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22 July 2001 Beyonce Knowles vs Jessica Simpson

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Posted by Simguy on 7/22/2001, 4:54 pm.


Before: Toronto—Live and interactive at MuchMusic Studios—studio audience cozy around a floor level ring—streetside audience enjoying the closed-circuit big screen. Both girls have cut their teeth in the ring on Britney Spears, now they look to branch out, bulking up to 120+ to face each other for the first time. Beyonce in a gold sequined single strap bandeau bra, gold sequined boy cut trunks, black shoes and gloves—Jessica in green and black fatigue print sports bra and boy cut trunks, black shoes and gloves—both girls showing plenty of youthful hip and tummy in this one.


During R1: girls meet midring, settle into a thudding exchange of single shots and replies, Beyonce will skid a right hand off Jessica’s forward, Simpson immediately back with a clubbing right upside the head—Beyonce coming back with a thick left hand to the stomach—Jessica with a biting left on the teeth—back and forth like this, very abrupt, sharp punches. Down the stretch, Jessica just concentrates on bringing her gloves to rest in Beyonce’s sexy paunch—Knowles shuts down, gets backed up to the ropes and has to cover up as Jessica works her over for points at the bell.


R2: Contract in place—girls are swinging hard, standing close and taking turns one punch at a time., good discipline from both youngsters—elbows, generating power through the hips and legs, moving their torsos into punches, but each is posing after getting off, almost waiting for her receipt, this time it’s Beyonce separating herself in the final moments, scoring with clouting lefts and rights on the chin as Jessica misses—at the bell, both girls look a little shellshocked—they’ve hammered each other pretty consistently through 2.


R3: Simpson back on the milk-chocolate gut of her foe and she is STUFFING it in! Beyonce gulping and gasping, hunched forward—she is bullied to the ropes as Simpson punches, shoulders her girl back, then steps in for more, KNOWLES TAKES A KNEE! Tears welling up in Beyonce’s eyes as she goes down to relieve the pressure—Simpson stepping back with a satisfied glare, she’s found her happy place on Beyonce. Simpson steps back in after 8 and it’s WAR along the ropes, Beyonce stiffening her resistance, turning her shoulders into ripping short right uppercuts inside, Simpson leaning forward and bringing both mitts in steaming arc to the waist and glistening hips of her foe. HARTD punching from both girls leaves both slightly staggery at the bell as the ref pushes them apart.


R4: Jessica wants Beyonce’s tummy—but Knowles won’t let her have it is round. Instead, Knowles rocks Jessica’s head back with the little right uppercut, putting the left hook on top and bodying up to get Simpson moving backwards, At the ropes, it’s Beyonce stepping with Simpson, breaking her down with jerking lefts and rights to the waist, butting her hard with the left shoulder and chopping an overhand right to the temple. Jessica shows grit late, digging in and punching back—girls return to that brutal one-punch trade to leave one another groggy at the bell.


R5: Jessica reaches out a lazy jab and Knowles capitalizes with a looping overhand right on the cheek, staggering the blonde and putting her on the defensive. Knowles bodies up, walking her girl to the ropes, wrapping Jessica up in the left the better to slam heartless right hands to the pudding at the blonde’s middle,. Simpson abused and clobbered from bell to bell—she can’t get her butt off the ropes and the steady punishment digs into her hips, belly, and lower back as Knowles piles on for the shutout.


R6: Jessica finds a second wind, traps Beyonce in her corner and hands out a beating as Knowles covers up and takes. Jessica big on Beyonce, palming with the left, then stuffing n beefy right hands to the tummy, or cramming it in past Knowles’ guard upstairs. Beyonce spends most of the round huddled against one set of ropes or the other corner, but as Simpson starts to tire, Beyonce opens up. Big swinging lefts and rights find Jessica’s chin as Knowles fights her way out of the corner, backing Simpson to mid ring. Startling connects have Jessica woozy and she looks to clinch—Beyonce bumping the left shoulder and wedging a meanspirited right hand to the pit of Simpson’s stomach puts the blonde wobbly butt. Wild final moments as a gutshot Jessica Simpson reels forward, trying to clinch, Beyonce bumping and shooting with murderous right hands trying to floor the blonde as the bell sounds.


R7: Both girls hurting, near exhaustion—they shoulder up at midring and start the crude, clouting single shit trading that has characterized much of the bout. Rotating counterclockwise, girls bludgeon each other into a stupor, swatting big to the head, jamming in hard to the gut, lolling for moments in one another’s arms, but never long enough to halt the action. Fight eventually wanders into a neutral corner—Beyonce finds the extra gear to overwhelm Jessica—Simpson cowering, covered up as punches splash against her tanned arms, ribs at the bell.


R8: Mouths open, eyes unfocused—girls slink to midring and go right back at it. Fighters landing 50% of their shots—they just can’t miss each other as chins and bodies are tagged relentlessly, legs are buckled, and girls keep firing back when hurt. Youthful crowd roaring, it’s plodding trade, but punches are still crisp and hurtful and loud when they land. Jessica emerges the stronger this round, going back to that stubborn assault on Beyonce’s belly, lefts and rights driving Knowles to the ropes and she clings lightly to the back of Jessica’s neck with a dazed expression. Simpson able to work under Beyonce’s high clinch, sinking in bruising punches to that sweet gut to the bell.


R9: Jessica reaches out a weak jab, just poking it at Beyonce’s face, but it’s enough to gets Knowles off balance—Jessica steps into a slinging right to the sternum and sends Beyonce off groaning in the opposite direction to the ropes. Stand and deliver beat down along the ropes as Knowles covers up, skids to her right—Simpson palming the enemy back by her shoulder, trying to put a body on Beyonce in between cudgeling right hands to the body and head. Once again, Simpson can’t keep up the pace and Knowles answers back in the final minute, bending side to side pull clubbing lefts and rights into Jessica’s slackened jaw to the bell.


R10: Girls climb back into one another’s shorts to open the 10th—mouth on shoulder slogging as each just closes her eyes and digs blindly in between the other’s hips. Simpson slowly gets the upperhand, hammering Beyonce into stupor and walking Knowles to the ropes. Suddenly Knowles falls apart—her legs are trembling, guard going feeble and Jessica starts to pour it on! SICKENING right hands plunge into Knowles’ tender midriff, Jessica shoving Beyonce back with crossed arms then PLOWING away to the chin with short right hands in close. Knowles won’t go out—Jessica starts to clinch in exhaustion and BEYONCE FIGHTS BACK! Jessica hanging off Beyonce’s neck—Simpson beaten up onto her toes as Knowles pumps right hand after right hand up into the blonde’s cuddly belly. SIMPSON IS HURT! Beyonce muscles Jessica into the ropes, reversing their positions and the beating is on! Beyonce slugging, crossing her arms and bulling an insensate Jessica back, then piling on for more—it’s CARNAGE! Simpson out on her feet as Beyonce palms left, slugs short rights to the chin at the bell—ref jumps in to break’em up. Comes back UD10 Beyonce Knowles in a thriller.


After: Both girls badly beaten in an often crude, but entertaining display of youthful exuberance. After a brief recovery period, Knowles takes Simpson for a whimpering walk of shame—side by side it’s hard to tell who’s the victor as both are badly lumped up, crippled to the body. Knowles waving wanly, guiding Jessica with an arm around the blonde’s bruised lower back—these two shared a war tonight.


Reposted by Archer 8/8/09.


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