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22 May 2006 Neve Campbell vs Sophia Myles

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Posted by Simguy on 5/22/2006, 12:38 pm.


Bootleg footage of Neve’s camp about 5 weeks out from McAdams rematch—some sparring sequences against Sophia Myles (“Arthouse Confidential”—pretty blue-eyed blonde, soft-bodied, curvy).


Small, cramped gym at an disclosed setting. Equipment (mats, ropes, vaults, nets etc) crammed against walls, in corners to make room for ring.


Neve in black t-shirt over red terrycloth Adidas trunks with white stripes at the hip (Old-fashioned Olympics style, wrestling-trunk type for, snug) pale bare legs, thick white socks at the ankle, hair back in messy gym-bun. She looks to be about q0 pounds overe fighting weight, just a gradual burn down to make weight in a few weeks, Sophia with similar t-shirt over trunks peek-a-boo bottoms look (pale blue t-shirt, white trunks with blue stripes), slouchy ankle socks—lightly tanned bare leg. She’s similar to the bigger Jewel we sometimes see when Kilcher’s not in training. Large white, stiff-looking mitts, both vixens.


Internet feed is jump-cut together—slapdash editing of electronic camera footage.


Open: Neve working Sophia at the ropes, Campbell methodical, hands up high, not crowding: Myles covering up, waiting on Neve. Campbell chopping out a heavy jab, taking Sophia in her gloves or forehead, occasionally dropping in the right hand, mopping up a hook with the elbow—forearm parallel to floor as she turns the punch over. Myles occasionally firing back wide shots: Neve covering up temples, crouching, letting the blows miss over top or splash against her guard. Neve pushing in, tieing up, and bearing Myles flat against the ropes to maintain initiative throughout.


Cut to:


Clinch n’ counter exercises. Myles instructed not to punch—just to rush Neve and te her up: Campbell to deny the clinch, or if clinched, to impose will on Myles, back her up. Sophia wide-eyed as she hops to spots, then lunges in—Neve guard up, frequently tied up, bulled to ropes as Sophia proves very strong. