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21 Feb 1999 Charlize Theron Vs Naomi Campbell

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Charlize Theron vs. Naomi Campbell (I) by Simguy 21-Feb-99


Naomi enters this bout with Tyson-esque distractions: a pending court order and civil litigation against her for assault as well as career on the brink of self destruction. Campbell, pounded into obscurity by Tyra Banks, needs the high profile win to remain a viable option for matchmakers. Theron in a groove, is favored to chalk up another big name on her record.


Sky blue bikini for Charlize; leopard print for Naomi.


Round 1: Charlize continues the disturbing pattern of her recent bouts as she walks into a crashing lead right from Naomi to open this bout. The crowd groans as Campbell lands her Sunday best on Theron's chin and the blonde does a deep knee bend before stumbling to the corner. Campbell wades in, but Charlize is most dangerous when hurt. In the ensuing melee, the blonde backs Naomi up to the center of the ring. Theron fans are standing at the bell as Charlize stands and brawls with Naomi at the end to possibly steal the round.


Round 2: All Charlize. She boxes and scores sweet one-twos to keep Naomi outside. Theron's left eye swelling badly already.


Round 3: Naomi lands that hard right hand again and the sudden pain turns Theron into a bar brawler once again. Hurt, Charlize tries to trade, but gets taken apart as Naomi cranks lanky lefts and rights she PUTS THERON ON HER BACK in the first minute. Campbell stalks like a caged cat as Theron takes an eight count then pounces on the blonde. Naomi leaping in with her shots, her long arms whipping through the air as she looks to end it. Charlize standing tall has absolutely no defense, her eyes half shut as she takes haymaker after haymaker off her beautiful face. Naomi actually punches herself out on Charlize, but Theron can muster nothing in return as the girls lean on one another to the bell. Charlize badly cut, both eyes swelling is a battered wreck in her corner.


Round 4: Naomi still arm weary, Theron still a shambles, a sloppy, ugly round, made uglier by Campbell's tactics in clinches. She cruelly scrubs Charlize's busted up face with her laces inside, and cracks Theron's eyebrow with an elbow.

Round 5: Charlize stuns Naomi coming in with the uppercut, and CAMPBELLā€™S HURT but Charlize is too exhausted to capitalize as the two lanky bodies hold one another. Naomi musters some offense late, but it's Charlize's round on the strength of one punch.



Round 6: Charlize coming back. She hurts Naomi again early with that short right to the jaw and actually puts some long lefts and rights together to get Campbell staggering. Naomi comes back late with overhand rights, mostly catching Charlize on her gloves or forearms.


Round 7: Naomi changes tactics as Charlize holds her guard high, DIGGING UNDERHAND TO THERON TIT AND TUMMY and CHARLIZE BREAKS DOWN! A wicked front-cover-shot uppercut from Naomi lights her up. Out on her feet, Theron gropes for Naomi as Campbell desperately slugs around the blonde's arms, BATTERING BREAST, body and beautiful head; but Naomi just can't get her out of there. Charlize taking ungodly amounts of damage in this fight, surviving on her chin and will alone.


Round 8: Sloppy round as both fighters continue to look exhausted after extended efforts. More cheapness from Naomi, she DIGS A LEFT LOW TO CHARLIZE' GROIN and rakes her forehead into Theron's eyes. Theron is discouraged by the tactics, and looks absolutely beaten at this point.


Round 9: Charlize comes back from the dead once again! Both girls, leaning dangerously forward, are there for uppercuts, but it's Theron who sees the opportunity. Twice she bangs Naomi's head up out of the crouch, then goes downstairs with that whipping left hook. Charlize's punishment has Naomi holding on at the bell.



Round 10: Charlize opens strong, barely able to see, yet she plows a straight right to the jaw of Naomi which has the big  supermodel floundering. Theron and Campbell stand at mid-ring and bring the crowd to it's feet with a tirade of blows, exchanging go-home lefts and rights as each girl's legs threaten to give out. It's a tremendous exchange as neither has the form left to slip a punch - it's just tit for tat to the bell. After a 15 minute delay, Charlize is awarded a controversial split decision.


After: Theron is whisked away before the press can interview her - once again, she absorbs tremendous body punishment and seems unable to prevent her opponents from landing huge punches to her head. Naomi is outraged at the decision: "Look at that girl! Just look at her! She's a mess. I destroyed her tonight! I knocked her down, I beat her up, and they stole this from me! It's politics, man that's all it is. It's bullshit!" Politics or no, it's a deal breaker for Campbell, who continues to fall out of favor with the loss.


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