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21 Feb 2000 Ali Landry vs Pamela Paulshock

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Originally posted by Simguy on 21-Feb-2000 13:44:03


Before: Acrimonious negotiations characterize the lead up to the fight - girls coming late to pre-fight press junkets, constantly upstaging one another, 3 weeks to decide who enters the ring first so on and so forth. Vanity and ego the main drivers behind the bout. Landry with the extensive amateur career in the pageant system, and more pro experience looks to be the pundits favourite, but Paulshock coming off a big upset just might be the sort of spoil the party. Fought outdoors. Beach n’bleachers setting - 98 Degree blue and brown bikini for Ali, long curly brown hair; white crochet bikini for Pamela, hair down.


During R1-4: Pamela takes the first and fourth, Ali the second and third in mirror image rounds that couldn’t be closer. Both girls setting up outside in strong, flat footed stances, touching one another with jabs, then falling in with right hands to the chin or chest as breasts are beaten raw over the first half. Once inside the girls rub lead shoulders, staying crouched and trying to lever the enemy back, occasionally snatching a hook into the tummy of the foe before a meaty clinch. Heavy work for the ref as both girls are big, strong beauties, and neither wants to give the other any openings.


R5: Ali working with her lead shoulder on Pamela, worries the blonde’s belly with snapping hooks, and the brunette looks stronger early. Midway through the round, Pamela give Ali a hard shoulder shrug, then clubs the left hook to the bikini top, doubling it into the mouth and Landry stumbles back several steps with a pained expression before tripping up and scooting to her rear. Up quickly, Ali recovers and the girls start to churn punches in bunches for the first time - hair flying, breasts heaving back and forth as legs are plan ted wide and fists fly. Landry comes away with a swollen lower lip - Pamela a little puffy under the left eye.


R6,7: Ali moves the fight inside, slowly wearing the blonde down with the constant press of flesh and Pammy finds her back to the ropes throughout much of these rounds. Landry not all that busy, but getting good leverage on the bombs she does throw, and Paulshock’s starts to look sleepy from the brunette’s tummy touches. Landry able to holds Pamela by her biceps, push the blonde wherever she wants her, and keep her off balance in these rounds.


R8: Pamela finally wakes up and gets busy, going cheek to cheek with Ali, and refusing to accept the clinch. Paulshock rotating her shoulders inside, pounds away with short lefts and rights into Ali’s belly mound, forcing the brunette into the corners, and shouldering her in the chest before getting off. Landry pouting, covering her midsection with her arms and leaning forward, is slapped from one foot to the other as Pammy cups the brunette’s face with rising, open-handed lefts and rights inside.


R9: Ali comes back with mean intentions, bodying up on Pam and forcing the blonde into a tiresome retreat into the corners, brunette leather working ponderously in between lengthy clinches. Landry with her face tucked into Pammy’s shoulder, twists and jerks her punches into Paulshock’s body, and by the final minute, Pammy begins to go wobbly butt as her eyelids flutter helplessly. Landry sensing the weakness, pushes Pam by her shoulders, draping her on the ropes, then reefing hooks to the waist and Paulshock goes down with a grimace. Landry reaches down to stuff a right hand into the sweet spot between Pam’s hip and ribcage as the blonde wails in protest while on all fours, and the ref steps in. Paulshock looks wrecked, but she climbs up the ropes to survive the round as Landry pumps her fists.


R10: Pammy stands her ground in the first minute, butting shoulders and chests with the brunette then. getting off with low slung lefts and rights on the rebound. By the middle minute however, the bump and grind against Ali wears Paulshock thin and she is levered once more to the ropes. Landry pushing Pammy back with her forearms, then scooping at the blonde’s firm tummy with both fists, has her way to the bell as Paulshock goes limp on the ropes in evident discomfort. Decision comes back in favour of Ali, but Paulshock shakes her head in disgust at the announcement.


After: Both girls claim victory, each portraying the other as being overwhelmed and hurt throughout the fight. Landry not getting the decisive whack she hoped for, and Paulshock’s stock rises even in defeat. Neither girl can bear being in the same room let alone the same ring with each other, and officials clear the place before further violence erupts. 

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