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21 March 2008 Claire Danes vs Virginie Ledoyen

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Posted by simguy on 3/21/2008, 9:39 am,


Before: "Been a while since I've had my hands on her," Claire says of Virginie in prefight. "She's matured - grown as a fighter - I'm sure it'll be interesting. Thing with TU fighters is they're unpredictable. It's not like fighting someone like Natalie Portman - that's just boxing by numbers; I know what she's going to do before she does it - Ledoyen's got a little wild card in her. So it'll be fun - I'll suss her out early, see what I can get on her, then take what I want." Virginie eager to get in with Claire - competitive French woman wants to see sorcery first hand. "Watching Claire's fights, you wonder why her opponents are so stupid," Ledoyen smiles. "There is a right way to fight Danes, and I will fight that way. She will start the night proud, and finish humbled - because I will not be bewitched. Busy punching solves the mystery of Claire, and I mean to be very busy indeed!" Claire in lavender bikini top, purple boy leg bottoms; small white gloves; hair in frisky exercise ponytail. Virginie in vivid cobalt blue bikini underneath loose fitting, mauve t-shirt cropped at the jug line and sporting a showy V neck; small white gloves.

R1: Claire wants to punch - weight on right foot, ready to pivot and drag the lead (left) foot - she's leaning away from Virginie, trying to time her for hooks and jotting crosses from a closed stance; lifting a stiff jab off the hip to stick Ledoyen's mouth. Virginie dukes up, pressing against blonde left-flank - French vixen jabbin' stubby, hooking tart, throwing a palm-down right hand into Claire's lower back in an effort to get Danes to open stance a bit. Bright, cracking body blows sound out on taut flesh: brisk pace - small gloves bouncing off ribs, tummies, flanks. Ledoyen busy, getting her touches - but Claire placing shots better, leaning in and out on wide-spread feet, sliding the front foot as she searches for better angles, swiping Virginie some choice shots head and body to take the first.

R2: Danes jabbing up off the hip, pushing off the right (back) foot, then resetting weight on it - leaning away, dragging the front (left) foot, keeping a closed stance. Ledoyen stubborn, pushing the pace - unable to find Claire's head, Virginie's chopping at the presented left hip, lower back, tummy and ribs of her foe. Claire picking her spots to tilt in and smite Ledoyen a slinging right, then leaning back out onto right leg to swipe the hook. Fast pace, hard, often vicious punching. Claire again getting the better of it with superior defensive movement, higher connect percentage and cleaner blows vs Ledoyen's non-stop churning.

R3: Ledoyen jamming her jab in - a chopping blow - disrupting Claire, convincing her to pivot-left to regroup. Virginie stays on her girl, turning-with, catching Danes a gorgeous wide right hand in behind the left elbow. Claire squaring up, exchanging furiously: girls leaning in head to head and engaging in crazy flyweight hup-hup underneath - small mitts beating out a brisk tic-tac-toeing of leather on meat. Claire grimacing from rib-and-tummy throb, slides outside: Virginie steps-with, chopping that stubby jab to Danes' mouth. Claire pivots-left, but Ledoyen's reading it, leaning in and DRIFTING Danes a driving right to chin. Head-toggle, Claire - she goes limp, butt back, head forward, then topples backward to HIT THE CANVAS! Claire's head and arms bouncing sick off canvas - she tumbles to a halt on her back, hands up above her head and it's OVER! Good lord - KO3 in spectacular fashion - Virginie Ledoyen!

After: HUH? Rare mistake by Danes sees her eat a perfect punch - Virginie able to ram her entire body weight into Claire's chin to put the sorceress on her back for a stunning one-punch KO. Ledoyen preening in the vicinity of downed Danes - taunting and daring vengeful wolfpackers to back her off: HISC vixens moving to comply with eyes blazing when officials intervene. Claire a long time on her back: odd sight to see her so helpless and fragile on the canvas; seeing her groggy confusion upon being brought around; seeing her be cared for. Been a while since anyone's gotten to Claire with this much authority.

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