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21 May 2001 Title Ch Ali Landry vs Brande Roderick

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Posted by Simguy on 5/21/2001, 10:25 am



Before: Landry’s first defence in a long time—rumors swirling about the big brunette having a tough time staying away from the buffet table—she makes weight on her second try. Roderick a heralded Playboy and Baywatch product, best known for a rumoured beat down stoppage of Krista Allen in sparring—rumours hotly denied by the proud brunette. Brande coming up to welter out of her natural hunting grounds just to get a fight, but she is blissfully unconcerned about Landry’s size and reputation. Ali in gold bikini, Brande in navy bikini with teal bordering and strongs. Fought outdoors at Playboy Mansion West.


During R1: Landry showing some respect  early, laying her educated pageant jab on the blonde and steering Roderick around the ring. Brande crossing her arms Ken Norton style and bobbing her head, looks to get in close as Ali Posts a safety first shutout.


R2: Both girls get off as Landry continues to move behind her jab, making Brande move her feet. Roderick having better success in cutting off the ring on occasion, brings her guns to bear on Ali’s tanned midriff—big meaty connects until Landry can clinch for a break. That’s the rhythm—Brande walking Landry down, getting picked up on the way in, but once there outworking the brunette until a clinch.


R3: Landry drops her guard and edges in close with her shoulder to body up and it’s a mistake, Roderick very strong on the inside, holding her own with Landry as the girls wrestle and palm each other’s biceps back. Ali gets herself pushed to the ropes and Brande goes to work with the hardest punching of the fight—scrubbing her forehead across the bulbous tops of Ali’s breasts while cramming away at the golden beef downstairs. Landry grimacing in discomfort, seated ropeside, reduced to grabbed in behind Brande’s arms, trying to slow the blonde down. Hard working shutout Roderick.


R4: Landry’s convinced—she doesn’t want any part of Brande inside—big brunette bounces to her left, poking out that jab as Roderick stalks forward. Brande walking straight in, obviously feeling good about herself, smiling—Landry stops and drives in off her back foot with a sucker punch right hand from the shoulder, spanking flush to the blonde’s face and BRANDE TAKES A KNEE! Roderick up at 8, swooning badly and THE REF WAVES IT OFF! Howls of protest from Brande as the ref shakes his head—Ali climbing the ring posts and thumping her chest to the crowd—scattered booing in response at the controversial stoppage. KO4 Ali Landry.


 After: Roderick doing well, but she DID get careless, and she did get caught by a full fledged Welter eight hand coming in—blonde maybe not showing enough respect to a heavy handed champ like Landry. Ali in control for the most part, but obviously disconcerted to have been handled on the inside by a smaller woman—she’ll be dogged by charges of an early and lucky for weeks to come.



Reposted by Archer 10/9/09.

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