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21 June 2009 Cameron Richardson vs Ashley Scott

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Boxing After Dark


Posted by simguy on 6/21/2009, 10:04 am

BEFORE: BLONDE! Magazine promoting this bout - editorial explains why in article entitled "Blonde on Blonde". "We love Ashley Scott," Editor in chief affirms, "but she hasn't taken the fight to Alana De La Garza, Krista Allen, or the rest of the brunette second-tier as strongly as she might. We think she's still a title-contender - in fact, we think she should have had the success that de la Garza has had - but we're not married to her: if she can't, or won't, aggressively pursue these opportunities, then we need to support girls who will. Cameron Richardson is Ashley's physical equal in every way - a beautiful, supple blonde we think can be special. If Scott can't turn back this kind of challenge, then she's not the girl we thought she was."


Ashley in hot pink bra and panties; white gloves; tangly, shoulder-length hair. Cameron in black bra and panties; black gloves; long, straight blonde hair with bangs. Cam showing no respect: during stare-down she purses her lips, tilts her chin up - enraging Ashley as ref drones on.

During R1,2: Identical supple stances: Cam basically a boxing clone of Ash. Wide, leggy stances. Left feet dragged in a bucket as girls slink about in smooth pivots. Left hands dangling, right hands cocked at chests: girls twisting and rolling bendy-backed torsos, bending at the waist/leaning back on hips. Punch selection also identical: the up-jab off the hip; the sneaky, snakes-tongue right hands from the screen; the lashing, licking hook from the right (back) foot drawn across the opponent's front. Scott a little more productive with her lanky hook to Cameron's rib cage - occasionally dipping forward and snatching at the lissomeness: both rounds close to Ashley.

R3: Ashley sensing that Cameron doesn't like it to the body: Scott employing a little more dip-n'-rip left hand technique to supple ribs - hooks and uppercuts both. Richards pouting, giving ground: she's late to the party, but answering - even deploying a rangy buggy-whip right hand against Ashley's left-side ribs. Down the stretch, Scott driving in a lean right hand down into Cameron's body; coming back a sleek hook to Richardson's chin: Scotty hopping in with the shot, getting her shoulder behind it as she straightens up. Cameron dismayed - all accordion-legged as she clatters backwards, eyes wide in wonder at Scott's supple sock.

R4: Scotty presses, runs into the same sleek, whippy hook she just hurt Cameron with. Richardson getting it off her right (back) leg as Scott's sliding forward: Ashley's knees buckle, then lock up...she's hurt. Cameron unleashing to the body as Scott's standing upright in earmuff: licking, strapping rights and lefts all sinewy and lanky-limbed. Cam's slender arms shivering as she beats Ashley's ribcage: Scotty tottering forward, sobbing into her gloves, cringing under the weight of sleek shot. Second minute little better: Ashley hurt, baby-stepping forward with face-in-gloves...Cam sliding back in good order, hoisting right uppercuts into Scott's sternum; stroking her skidding left hooks up top. Down the stretch, Cam a little too exuberant: she's slugging wide, limber strokes when Ashley times her for a slicing right to chin. CAMERON'S turn to baby-step hurt: SHE folds up face-in-gloves as Scotty takes a turn at offending ribs. Ashley baring her teeth, feet widely spaced as she licks and straps away to flanks: poor Cameron cringing forward, sponging it up. Bell: Richardson blinking back tears - Ashley seething, but crippled herself...both beauties realize they came close to destruction this round.

R5: Ashley settles it down, works behind her jab. Simple poke-and-pivot routine - spiced up by the occasional snarking right hand or licking hook off the back (right) foot. Cam covered up tight, inching forward, but not letting her hands go; she's vexed and nibbled for shutout points.

R6: Better two way action: both girls still looking a little gunshy, fighting safety-first. Very supple, bendy-backed defensive torso movement: girls bobbing, slow-rolling torsos on hips, bending forward and back, twisting side to side. Each able to make the other miss by millimeters - gloves whispering off lightly tanned flesh as grazing contact prevails. Only loud punches of the round are scored by Cameron: dip-n'-rip left uppercuts to Ashley's flat tummy.

R7: Cameron catches Ash that slick check-hook off the right (back) leg again: Scott smote, twisted a quarter turn to her right and DROPPED TO HER BUNS! Ashley up quickly, blinking prettily: Richardson strutting neutral corner all lanky and anxious to finish. TORRID finishing run as Scott wilts into ropes, covering up earmuff, stooping forward hurt - Cam just LATHERING on the leather with teeth bared. Glorious, willowy stuff - Cam switching side to side on her hips, pulling her arms onto Ashley with thrashing strokes. Scott drooping forward as she's battered - giving up her back and flanks: Cam's long limbs lash across presented kidney's drawing warnings. Scotty crying, reaching to clinch: ref's breaks push Cameron back, but she's hot to keep at it, attacking as soon as she's able. Scott battered - curvy legs and veteran wiles keeping her upright - but she's a forlorn beauty at the bell. Richardson fairly skipping to her corner: she's just taken the lead in this fight!

R8: Scott comes off one of the worst round of her career like a champ - boxing Cameron to ribbons to steal Richardson's momentum. Cam trying to come forward: Ashley jabbing off the hip; leaning weight onto right (back) leg to get limber check-hooks; pivoting clockwise to turn Cam's right flank. Ashley so slick n' cute: she'll get off jabs and right hands tip-tap - then lean in, putting her left shoulder into Cam's raised guard while pivoting around the Richardson right flank. Effortless ring-management: Ashley gets herself together, shuts an over-eager Cameron out in the 8th.

R9: Ashley continues to poke-and-pivot - now moving the jab to Cameron's tummy and tits as well as face. Hooks follow - usually off the right leg as Cameron gets caught reaching in. Minute mark: limber hook clouts Cam's mouth; swift right hand toggles her chin...Richardson's stepping in fence-post holes! Cam forced to cover up earmuff, yielding her ribs and tummy to Ashley's lashing reprisals: as Richardson tilts forward, Ash sidesteps right, deploys vicious buggy-whip right hands in above Cam's left hip. Dreadful whacking body cuts hurt, but don't break Cameron: she's snivelling, wounded at the ropes, but fighting back, denying Scott a finishing run late.

R10: Another boxing shutout, Ashley Scott. Jabs work body, tits, face in unpredictable rhythms - Scott quick to pivot away from scoring pokes. Right hands slide off Ashley's shoulder, cleaving to chin: Cam frequently startled, staring back in receipt. Limber hooks stroke and beguile - Ashley so supple as she catches Cam clout, then pivots-left around the lick. Any pressure from Scott, Ashley diffuses by leaning in, crowding with the left shoulder while pivoting-left: push-and-turn technique really messing with Cam's footwork. Easy, breezy stuff: Scott content to pretty her foe up rather than pressing for a stoppage. Comes back UD10 Ashley Scott.

After: Bit of a win-win: BLONDE! happy with both girls as Scott defends her ranking and Cameron gets added to the board. "We firmed up an old stalwart, and added a dangerous new threat to the lists," the post-mortem editorial declares. "Richardson's more than capable of outboxing even the highly ranked brunettes at lightweight".

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