def. Jenny (KO4)

Tournament: Rd.2:

 Pam Def. Tiffany (KO2)

 Kyla Def. Debbie (KO1)


 Pam Def. Kyla (KO3)

     (Retro Bout. 1975) (Bareknuckle Brawl) Pam Grier Def. Lynda Carter (KO)

     Sienna Miller Def. Penelope Cruz (UD10)

     (Retro Bout. 1963) Joan Blackman Def. Leslie Parrish (TKO7)

     (Boxing on the Beach). (Hawaii) Amanda Righetti Def Stacy Kamano (KO10)

     (Boxing on the Beach)  (Hawaii) Taylor Cole Def Amanda Righetti (TKO4) 


July 26: "Midweek PPV"

     (Undercard) Sienna Miller Def. Diane Lane (KO8)

     (Main Event) Catherine Bell Def. Molly Sims (KO6)


July 26:


     Kristen Bell Draw Vs. Kristin Kreuk

     Sarah Carter Def. Kristen Bell (TKO3)

     Kelly Monaco Def. Kristen Bell (KO6)



     Lynda Carter Def. Christie Brinkley (KO7)


     RETRO BOUT: AHW 1977

     Cynara Def Pamela (Rematch) (KO4)


July 27: Boxing After Dark

     Tricia Helfer Def. Molly Sims (KO4)

     Ashley Scott Def. Maria Menounos (KO2)




August 5-6 PPV

     (Partial Report) Vicky Pratt Def. Rosalee Brown (KO10)

     (Partial Report) Carmella DeCesare Def. Julie Chen (UD10)

     (Partial Report) Maggie Gyllenhaal Def Gwyneth Paltrow (TKO8)

     Eva LaRue Def. Amanda Righetti (KO1)

     Neve Camnpbell Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO8)

     Katie Holmes Def. Maria Menounos (TKO8)

     Brooke Burke Def. Lindsay Lohan (UD10)

     Jennifer Connelly Def. Sienna Miller (KO9)

     Nikki Visser Def. Laura Prepon (KO2)

     Tiffani Thiessen Def. Kate Hudson (KO4-By Submission)

     Cameron Diaz Def. Carey Lowell (UD10)

     Amy Smart Def. Kate Bosworth (TKO2)

     Jennifer Morrison (Debut) Def. Rachel Nichols (Debut) (TKO2)

     Hilarie Burton Def. Diane Lane (TKO5)

     Gena Lee Nolin Def. Kristanna Loken (KO6)

     Kelly Hu Def. Shannen Doherty (UD10)

     Brittany Daniel Def. Charisma Carpenter (UD10)

     Evangeline Lilly Def. Dani Fishel (UD10)

     Katherine Heigl Def. Catherine Bell (TKO9) 


August 9-10: Boxing After Dark

     Teri Hatcher Def. Bobbi Phillips (KO9)

     Michelle Williams Draw Vs. Kelly Packard


August 13: Boxing on the Beach

     (Undercard) Debbe Dunning Def. Leanne Tweeden (KO5)

     (Main Event) Bobbi Phillips Def. Stacy Kamano (UD10)


 August 19-20 PPV

      (Partial Report) Lucy Liu Def. Jada Pinkett-Smith (UD10)

      (Partial Report) Shannon Elizabeth Def. Nikki Cox (TKO6)

      Laetitia Casta Def. Brittany Daniel (UD10)

      Nikki Visser Def. Daisy Fuentes (UD10)

      Kate Beckinsale Draw Vs. Kelly Preston  

      Debbe Dunning Def. Jeri Ryan (KO10)

      Kristen Bell Def. Mila Kunis (UD10)

      Naomi Watts Def. Shania Twain (KO2)

      Rachel McAdams (Debut) Def. Poppy Montgomery (Debut) (KO6)

      Jennifer Garner Def. Kaley Cuoco (KO7)

      Jewel Kilcher Def. Neve Campbell (UD10)

      Danielle Fishel Def. Kelly Hu (KO4)

      (Unified Welterweight Title) Jennifer O'Dell Def. Ch. Ali Landry (UD10)

