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22 December 2000 Gen a Lee Nolin vs Tessie Santiago

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Posted by Simguy on 12/22/2000, 7:29 pm



Before: GLN’s campaign to be the “Baddest Blonde in Boxing” brought to a shuddering halt at the fists of the unheralded Ms, Santiago at their last meeting—Nolin hot for Tessie as Santiago gets shunted back and forth between two of the best fair-haired fighter in the business. Santiago, boxed, brawled and body punched Gena successfully the first time, and during the weigh-in—with Nolin flexing on the scales—Tessie makes a polishing motion with the side of her fist (like she’s shining the hood of a car) against Gena’s firm abs—prompting a pre-fight brawl that brings in members of both entourages. Gena seething—Santiago grinning—Tessie winning the psyche-job with sheer irreverence.

Red cotton jockey two piece Tessie, black cotton tankini for Gena.



During r1: Nolin reaching with her left, leaning in behind heavy right hands straight to the body or head has Tessie backing up most of this round. Santiago able to avoid the flush impacts, does a good job of using her legs defensively, but Gena’s doing all the throwing as she grimly hunts her brunette down. final minute—Santiago comes inside with her first hook across Gena’s tummy, and promptly takes a clouting right hand on her jaw that has Santiago stepping funny. Gena swarming with looping power shots—her left drifts across Tessie’s teeth, then the right scythes back across the same track—Santiago crumbling backwards with a sleepy look. Tessie trying to punch rather than clinmch—Nolin slugging with her and repeatedly beating Santiago to lefts and rights until SANTIAGO GOES DOWN! Tessie on all fours, eyes swimming—she gets to one knee, then swoons onto her backside--she’s out--KO1Gena Lee Nolin!



After: Nolin leaping onto the corner turnbuckles to roar at the crowd—first round pound out puts Tessie in her place with an exclamation point. Gena pushing her way through Santiago’s cornermen hauls the brunette to her feet by her bottoms and proceeds to pull her around the ring for a well-deserved walk of shame—Tessie still stupefied stumbles compliantly—it’s the first walk of her career. Young fighters often try to fight their way out of trouble—Santiago gambling and losing big time as Nolin finishes like a woman with an early dinner reservation.



Reposted by Archer 8/24/09.

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