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21 Jan 2005 Jessica Biel vs Jennifer O'Dell

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Posted by simguy on 1/21/2005, 6:49 am.


Before: Rivals reunited under unusual circumstances. Classy Jessica Biel mired in the worst slump of her career - JOD off a natal hiatus, rusty in her last bout: both girls looking to snap back at the other's expense. Added pressure of a Stable war currently 3 love in favour of Biel's side - Jennifer stonefaced during instructions, ignoring Biel's cocky leer and hooting heckles from the party-atmosphere Tech bench. Bruised faces, sullen expressions from the BSE side: those girls need Jen to step up.


Biel in red bikini, Jennifer in baby blue.


During R1: O'Dell frowning, dukes up, taking it strong across the ring: Biel proves the matador as she manages the rush with timely sidesteps. Jessica flaunting her fluid athleticism - guiding Jen past with a hand on blonde lower back, slipping blonde haymakers and coming up behind O'Dell. More than once, Biel grinning, wraps up tummy from behind, resting her chin happily in the crook of Jen's neck: O'Dell visibly enraged, frustrated - tossing her arms out to the side and roaring at the ref to issue snappier breaks. Not a lot of clean punching - mostly Biel scoring to Jen's ribs as blonde charges past, or Biel potshotting Jen's chin with pre-emptory sneaky lead rights.


R2: O'Dell fury unabated - made to look amateurish and awkward at times in the first: she doesn't care. Biel still smooth and crafty - closing up her stance, slipping shots, easing out of range: she's calm, flat footed, anticipatory. Jess easing to ropes, right hand at her cheek, left low, slouching into the ropes and rolling, getting low to shoulder Jen's hips - very elusive. O'Dell tight lipped as she rips hooks, right hand at her cheek, missing over top but staying with it. Jenny adjusts, little shift to the right and catches Biel a little too relaxed with a sharp biting hook on the mouth. Jess shook up, momentarily confused and a CLANGING hook sits her stunned in the ropes! Another hook, ANOTHER! Jenny's backside jumping on widespread legs as she cranks and cranks, pounding away on Jessica's sleepy face and BIEL GOES OUT! Jess swooning out on her feet, heading down but Jen STACKS HER UP FOR MORE PUNISHMENT! Jenny bodying Biel upright - brunette's eyelashes fluttering with dangerous level of helplessness - O'DELL POURS IT ON! Jenny baring her teeth, turning into hooks, smashing away chest and face, palming Biel upright to reset her. Tech girls launching from the stools, banging palms on the apron, screeching for fight to be stopped: BSE girls up on THEIR feet, brought to life by Jenny's inspirational rage. Ref FINALLY gets it - jumps into bundle KO'd Biel to safety - Jessica still keyed up, storming to the Tech side of the ring to shout taunts down at the angered vixens on the floor. KO2 in savage fashion, Jenny O'Dell!


After: Reminiscent of O'Dell's first pounding victory over Biel - Jessica caught on the ropes and hammered senseless before she knew what had happened. Grim moment of payback for Holmes' stretcher-exit: Jessica is gingerly laid upon a stretcher and carried out as a precaution "Because of the heat." Jenny calming down enough to be concerned, but it's still a harsh 'one of ours, one of yours' kind of thing - cold satisfaction on BSE faces as they watch Jessi being carted off all numb and groaning. "I had to do something to pick my girls up," Jenny explains in postfight. "Biel hasn't been sharp, she's vulnerable, and I took it to her with everything I've got. Maybe now we can turn things around and even this thing up." Jen showing a lot of leadership in that ring - clapping her hands, shouting encouragement and slapping backsides.



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