      (Unified Bantamweight Title) Jolene Blalock Def. Ch. Carmen Electra (KO3)

      Natalie Portman Def. Rachael Leigh Cook (UD10)

      (Unified Flyweight Title) Jessica Simpson Def. Ch. Eva Longoria (KO7)


August 21: Boxing on the Beach

     (Partial Report) Elizabeth Hurley Def. Ella MacPherson (KO9)

     Monica Bellucci Def. Victoria Silvestedt (TKO6-By Submission)


August 27 PPV

     (Partial Report) Ashley Judd Draw vs Carla Gugino

     (Partial Report) Piper Perabo Def Kadee Strickland


     "Welterweight Jamboree Tournament"



     ROUND ONE: (Partial Reports)

     Tyra Banks Def. Rebecca Romijn (UD10)

     Taylor Cole Def. Torrie Wilson (KO4)

     Angie Everhart Def. Cindy Crawford (KO3)

     Brooke Shields Def. Uma Thurman (KO2)

     Rachel Hunter Def. Kim Cattrall (KO1)

     Mariah Carey Def. Laura Prepon (KO3)

     Natasha Henstridge Def. Estella Warren (KO2)

     Victoria Silvestedt Def. Monika Schnarre (KO4)


     ROUND TWO: (Partial Reports)

     Taylor Cole Def. Tyra Banks (KO6)

     Brooke Shields Def. Angie Everhart (KO8)

     Rachel Hunter Def. Mariah Carey (TKO3)

     Natasha Henstridge Def. Victoria Silvestedt


     ROUND THREE: (Partial Reports)

     Brooke Shields Def. Taylor Cole (KO1)

     Natasha Henstridge Def. Rachel Hunter (TKO1)


     FINALS: (Partial Report)

     Brooke Shields Def. Natasha Henstridge (TKO6) 




September 2-3 PPV

     Carmella Decesare Def. Brittany Daniel (UD10)

     Evangeline Lilly Def. Kelly Hu (UD10)

     Kristen Bell Def. Brittany Murphy (TKO5)

     Michelle Williams Def. Katie Holmes (KO7)

     Grace Park Def. Scarlett Johansson (KO2)

     Sienna Miller Def. Eva Longoria (KO9)

     Lindsay Lohan Def. Erika Christensen (UD10)

     Sarah Carter Def. Lacey Chabert (UD10)

     Erica Durance Def. Eva Larue (TKO5)

     Jessica Biel Def. Katherine Heigl (UD10)

     Jennifer Garner Def. Kelly Brook (KO9)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Jaime Pressly Def. Ch. Jolene Blalock (TKO2)

     (Non-Title "Superfight") Charlize Theron Def. Jenny O'Dell (UD10)


September 11: Boxing After Dark

     Aisha Tyler (FCBA Debut) Def. Krista Allen (KO9)

     Kelly Monaco Draw Vs. Sarah Carter


September 12: "Monday Mauling"

     Kiana Tom Def. Hilarie Burton (KO5)


September 16-17 PPV

     Jeri Ryan Def. Mischa Barton (KO3)

     Rachel Hunter Def. Daisy Fuentes (UD10)

     Sela Ward Def. Virginia Madsen (UD10)

     Carmella Decesare Def. Sienna Miller (TKO6-By Submission)

     Kelly Packard Def. Lexa Doig (UD10)

     Jennifer Esposito Def. Sofia Vergara (FCBA Debut) (UD10) 

     Tricia Helfer Def. Bridget Moynihan (KO5)

     Famke Janssen Def. Amber Valletta (Debut) (KO1)

     Ashley Scott Def. Jennifer Morrison (UD10)

     Eliza Dushku Def. Jolene Blalock (TKO6)

     Dani Fishel Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO7)

     Jessica Biel Def. Amanda Righetti (KO4)

     Angelina Jolie Def. Jewel Kilcher (UD10)

     Catherine Zeta-Jones Def. Kristanna Loken (KO2)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Natalie Portman Def. Ch. Jessica Simpson (UD10)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Jennifer O'Dell Def. Ali Landry (KO10)


