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22 Feb 2008 Holly Valance vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Originally post by Simguy on 2/22/2008, 6:39 am


Before: “Mary has no chance against me,” Holly shrugs. “She won’t hit me—and even if she could—it wouldn’t shift me. I’m just going to concentrate on my power—I want to be hitting Mary with clean, hard shots, with plenty of Holly behind’em. I want Elizabeth hurt and weary before she decides to lay down.


Winstead plucky—refusing to buy into blonde’s world view of inevitable MEW defeat. “The bigger girls talk, the bigger their butts seems to get kicked,” Mary says in rebuttal, ‘you guys ever notice that? Holly’s slick—but lazy: I’ll outwork her for points when I’m not flat out hurting her. and if anyone's going to ‘decide’ to lay down—it'll be here. As God as my witnerss, you’ll never see Mary Elizabeth Winstead quit in a fight!”


Winstead in lemon yellow bikini; white gloves; loose brown locks. Holly in black bikini, tide side bottoms; white gloves.


During R1: Mary dukes up, trying to locate Holly with the jab, keeping right hand cheek-high. Vallance sneaking around—left shoulder pointed at mar; right under chin; left cross the waist—lots of cutey-pie swivels, dips, bends and leans. Winstead comparatively robotic—deliberate on her feet, stepping in her jab—very orthodox. Vallance relaxed, supple—slipping shots with head movement, pivoting around Mary—tapping jabs at brunette tummy. Midway through, Winstead coming forward—Holly slide-stepping back, dragging her lead (left) foot: Winstead misses a pair of left jabs, takes a ringing, swinging left hook/chopping right hand tic-toc to chin. Jarring blast brings a shout from the crowd—Mary stunned—head toggled, knees weak: she’s hurt. Holly swoops in with the goodnight overhand right—smashing Winnie upside the head and MARY ANSWRS! MEW out of her feet, but swinging blindly, startles Holly a clubbing right to the chin, Valance off balance, stands and slugs—Winstead hurt, but wading forward, hauling haymakers off her hips to wallop blonde head and shoulders. Valance forced to bail and circle—brunette showing uncangy grit when hurt, denying Holly a finishing run.


R2: Similar looking stuff—Mary cautiously forward, consolidating her stance and balance before taking the next step, working behind a dutiful jab. Holly sleeker, slicker, cuter—but not gambling as much—just tummy-jabbing/potshotting counters.walking Mary into punches. Holly loose and limber with her shots—Winstead frequently spooked by the Valance buggy-whip right hand over the top, or absorbing the Vallance dip-n-‘rip left hook to body.


R3: Mary forward, undaunted. Holly shying away: something about the resolute sturdiness of Mary giving Holly pause, Winstead pinging jabs—not always landing—but she’s following up with clubbing rights and lefts when she gets close. Holly slipping and rolling shots, using the ring—Valance basically taking the round off—offering only the odd disruptive tummy jab in response.


R4: Holly in wide stance, fades back from a Winstead jab, then leans back in with a smashing right, beating Mary to her own right hand. Crowd shouting at the sudden clapping blast—Winstead stunned again, backside ringing as knees give way—she stumbles out of the shot without going down, but OH, the hurt. Holly hopping forward with a limber, whippy —reaching out and cuffing Mary’s tummy and tits, chasing stricken brunette to ropes. Vallance pushes in with both gloves—arms extended—the works from there to punches together: Winnie covering up earmuff, getting ripped as Valance slugs. Holly pursing her lips as she twists into thumping rights and lefts, just a-belting, but Mary won’t go: Winstead clobbered, but firming and slugging back. Holly maintains position on ropes, battering Winstead—but it ain’t for free: Mary able to scuff holly and tax her for the privilege of pasting.


R5: Holly respectful—Mary’s scrappiness serving her well as Valance plays safety first. Valance sliding around, showing either shoulder,, punching off either foot with slick, swatting power—but it’s all single power shots while sidestepping or pre-empting Mary. Winstead absorbing punches—getting caught and rocked, but always recovering well, popping the jab to recover her balance. Valance in control, but not dominating exactly: Winstead’s will unbroken despite being outclassed.


R6: Same again—Holly walking Mary into harm, potshotting her, touching her single shots head and body, then sidestepping away. Valance a pleasure to watch as she works behind the left shoulder—cute turning pivots; right hands off the left foot; left hooks off the right foot—nice swiping delivery. Winstead punished—lumping up—but not discouraged.


R7: When Holly goes too defensive—not actively seeking to get off and time her girl—Mary can get work done in spots. Winstead tracking in behind the jab—leaning forward with a swinging right to the body, then cleaning up with clawing hooks—it’s good hard work. Valance cute—essentially safe as she slips and rolls shots with pursed-lip concentration: she’s never caught flush, but she’s getting scuffed and dinged enough that judges can’t deny Mary.


R8: Mary bookends the round—taking the first and last minute with sturdy pursuit: but Holly lights Winnie up in the middle minute to take the heat. Glorious, tic-tocking left/right counter to the chin: Winstead’s head on a swivel, up in the air for all to see as once again, brunette legs give a shimmy. Also once again—Holly tires to force the issue and encounters stubborn Winstead resistance instead: Mary proving she’s most dangerous when hurt.


R9: Holly eases off—boxes out the round. Mary hurt. Busted up, battle weary at this point: jab just a little pinging poke, reactions very sluggish. Holly a little scuffed, but obviously fresher—she concentrates on countering Mary to the body this round. Buggywhip right hands; licking hooks—Holly chopping at the trunk of brunette tree, looking to break Winnie down.


R10: Ringing right hand blast—Holly bending in and down, clobbering Mary upside the head: Winstead upright—head tossed back, hands at her waist as she soaks the blast. A minute later—Holly tummy jabbing, then hooking Mary’s jaw while pivoting left: Winnie’s knees unhinge again, eyes glazing over as once again she looks hurt. Valance weight on left (front) foot starts hooking Mary in the stomach, then pivoting left—delivering 4 such blows while turning Winstead midring. Mary sobbing out, crippled, but refusing to go down. once again, Holly presses, certain that Mary’s finished: Winstead slugging back mindless, brawls desperately to deny Valance once again.


After: Mary badly beaten, but pundits can’t help but notice that once again, Winstead proved herself extraordinarily competitive after her opponent landed big power. Holly certainly landed with authority in spots, but each and every time, mary simply refused to be cleaned up in an otherwise one-sided brawl.


Reposted by Archer. 6/17/09.


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