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21 Aug 2006 Jennie Garth Vs Britney Spears

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Posted by simguy on 8/21/2006, 6:57 pm


Before: Spears scalded by back-to-back tough losses to Lindsay Price - she looks to long-time Price rival Jenny Garth to show she can handle division veterans who won't be bamboozled by her rope-a-dope style. "I definitely think I did enough to win one of the Price fights," Britney says in prefight, "but it's water under the bridge. I've got the same sort of challenge in front of me with Jenny: a tough old coot with skills and experience most girls never develop, and I just have to stay focused every minute of the fight. I know I'm too much for Price, I know I'm too much for Garth - I just have to buckle down and execute on these girls." Garth one of the strongest, best respected gatekeepers in boxing, knows she has a golden opportunity to really set Britney back in this one. "Spears is teetering on the edge of a slump and I'd love to give her that last big shove," Garth grins at the podium. "I think she got exposed by Lindsay in those fights - I mean - you can't fool good FCBA fighters with a new look forever. If we were wrestling, I'd know how to attack her on the bed, and in boxing, I know how to attack a girl at the ropes - it's basically the same thing. Britney's in for a beating - this is gonna be fun!"


Jenny in white bikini top, baby-blue cashmere crochet bottoms, white gloves. Britney in white bikini, white gloves, coming to ring in tan straw cowboy hat.


During R1: Midring - Britney flat footed, dipping to her right, right hand at her chest, left at her waist, just rolling Jenny's jab with the left shoulder. Garth also flat-footed, dipping to HER right, jabbing Britney in the left shoulder and lat muscle. Garth over the top with right hands - rolled by Britney as Spears dips, then eases Jenny into greasy clinches for ref's break. Subtle, smooth, calm action - Britney pawing her jab, dipping her torso, clinching - Jenny trying to force the fight, but unable to make good clean contact. Second minute, Jenny drives Britney to ropes - Spears SO relaxed, just falling into the strands, hands low, torso supple as she dips, rolls, presents either shoulder to Garth. Jenny uptempoing, looking to swamp Britney's cutey-pie defense - Garth's mitts bouncing off Spears' flanks and shoulders - Spears rotating her torso, bending low, then HOOKING HARD OUT OF THE CROUCH! Abrupt shot a complete shock to Garth - she's badly rung up, clouted hard to her chin, legs unsteady: Britney holding her right at her belly, lips curled back off her teeth as she clips Jenny's chin a tight-licking left uppercut; clouts her another left hook on the cheek - dislodging Garth's mouthpiece. Poor Jenny! Garth rocked, legs locked - she widens her stance for balance, jabs instinctively and tries to force-feed Britney a right hand up the middle but BRITNEY BEATS HER TO THE PUNCH! Spears pre-empting Jenny with a short, blistering right hand counter off the ropes - chopping blast tidies up every square millimetre of Jenny's chin - Britney ducking down on follow through as Garth's right hand waves sadly over top. Jenny's knees buckle, legs corkscrewing as she sinks into the mat and SPRAWLS ON HER BACK! Good lord - KO1 in SENSATIONAL fashion - Britney Spears!


After: Spears back HUGE from those Price setbacks - putting tough Jenny G on her back with clinical precision and brute force power. Such compact, tidy punching from Spears - quick licking hooks and uppercuts, her elbows in, leverage coming up through her legs and hips - and then the timing on that right hand: crowd roaring in approval as Britney's finishing stroke plays over and over again from a variety of angles on the jumbotron.


"I totally wanted to make a statement with this fight," says a jubilant Britney in postfight, white towel around her neck. "I didn't want rounds, I didn't want work - I wanted Jenny on her back and I went out there and made it happen. HELL yeah it feels good - nothing against Garth, but that's been building up for a long time. She just happened to be the girl in the ring when the volcano erupted!"


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