September 18: Cougar Bout

     Kim Basinger Def. Jaclyn Smith (TKO8)


September 18: Retro Bout

     (1967) Diane Cilento Def. Ann-Margaret (KO5)


September 30-October 1 PPV

     (Partial Report) Amber Valletta Def. Bridget Moynahan (TKO6)

     (Partial Report) Maria Bello Def. Tiffany Thiessen (TKO6)

     (Partial Report) Sarah Carter Def. Rachel Stevens (UD10)

     Rachel McAdams Def. Allison Mack (UD10)

     Dani Fishel Def. Kiana Tom (KO8)

     Jennifer Love Hewitt Def. Mila Kunis (UD10)

     Denise Richards Def. Sarah Lancaster (UD10)

     Katie Holmes Def. Mischa Barton (TKO3)

     Gena Lee Nolin Def. Rachel Hunter (UD10)

     Carmella Decesare Def. Molly Stanton (Debut) (KO3)

     Kate Bosworth Def. Kate Hudson (KO4)

     Neve Campbell Def. Jennifer Connelly (TKO7)

     Laetitia Casta Draw Vs. Katherine Heigl

     Claire Danes Def. Alyssa Milano ((KO5)

     Nikki Visser Def. Charisma Carpenter (TKO8)

     Jessica Alba Def. Angelina Jolie (UD10)

     Torrie Wilson Def. Stacy Keibler (UD10)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Jaime Pressly Def. Eliza Dushku (UD10)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Charlize Theron Draw Vs. Tricia Helfer




October 4: Boxing After Dark

     Morena Baccarin (Debut) Def. Elisabeth Rohm (KO8)



     (Partial Report) Lisa Sheridan (Debut) Def. Kim Matchett (Debut) (KO8)

     (Partial Report) Sienna Miller Def. Thandie Newton (TKO2)

     (Partial Report) Keira Knightley Def. Heather Locklear (KO1)

     (Partial Report) Rhona Mitra (Debut) Def. Kate Beckinsale (KO8)

     Halle Berry Def. Julianne Moore (KO6)

     Eva Longoria Def. Kristen Bell (TKO6-By Submission)

     Sofia Vergara Def. Kelly Hu (KO5)

     Kaley Cuoco Def. Alana de la Garza (1 Pt. Dec)

     Hilarie Burton Def. Holly Marie Combs (TKO2-By Submission)

     Carmella Decesare Def. Kelly Carlson (1 Pt. Dec)

     Lucy Liu Def. Scarlett Johansson (KO3)

     Shannon Elizabeth Def. Lauren Graham (KO9)

     Jessica Biel Def. Rachel Nichols (TKO4-By Submission)

     Erica Durance Def. Carla Gugino (UD10)

     Jennifer Connelly Def. Milla Jovovich (KO1)

     Catherine Bell Def. Molly Sims (TKO6)

     Evangeline Lilly Def. Carmen Electra (KO4)

     (Non-Title Welterweight Bout) Nikki Visser Def. Charlize Theron (TKO7)

     Alyssa Milano Def. Naomi Watts (KO10)

     Tricia Helfer Def. Grace Park (TKO3)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Vanessa Marcil Def. Ch. Natalie Portman (1 Pt Dec)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Jaime Pressly Def. Dani Fishel (1 Pt Dec)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Jennifer O'Dell Def. Torrie Wilson (TKO4)


October 16: Boxing After Dark

     Amanda Righetti Def. Jennifer Finnigan (KO3)

     Jessic Simpson Def. Salma Hayek (TKO4)



October 18: Boxing After Dark

     Jennifer Love Hewitt Def. Cheryl Ladd (UD10)


October 28-29 PPV

     Lori Loughlin Def. Julie Bowen (UD10)

     Michelle Williams Def. Amy Davidson (TKO8)

     Kiele Sanchez Def. Carmellla Decesare )KO4)

     Hilarie Burton Def. Claire Danes (KO7)

