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22 January Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Vanessa Marcil

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Originally posted by Simguy on Saturday, Jan-22-2000 18:56:09


Before: Marcil maybe the smallest competitor in the FCBA, but she’s a feisty little brawler who isn’t afraid of Gellar’s vaunted rep. Vanessa gets the fight after dogging Gellar at her fights, training map, even press appearances and parties, making herself an itch that must be scratched. Gellar in white aerobics two piece, white gloves and shoes, tight ponytail, Vanessa in light blue aerobic two piece (high neck top), white shoes and gloves, tight ponytail. Small workout gloves for both women.


During R1: Sarah jumping in at Vanessa with sudden lead rights, has her way with the brunette early, hurting Marcil., doubling up the right hands, backing out behind a fall away hook, and moving in and out with ease. Marcil chased all over the ring does well to survive the opening salvoes, but is wide eyed and over-reacting to the lightest movement from Gellar at the bell.


R2: Vanessa wading in on Sarah, bangs straight arm lefts and rights to the hips and tummy, but Gellar calm, picks up a lot of the body work on her elbows, countering with short lefts and rights to the jaw and breasts inside, Vanessa leaping in with a clouting right hand on the mouth after the bell heats things up as tempers flare.


R3: Gellar working with impeccable timing, circling, bouncing in and out to rip smart 3 punch combinations, and making Vanessa miss her wide, wild shots more often than not. Marcil clinching late in the round, hits on the break and follows up with cheapness below the belt as the ref gets into the act.


R4: Gellar back in control, just too click for Vanessa who bites on feints to catch hooks on her ear, or hard right hands on her face. Midway through the round, Marcil tackles Gellar to the canvas in frustration, and the girls resume with brawling as Gellar loses her cool. Wheels come off as Vanessa gets the better of the bitter trade, and crashing right hand catches Sarah on the eye, spinning her sideways and clearly hurting her. Marcil pouncing, forces Gellar sideways to the ropes and belts away with whipping right hands over Sarah’s shoulder while holding her bra-top in the left hand. Clobbering the londe repeatedly on the jaw, Marcil beats Sarah to her knees, AND GELLAR IS OUT!!! Sarah can’t get off her haunches and looks up at the ref in a daze as he counts. KO$ Vanessa as Gellar retreats into shock at the outcome.


After: Good old fashioned beat down hands Gellar  a stunning upset loss, and Marcil couldn’t be happier. “I hunted her down and put her out,” Vanessa chirps in post-fight, “getting her into the ring was the hard part!”


Reposted by Archer 8/2/09.


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