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21 Aug 1999 Dani Fishel vs Jewel Kilcher

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Originally posted by Simguy on Saturday, 21-Aug-1999 23:28:10


Before: Dani steps up in weight but looks comfortable against the taut Jewel Kilcher for this one, Jewel’s management looking for credible smaller foes to give Kilcher a jump start, but Fishel able to punch above her weight, could spoil the carefully laid plans.


Dani in teal bikini top, grey cotton stretch shorts, Jewel in teal cotton crop top, navy speedo bottoms.


R1-2: Jewel fighting well ass the big woman, immediately clinches and pushes Dani to the canvas repeatedly as Fishel gets bogged down in Kilcher’s clutch and grab. Dani a little anxious, carries herself inside with exuberant punches, and Jewel able to body up, slugging heavily to Dani’s waist, reaching around the smaller woman’s arms to bang the beef with smarting blows.


R3: Dani able to stay outside, coming forward and BANGING back Jewel’s head with those looping overhand rights. Kilcher soaks up the punches, but is backed up the ropes, and Fishel gets her licks in from a wide stance. Gorgeous digging combinations to Jewel’s body, as Dani twists her compact torso into feverish punching to the bell.


R4: Jewel back on top, pulling Dani’s head drown, sweeping a thudding right hand into Fishel’s side, and continuing o use her mass effectively.


R5: Shutout Kilcher as she smothers Dani effectively this round. Fishel can’t get off inside as Jewel hooks her arms, works her body, walks her around the ring, and bullies the smaller girl in the corner.


R6: Dani able to get the better of Jewel early with good footwork, stepping to the side and targeting Kilcher’s sweet face for abuse. In the final minute, Jewel with a rare burst of aggression, steps into a crushing right hand on the jaw that has Dani wobbly butt, and hanging on. Kilcher jerking short shots to the body as Fishel clinches lightly around the blonde’s shoulders.


R7: Dani is still hurting, flatfooted, but undaunted, continues to plow forward, and midway though the round, a brilliant right left right to the head has Jewel collapsing to the ropes. Fishel leaning in, churning her punches, bending at the knee and putting her little body into banging blows that rock Jewel back over the ropes in dramatic fashion. Kilcher badly battered this round, but soaks up punches that undoubtedly would have stopped a smaller foe.


R8: Dani fighting off Jewel’s chest, resting, then slugging one-twos across jewel’s smooth belly. Kilcher laying in with Dani, wrestling on the inside, but doing  very little punching.


R9: Toe to toe action, and Jewel again takes over with the clinching, walking and clubbing short shots inside. Dani frustrated, unable to really set or put together punches, simply gets outfought in the trenches this round.


R10: OH JEWEL! Kilcher drops Dani with a sweet lead right on the chin, sending the brunette scooting to her backside.. Fishel not the same fighter aftert the knockdown, glassy eyed and unable to react to incoming punches. Jewel goes shoulder to shoulder with Dani, and gives the brunette a stern beating, turning her tanned shoulders into short clipping blows to the jaw of Dani close range Fishel swooning at the bell as Jewel breaks into a rare smile. Unanimous Duke for Jewel Kilcher.


After: Dani beaten raw in a tough outing. Jewel able to slow Fishel down for the most part, and in those rounds that Dani was able to get off, the blonde soaked up the punishment and kept coming. Pounding body shots really took their toll on Fishel down the stretch, as she simply couldn’t keep Kilcher off her at the end.


Reposted by Archer 4/21/09.


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