     Bobbi Phillips Def. Courtney Thorne-Smith (UD10)

     Jennie Garth Def. Carla Gugino (TKO2)

     Dani Fishel Def. Jolene Blalock (UD10)

     (JMD Bout) Jennifer Love Hewitt Draw Vs. Jessica Simpson

     Jennifer Finnigan Def. Rachel Nichols (KO5)

     Taylor Cole Def. Brooke Shields (KO2)

     Teri Hatcher Draw Vs. Kate Bosworth

     Jessica Alba Def. Rachel McAdams (UD10)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Katherine Heigl Def. Ch. Charlize Theron (UD10)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Jennifer O'Dell Def. Nikki Visser (UD10)




November 3: Private Bout

     Natalie Portman Def. Kelly Packard (UD10)


November 5: Retro Bout

     (Late 1960s) Ursula Andress Def. Nichelle Nichols (TKO6)


November 11-12 PPV

     (Partial Report) Brenda Dygraf Def. Denise Austin (KO3)

     (Sparring Session) Lake Bell (FCBA Debut) Vs. Erica Durance

     (Partial Report) Alana de la Garza Def. Maggie Grace (FCBA Debut) (UD10)

     (Partial Report) Poppy Montgomery Def. Carla Gugino (UD10)

     Kelly Clarkson Def. Amy Smart (KO4)

     Molly Sims Def. Kaley Cuoco (TKO2)

     Rachel Bilson Def. Laura Breckenridge (TKO3-By Submission)

     Naomi Watts Def. Kristin Kreuk (TKO3)

     Jennifer Connelly Def. Jennifer Aniston (KO7)

     Keira Knightley Def. Kirsten Dunst (TKO1)

     Jeri Ryan Def. Amanda Tapping (KO7)

     Eliza Dushku Def. Jessica Alba (KO4)

     Scarlett Johansson Def. Michelle Trachtenberg (Debut) (TKO4)

     Shannon Elizabeth Def. Elizabeth Berkley (UD10)

     Charlize Theron Def. Lauren Graham (KO10)

     Brandy Ledford Def. Paula Trickey (UD10)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Jaime Pressly Def. Evangeline Lilly (TKO10)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Natalie Portman Def. Ch. Vanessa Marcil (KO9)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Taylor Cole Def Ch Jennifer O'Dell (UD10)


November 13: Boxing on the Beach

     (Site: Hawaii Hilton) Paula Trickey Def. Debbe Dunning (UD10)


November 14: Fite Nite in Canada

     (Site: Saddledome, Calgary) Elisha Cuthbert Def. Shania Twain (UD10)


November 17: Junkyard Fights

     Debbe Dunning Def Lake Bell (KO)

     Charlize Theron Def Gena Lee Nolin (KO)


November 20: Boxing After Dark

     Stacy Keibler Def. Gisele Bundchen (Debut) (KO5)


November 25 PPV

     (Partial Report) (Set of "One Tree Hill") Sophia Bush Def. Bethany Joy Lenz (KO7)

     (Partial Report) (Boxing After Dark) Paula Trickey Def. Poppy Montgomery (KO7)

     Carmella Decesare Def. Julie Bowen (TKO7-BY Submission)

     Michelle Williams Def. Jessica Simpson (UD10)

     Nikki Cox Def. Kate Hudson (KO1)

     Vanessa Marcil Def. Kelly Packard (KO2)

     Charisma Carpenter Def. Victoria Silvstedt (KO9)

     Dani Fishel Def. Kelly Clarkson (UD10)

     Jennifer Lopez Def. Jennifer Esposito (TKO2)

     Shannon Elizabeth Def. Denise Richards (UD10)

     Lindsay Lohan Def. Michelle Trachtenberg (KO3)

     Charlize Theron Draw Vs. Mariah Carey

     Catherine Bell Def. Kelly Brook (1 Pt Dec) 

     Kate Beckinsale Def. Jennifer Connelly (KO9)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Ch. Katherine Heigl Def. Jennifer Garner (UD10)

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Jeri Ryan Def. Ch. Taylor Cole (KO4)


