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21 March 2008 Lindsay Lohan vs Sienna Miller

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Posted by simguy on 3/21/2008, 9:38 am

Before: "It's no secret I was portraying Lilo in "Interview"," Miller relates in prefight. "I really felt like I was getting into her character, and I had a very strong desire to fight her then, because I know where the fault-lines are, you know? I feel I know where she's fragile and vulnerable - I know what buttons to push. I just know her inside and out - probably better than she knows herself - and that means I can expose her like no one else." Lilo visibly angered - Sienna's been making things increasingly personal in weeks preceding and Lohan doesn't like it. "Sienna's been chirping at me for MONTHS," Lilo reveals. "I'm making this happen just to shut her the hell up. I don't know who she thinks she is, talking about me like we're sisters and she knows who I am. Sienna - you don't know shite about me, not yet you don't. You're gonna learn all you need to know when we fight in that ring!" Lilo in bright cobalt blue bikini for the occasion - long auburn hair; small black gloves. Sienna in very pale string bikini with pastel splashes of blue, yellow, pink etc (hard to discern different colours from a distance - it's that pale); hair in scruffy short beach ponytail; small black gloves.

During R1: Lilo walking in, wants to rough Sienna up: Miller showing class, jabbing redhead back and keeping her outside. Miller stepping to either side, stepping back when she needs to, circling around - thoughtful, measured footwork - unhurried. Lilo eyes-narrowed, lips curling back off teeth - she's too aggressive against a poised and ready foe - launching attacks from too far out, offering 'brawl' when the opponent clearly wishes to deny. Miller's jab effective - scoring to Lilo's face and chest. Miller also deploying a long, spearing overhand right down into Lindsay's pale, flat stomach - good small-glove spank startling Lilo amidships. Linds calms down late - stalking Sienna with dukes raised, jabbing-with and getting to Miller's face with stiff left hands.

R2: Lilo stalking her blonde, jabbing to the body: she's walking Sienna down. Lilo paying Miller back with the long overhand right sloped down into the body: Sienna giving ground with a wince. Lilo brightening at the way Miller's taking those body shots: Linds eagerly closing distance - slugging underhanded to Miller's breadbasket, crowding Sienna to ropes. Lilo really chugging at body - limber limbs thrashing back and forth - she's huffing and puffing, galloping amidships as Sienna's perky butt jerks back into ropes. Miller clinching, wincing and grumpy: Lilo wriggling in the grasp, working hard to free up her mitts; Miller grabbing at Lilo's biceps to push her off. Good scrounge-and-pound from Lindsay - she's hounding Sienna all along the aprons.

R3: Sienna hardens. She's jabbing-with, punching Lilo's face even as Lilo's scoring to hers. Girls stepping in chest to chest, dragging right hands tuff to tummy. Bumping and jostling inside leads to warnings for both girls - "Watch the elbows!" Fierce infighting from Miller forces Lohan to back off: Sienna able to lean into the openings with some straight, rangy right hands to jaw, getting good head movement on Lilo late. Sienna salts away a good round with an emphatic, 3/4 sidearm right hand swung wide, sweeping to Lilo's ribs and winning a cry of surprise from Lohan at the bell.

R4: Girls ranging-in: Miller tucking the short right hand to Lilo's gut; Lilo doesn't like it. Linds doubling up hurt: Miller electing to get rough - smiting Lohan's lower back a cruel, sweeping left that thumps off the drum-tight surface. Lindsay baby-stepping forward: Sienna retreating in good order - rangy, lean limbs licking away uppercuts and hooks, carving at oncoming Lilo. LINDSAY GOES DOWN! Lohan scrubbed to all fours, panting and shook: Miller lifts bony arms, beams brightly as she struts past. Tough middle minute for Lohan after her 8 count: Miller moving in lanky - small gloves grabbing at Lohan's inner-elbows to sit her into ropes, then blonde's gnawing on her redhead with slender-limbed lather. Lohan really pasted, but taking it like a trooper: down the stretch - she's able to clinch a bit, slow the assault as Miller's panting for breath.

R5: Sienna circling, taunting Lilo with a wicked grin: blonde VERY confident following a withering fourth round on Lohan. Linds a little ragged - turning and pivoting to stay square, reacting a little late on Miller's jab, just facing into the poke. Miller systematic, cruel small-mitt jabbing scrapes at Lilo's hairline, pounds at her left eye, taps her lips. Linds reduced to punching back hard right hands at Miller's chest whenever Sienna's getting too frisky: clear blonde dominance in the fifth. Lilo gets the "Yer blowin' it kid" speech on her stool during the break - trainer not pulling any punches.

R6: Lindsay catching a second wind, renegotiating all terms with Sienna. First: Lilo's jab retakes air-superiority, smiting Miller's pretty face and suppressing Sienna's own poke. Second: a resumption of those long, sloping rights down into the flat pale plank of Sienna's abdominal pan: Lilo really leaning in and down, pouring her weight into these punches. Finally: rough scrounging whenever Miller's back hits ropes; Sienna forced to clinch as escape proves impossible. Miller repeatedly hurt by right hands to the body - slender legs buckling, buttocks wobbling: Sienna very much thrown onto the defensive in a resurgent Lilo 6th.

R7: Sienna's face scuffed, a little panicky - she's trying to jab Lilo off, but Lindsay's too aggressive. Lohan's eyes staring at Miller's midsection - every several seconds, Lilo leans in, pounding that right hand hard off Sienna's midsection, backing blonde up. Sienna's composure breaking - lips trembling, tears welling up: she's terribly hurt downstairs, and Lilo knows it. Middle minute - Lilo stomps in with a fencer's lunge to jab Sienna between the eyes: as Miller's head's snapping back, Lilo pours in a freight-train right hand to the body, small glove spanking off bruised flesh. Sienna shouts in pain - stumbling backwards even as she's doubling forward: she falls, rolls to her back with legs rocking in the air, before lying flat. Poor Sienna: arms hugging her tummy, knees up with feet flat against canvas, lips pursed as she sobs for air - it's over. Lilo breaks into a big grin as she saunters past: weepy Miller can't get off her back. KO7 Lindsay Lohan.

After: Challenge well-met. Sienna had trained for months with only Lilo in mind - blonde girl very well prepared for Lohan and Lindsay turned her back with an iron fist. LOHAN WANTS MORE! BSE and FCBA officials shaking their heads in disapproval - but fighters supportive, even clapping as Lohan pulls Miller up off her stool by one thin arm for a rude walk of shame. "Sienna had that coming," says the always tough, but always fair Jenny O'Dell (left eye still puffy by the way, courtesy Jenny Mac's ringing right hands). "She's been on Lilo, needling at her, trying to psyche her. This is what you get when you do that stuff."


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