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22 February 2008 Hilarie Burton vs Carmella DeCesare

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Posted by simguy on 2/22/2008, 6:35 am


Before: Burton coming off the hardest KO loss of her career - obviously a big gut check fight for her against Decesare. "Missy caught me," Hilarie shrugs, grinning sheepish. "Hard punch - REALLY hard punch - I went out. You know, that's going to happen - you just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get after the next girl. Carmella's a good stiff test - I'm not taking a backward step because of Peregrym - I'm gonna keep fighting the best girls and one day, Missy and I are going to re-test that result." Carmella gracious in prefight - refusing to harp on Burton's devastating loss. "I've seen tape of that fight, and it looks to me like Missy just landed a perfect shot," Decesare allows. "They fight again, I don't think Peregrym lands that punch - Missy might NEVER land a punch like that again. So Hilarie's a sound fighter in my opinion - dangerous, tall, smart for a blonde  - she's gonna give me spirited tussle." Carmella in blazing yellow bikini with bold ring connections; white boxing bootie to midcalf; white gloves. Hilarie in baby blue two piece - halter style top with white polo collar/belted bottoms; white boxing bootie to midcalf; white gloves.

R1: Hilarie upright, dukes up, stiffer looking - jabbing straight from her shoulder, right hand near her mouth. Decesare looser, lankier - she'll double the jab with a rangy, limber motion, flicking it slightly backhanded up off the hip - then pivot-left, slide out to the side. Carmella also dipping to her left to slip HIlarie's jab, then countering a licking hook to ear while pivoting left - neatly cuffing Burton while sidestepping her. Burton tense, nervous: she too doubles her jab, trying to impose will. Nice rangy back and forth as girls use the entire ring. Carmella salts away the round by jabbing Hilarie into a covered up crouch, then lashing a lanky right/left loud to the waist. Carmella so supple here, baring her teeth as she pops hips, flails her arms - mitts bouncing off Hilarie's firm body, shivering Decesare's slender limbs in the process.

R2: Similar fare, but more one-sided for Carmella. Decesare loose, limber - gliding to her left while cuffing HIlarie a hook to ear - constantly scoring and sidestepping. Deech stooping, propelling the double jab at Hilarie up the middle: blonde covers up, blocks it - but leaves her flanks and waistline open to succulent, whacking body blows. Decesare really warming to her task - twisting her torso side to side while dragging right/lefts into HIlarie's tensed midsection. Tic-toc pounding of the chassis has blonde grunting into her gloves - all stooped over and hurt. Decesare easing to either side - often with little knucklings of Hilarie's head or gloves - just pretty touchings and pushings of the blonde before strapping her anew. Patient, lanky pace - but Decesare definitely putting it on Burton: HIlare red-faced, wincing at the bell - ribs pinking up nicely as Carmella sashays pretty back to her corner.

R3: Burton crouching forward behind her mitts - she's waiting on Decesare and it's a poor plan. Carmella really shellacking Hilarie to the body - supple brunette leaning in, twisting torso tic-toc to pull lashing right/lefts into the flanks. White gloves bouncing off firm blonde flesh - sounding out with fresh spank. Carmella flat footed, grunting happily as she exerts herself - dipping side to side all willowy as she drags in sinewy wallop. Carm sliding to either side of Hilarie, working in curlling little right uppercuts and clouting, bandy-arms hooks to mouth: Burton being rung up body and head, looking frazzled. Hilarie tries to jab her way out of it: Carmella dips left, slips poke, slings her left from her thigh to clout Hilarie's ear while sidestepping smoothly left. Deeply discouraging to Burton to be so chastised. Final minute - Hilarie stumbling, open-mouthed - she moves to ropes for support - Carmella hopping-with and grinning. Carm pushes in close - knuckles pressing HIlarie's breasts and brunette stacks blonde - then Carm eases out, weight on right foot to pull a clapping hook across Burton's mouth. Head-swivel Hilarie - blonde curls jangling as she relaxes, stunned, into ropes - hands lower, eyes stare bleak, and Carmella's all in. Decesare leaning in on front foot, pulls a whiplash overhand right onto Hilarie's jaw; quick dip-right and Carm pulls a lanky hook into Hilarie's throbbing breadbasket; quick pressing nudge with the left shoulder/extended left elbow to stack, then Carm curls the right uppercut through, picking Hilarie's face up drowsy. Burton just taking punches in swoon, head dangerously floppy on limp neck - ref has no choice but to step in stop the Playmate beatdown. TKO3 Carmella Decesare.

After: Decesare quickly pushing through the crowd to hug and console a shattered Burton. Forehead to forehead, Hilarie's weeping as Carmella tries to make her feel better about getting battered - Decesare frowning the press back to give heartbroken blonde time to compose herself. BLONDE! Magazine calling it a 'Rickety' outing from Burton - some wondering if slender blonde can hack the kind of punching that's to be expected in the rough and tumble bantam division. Article goes on to say: "More and more, that punch from Peregrym's looking like a singular event in the career of Hilarie Burton. We hope she can pull her game together, because bodies are needed to stem the tide of bantam brunettes like Decesare."

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