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21 March 2003 (Partial) Ashley Scott vs Nikki Ziering

Page history last edited by Archer844 11 years, 5 months ago

Posted by simguy on 3/21/2003, 6:02 am


Scott in black push up, black boy cut trunks
Ziering in pink bikini top, pink boy cut trunks
KO5 Scott


"I had a verbal agreement with Theron to be her first defence," grouses an angry Scott in prefight, "but obviously she feels she needs a tune up to get ready for me. I don't think you prepare for me with a Jeri Ryan. Yes, she hits like an Ashley Scott but what about the moves, the grace? That fight is a sham." Meanwhile, Nikki Ziering's the opponent and she comes out of the blocks gunning. Scott shutout in the second, shutout and hurt in the third, shutout, busted up and on the verge of going down in the fourth - it's a disasterous beginning, but Ashley shows her mettle. Boxing behind a keen jab, moving left, and slicing hard right hands in the fifth, Scott takes a bewildered Nikki Z apart, leaving the blonde on her face in the last few moments before the bell.

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