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21 Jan 2005 Jennifer Connelly vs Britney Spears

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 Tech Unlimited/BSE Stable War St. Barth's #3






Posted by simguy on 1/21/2005, 6:48 am


Before: Hard feelings brewing by the time of this, the third installment of Tech/BSE. Tech girls strutting, taunting BSE women ringside - security moving into position to prevent any extra-curricular shenanigans. Proud BSE gals red-faced, tight lipped, scowling - but with reason for optimism as Britney Spears assumes the 'stopper' role. Connelly deriding Britney's fitness in prefight and no secret these two have been swapping spots on most ranking polls over the last year and a half: it's a critical showdown for both beauties.


Jennifer in Raquel Welch's hot-pink push up and panties from 1967's 'Bedazzled' - Britney in fighting pale blue poolside bikini.


During R1: Connelly - feet wide, hands up high, palms out, rotating briskly clockwise: she's chopping down with the jab, darting backwards, scooting sideways, giving Britney lots to think about early. Spears in a closed stance, left shoulder pointed at Jennifer, left at her hip, right coiled at her chin - she's stooping, hoisting jabs into Jennifer's tummy with flat spank. Nobody hurt but Connelly dictating - girls are mixing it up when and where she says - Spears content to measure and stalk.


R2: Spears jabbing to tummy with impunity - not hurting Jen but means blonde's comfy with her range. Brit builds on the bridgehead - leaning in with short right hands, turning into whip-armed hooks - lots of bobbing waist bends. Stepping back, Brit will show the right shoulder in a closed southpaw stance, very supple, flat footed but slinky style. Midway through, Connelly trying to step and find Brit with jabs - Spears slipping and bobbing, countering with torrid hooks and crosses rings Connelly up with clanging headshots to wobble brunette buttocks. Down the stretch - Jennifer grimacing, covering up hurt at the ropes - Britney going at her with a prodding lead right/cranking left hook routine, bending to either side, touching Jen in the ribs to set up the head. CONNELLY GOES DOWN TO A HOOK! Brit just working, hauling home the hurt - shattering blast on the chin numbs JC and drops her to all fours as Brit steps back. BSE girls up on their feet, roaring in approval as smiling Spears struts back to corner.


R3: Connelly halts the rally: pulsing brace of jabs keeps Brit at arm's length, defensive, out at the end of Jen's reach. Connelly able to rail a couple of shearing rights to Brit's ear as Spears tries to roll away - blonde forced to step out, worried expression as JC caught her good. Jen cautious, but authoritative, pounding away jabs from outside, never letting Spears get a clear lane to jump in. Britney shying away, rolling punches with her shoulders and supple head movement - but Jen's getting close with the right hand, converting on ripping hooks to rib off the front foot as Brit ducks and covers.


R4: Connelly stays on her girl. Steady diet of heavy, spanking jabs, dotting the Spears chest, forehead eyes. Brit's weight on her back foot, right hand up to parry, rotating on her hips to slip, but she's unable to answer back. Connelly systematically getting work done - glancing contact only with the right hand, but getting all she wants of Britney's firm paunch and rightside ribs that lick-spank hook.


R5: More Connelly points - jab suppressing Britney, limiting her opportunities. Spears defensively sound with serpentine upperbody moves, but just potshotting single shot counter - always looking to step back and walk Connelly into something hard.


R6: Spears more consistent, lifting the jab of her hip, getting back to shooting straight right hands to Connelly's chest and midsection to back brunette up - but Jennifer's power shows up in timely fashion. Midway through, Connelly shying away from Britney right hands - brunette rocks back out of range, then shifts hips to get 100% short leverage on a hook to Brit's chin: massive buttock-tremor and stumble step as Spears is shunted to her left, eyes glazing over with an "I'm hurrrrt" wince. Give her credit - Spears able to shake off the shot and go back over to offence - Connelly wisely taking to her heels, running the clock and nabbing the points with that blistering shot.


R7,8: Connelly really slamming the door on Britney's face, decisively taking away one blonde option after another. Jab busting up Britney's face, finding her more consistently as upperbody moves starting to get ragged. Spears tiring in the heat, hanging around in one spot, dukes up: Connelly taking the body with rip-dig hooks, leaning in close, turning her hips and getting ALL she ever wanted down there. Spears exhaling through parted lips, drowsy look of pain tight on her face - she's stubborn, but getting broken down brick by curvy brick through 9.


R10: Connelly ups the tempo significantly - greyhound body tireless in the 10th as she tears up Britney's youth advantage and starts putting boot to heinie. Brit leaning forward behind her gloves, grunting as Connelly sets her feet and RIPS thumping hooks to ribs and tum in multiple batting sequences. Connelly starting to get right hands off a little step right, slanting 'em in over Brit's raised left shoulder. Pained, exhausted looks from Spears as she gets caught again and again on the cheek, crossing her arms, lifting her elbows late to ward off punches. Jab now banging back Britney's face at will, disorganizing her - pleasure to watch for Connelly fans as she drives Spears to ropes and breaks out the wrench. Final minute one of the worst beatdowns poor Britney's taken in years - she's just sopping it up butt-in-ropes, bent forward numb. Connelly reefing hooks in above right hip, leaning on Brit to get heartstopping leverage, right hand cupping back of Brit's head, pulling it into Jen's stomach as brunette pounds away. It's all too much - broke-down, battered, Britney's curvy legs finally give way, spilling her face first into the canvas. Blonde rolls to her back, hugging at brutalized ribs, knees flopping side to side in gutshot agony. KO10 Jennifer Connelly in spectacular fashion.


After: Connelly emotional - bellowing down at Britney's incoherent, writhing form - Tech girls flooding the ring to surround their warrior, jumping and squealing like a winning volleyball side. Spears on her back - commotion in the ring gently bouncing her as she lolls head side to side. BSE girls ringside pale, staring: Tech is stacking these beauties up like cordwood! It's too much for O'Dell - she barges into the ring and piles into the cluster of Tech vixens to break up the fun-bunch - heated pushing and shoving results as other BSE girls snap out of stupor, follow O'Dell into the breach - security rushing to restore order. Poor Britney, now on her side, arms crossed against throbbing midriff - she's nearly trampled in the chaos.


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