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21 Feb 2000 (Title) Rebecca Romijn vs Ch Charlize Theron

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Rebecca Romijn 03.jpgCharlize Theron 14.jpg




Theron outraged at the sanctioning body politics that make this match. "She's a super model." Charlize whines. "Supermodel's can't fight! Everybody knows this. Do I actually have to kill one of these girls before I get some competition?"

Bettors reflect Theron's confidence, making Romijn an astronomical underdog. Despite a good record against European cuties and other models, Romijn lacks the ruggedness to go against the likes of Theron over the long haul. Becky in the classic little black string bikini, Charlize in white.


Round 1: Becky unfurls a meek, but accurate Leah Mellinger type jab, buffing up Theron's face and keeping her off balance. Midway through the round, Charlize posing behind a high guard close to the ropes and Becky twists her body into a whip action wide left hand on the ear, slapping Theron sideways and breaking down her form. Romijn in with a lunging straight right hand on the face snaps back Charlize' head, and another whippy left hand smacks Theron into the corner. Charlize trying to slug her way to freedom, but Rebecca lifts long armed uppercuts into the blonde's body with a series of thudding impacts, HAMMERING BELLY AND BREASTS! Charlize seems helpless. At the bell, Theron slaps mitts with Romijn to acknowledge her good effort.


Round 2: Charlize out jabbing with the big model this time, stepping into snapping hooks to the ribs that have Becky groaning and pulling away early. All Charlize as she pays Becky back for every punch in the first, pounding with batting straight arm lefts to the waist, and bending into short, straight right hands on the teeth. Romijn getting rag-dolled, pummeled out of one defensive stand after another, is sent back to her corner hurting this round.


Round 3: Theron recklessly walking Romijn down and Becky leans into a driving right to the body, bouncing her fist hard off Theron's solar plexus. Becky sways onto her back foot, making Charlize miss her own right hand and drawing Theron way over her front foot and off balance. Neatly shifting her weight, Romijn twists her torso into another whipping left hook, smacking Charlize hard across the face and THERON IS HURT! Charlize reels sideways into the ropes with a wide eyed, staring expression and Romijn legs on in. Romijn loops the left hand wide, clapping Charlize on the ear, then leans into the straight right hand to the face to smash back Charlize head. Romijn twisting, whipping her shots, cracking the occasional elbow across Theron's mouth to leave the blonde stunned and helpless. Charlize groggily leans forward to push Romijn back, and falls directly into Becky's crashing left hook. Theron spills onto the canvas, face first, and makes a pathetic attempt to rise, then crashes backward into the ropes. Climbing the turnbuckles, Theron is up just beating the count. THE REF STOPS THE FIGHT!!! Charlize glassy eyed, gloves at her lips, begs the ref to let it go, but it's no use. TKO3 Rebecca R as she leaps up and punches into the air.


A stunned and still woozy Charlize is led around the ring in shame - Rebecca displaying her prize with her arm around Theron's waist to a rapid, pro Romijn crowd. Obvious let-down by Theron who has turned back so many better qualified foes that she couldn't possibly have taken Romijn seriously. Upset derails potentially huge paydays in the pipeline as Becky not considered a marketable fighter by a lot of the A list stars

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