November 27: Boxing After Dark

     Shannen Doherty Def. Kelly Carlson (KO6)

     Salma Hayek Def. Jillian Barberie (TKO6)





December 3 Mini-PPV

     Tyra Banks Def. Cindy Crawford (KO1)

     Aisha Tyler Def. Terry Farrell (TKO5)

     Tricia Helfer Def. Lauren Graham (UD10)

     Kari Matchett Def. Sela Ward (1 Pt. Dec)

     (DVD Fragment) (Poolside, Mandalay Bay Resort) Jessica Biel vs. Jessica Simpson

     Shannon Elizabeth Def. Paula Trickey (KO3)


December 5: Boxing After Dark

     Lindsay Lohan Def. Pam Anderson (KO6)


December 9 PPV

     (Ice Hotel, Quebec) Laetitia Casta Def. Adriana Lima (KO6)

     (Partial Report) Jessica Biel Def. Lauren Graham (UD10)

     (Partial Report) Tyra Banks Def. Beyonce Knowles (KO5)

     Sarah Michelle Gellar Def. Kristin Kreuk (1 Pt Dec)

     Eliza Dushku Def. Sophia Bush (KO9)

     Jennifer Connelly Def. Carmen Electra (KO3)

     Lindsay Lohan Def. Shannon Doherty (KO10)

     Denise Richards Draw Vs. Catherine Zeta-Jones

     Carmella Decesare Def. Jolene Blalock (KO1)

     Danielle Fishel Def. Bobbie Phillips (KO7)


December 10: Sauna Fight

     Dani Fishel Def. Jenny O'Dell (KO)


December 12: Boxing After Dark

     (Undercard) (Partial Report) Jennifer Aniston Def. Maria Menounos (KO8)

     (Main Event) Kate Beckinsale Def. Kelly Preston (1 Pt Dec)


December 14: Boxing After Dark

     Terry Farrell Def. Cindy Crawford (TKO6)

     Claire Danes Def. Michelle Trachtenberg (KO8)

     Laura Prepon Def. Rachel Hunter (KO1)


December 14 Special PPV: Tech Unlimited/Krushers Stable War

     Jewel Kilcher Def. Rachel Nichols (TKO4)

     Naomi Watts Def. Jessica Simpson (UD10)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Ch. Jaime Pressly Def. Jennifer Connelly (UD10)

     Laetitia Casta Def. Charlize Theron (KO8)

     (Unified Lightweight Title) Jessica Biel Def. Ch. Katherine Heigl (UD10)


December 18: Xmas Boxing After Dark

     Jennifer Connelly Def Rachel McAdams (UD10)


December 23: Holiday PPV

     (Unified Welterweight Title) Ch. Jeri Ryan Def. Angie Everhart (KO3)

     Rachel McAdams Def. Jennifer Aniston (KO5)

     (Unified Flyweight Title) Michelle Williams Def. Ch. Natalie Portman (UD10)


December 30-31 PPV

     (Partial Report) Jill Hennessy Def. Jennifer Morrison (UD10)

     Kelly Clarkson Def. Amy Smart (TKO3)

     Krista Allen Def. Kelly Rutherford (KO4)

     Rachel McAdams Def. Claire Danes (UD10)

     Eva Longoria Def. Sienna Miller (KO8)

     Teri Hatcher Def. Nikki Cox (UD10)

     Catherine Zeta Jones Def. Denise Richards (1 Pt Dec)

     Salma Hayek Def. Jessica Simpson (KO9)

     Catherine Bell Def. Charlize Theron (TKO5)

     Scarlett Johansson Def. Jewel Kilcher (KO6)

     Jennifer O'Dell vs. (In Alternate Rds) Eva Larue & Alana de la Garza

          (O'Dell Def de la Garza KO6; Larue Def O'Dell UD).

     Kristanna Loken Draw Vs. Uma Thurman

     Laura Prepon Def. Rachel Hunter (UD10)

     (Unified Bantamweight Title) Eliza Dushku Def. Ch. Jaime Pressly (UD10)

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