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22 Dec 2001 (Title) Ch Charlize Theron vs Estella Warren

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Warren with some of the attributes that have given Charlize problems in the past - athletic newcomer is big, strong, mobile enough to get into position, and rugged enough to trade. Problem is the experience gap, Theron awfully classy last time out - she could probably win a boring decision if she wants to. "I just hope she doesn't freeze," says Charlize in pre-fight, "It's the biggest night of the kid's life and who knows how she'll handle it. I'm hoping she can keep it together and give me a fight."


Charlize in teal bikini top, white bikini bottom; Estella in dark brown bikini top, wooden hoop between the cups, tan bikini bottoms.


Round 1: Theron laying down the law with her legs, using the ring, flicking out a backhand jab, poking in the odd lead right while circling. Warren with dukes up, walking Theron down, but unable to get off as Charlize dictates the pace. Tepid punching from Theron, but she's getting her range, establishing the terms for this encounter.


Round 2: Clanging exchange mid-ring goes Estella's way as a swinging right hand caroms off Charlize' jaw and has the champ stepping in fence post holes for a moment. Warren regroups, pounds in another right hand to the jaw, palms her left on Charlize' left breast and plows home another right to the chin to drive Theron senseless to the ropes. Badly hurt champion lolling on the ropes, eyes glassy, hands low and Warren storms in! Estella has herself a fine 30 second stretch of battering Charlize' face side to side with clocking lefts and rights - Theron soaking it up, getting her faculties back, and slugging her way off the ropes at the midway point. Sensational brawling as Charlize out punches Warren, backing the curly headed blonde up with tough digging lefts and rights into the gut, and hard right crosses on the mouth. Toe to toe, lumberjack whacks, Theron applying the pressure, but Warren raises her fist at the bell - Charlize still wobbly butt after absorbing harsh Estella leather early.


Round 3: Theron recovers well, gets back on her toes - Warren can come forward but can't engage when Charlize wants to box. Theron moving left, reaching in the long jab to Warren's face. Midway through, Charlize flicking a blinding jab to screen Warren's vision, then steps in with a slicing right hand on the chin that instantly switches off the power to Warren's extremities. Estella ragdolling to the ropes in stupor - joyous payback punching from Charlize as she squares away and heaps on the hurt. Sharp combinations from the champ - double left hooks and hard right hands - chop up the challenger's stout midriff and beautiful face. Warren buckled repeatedly, falls in to clinch, only to be shoved back into the ropes and battered by a relentless champion. Punching continues after the bell - both women have rocked the other and it's starting to get bitter in there.


Round 4: Charlize shines. Using her feet early, she shows blitz, backs off and nails Warren coming in with the sneaky counter right from the closed stance. Warren tilting on her hips, sways badly without going down, but Charlize able to bang away with batting lefts and rights side to side. Warren up against the ropes, all but out, grimly hanging on as Theron steps with and dishes out the beat down. Estella clinching for breaks - ref. pushing Theron back but the champ always wading hungrily forward, anxious to finish the newcomer. Final minute sees Charlize administer a heartless beating to a defenseless opponent - Warren drooping forward off the ropes, hands weak at her face - Theron's punches bash past the guard, swiveling Warren's head dangerously, or digging in hard behind the elbows on either side. Theron with a look of amazement as Warren stumbles back to her corner still upright - Estella getting the champ's respect through sheer heart.


Round 5: Estella out punching early, leaning in off that back foot, but she's still woozy and easy prey for the sharp punching champion. Charlize able to work in and out, pick Warren up off the challenger's misses, and by the midway point, Theron is banging chin with 2 and 3 clipping blows as Estella groggily stumbles backward. All Theron down the stretch, using her jab to prop Warren up, then wearing the blonde out with right hands upside the head as Estella soaks up disastrous punishment this round.


Round 6: Estella on autopilot, but she catches Charlize slugging flat footed as the crowd roars its approval. Theron looking to close the show, but she's getting beaten to lefts and rights in ruinous trade - Warren able to slug the champ to the ropes and gain some confidence. Charlize countering off the ropes, leaning into the strands to make Warren miss - Estella sweeping side to side, trying to catch Charlize with something huge and midway through - Warren bends left, pulls a wide right hand into Charlize jaw as Theron shoots her own right and CHARLIZE IS HURT! Charlize staring, hands low - Estella digs in to begin the grim business of knocking the champion out with sheer brutality. Warren palming with her left and bending in behind monster right hands - Theron's head spinning as her dancer's legs prop her up - it's carnage. Charlize out on her feet, pushes Estella back time and again, but the challenger keeps walking in and piling on - POUNDING away on Charlize' face as the blonde slips into swoon. Round ends with a spent Charlize draped around an exhausted Warren's neck as ESTELLA SLAMS SACK! Scored 10-8 without a knockdown as Warren batters Charlize unrecognizable.


Round 7: Charlize hurt, Estella all banged up - cringing beauties slouch to mid-ring, mindlessly intent on destruction. Lanky slobber-knocking mid-ring, girls tilting side to side to lash at each other, chins taking the full brunt of murderous blows, legs trembling as both girls take turns. Down the stretch, Charlize leans in and beats Estella to a right hand - Warren stops punching, dazed as Theron walks around the girl's right shoulder, curls a tight right hand into the breadbasket. Estella turning, eats a full bodied left as Charlize leans into it, walks around the girl's left shoulder. Left in the gut turns Estella and another crashing right lands as Theron leans in, walks past as Warren slumps face first to the canvas! Theron staring in blank-faced relief at her foe's tanned back. KO7 Charlize Theron.


Estella brings out the warrior in Charlize Theron, much to the crowd's delight - HBO as relieved as anyone to see Theron forced to give the mob it's money's worth. Both omen absorbing ungodly punishment in this title fight, Warren in particular taking an unbelievable licking in the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds. Theron badly busted up, shows her class by giving the conquered challenger a warm hug when Estella comes-to, says afterward,


"Estella's a fighter. She took me into some deep water tonight - I haven't really been tested like that in a while. After the 5th, my arms where burning and she was still coming on, and I just said, 'Charlize, you gotta dig down. This girl won't quit.' In the end, she thought that by making it about heart and will, she'd have a chance, but that was her mistake. When it's just you and me slugging it out toe to toe, I'm going to be the last woman standing."


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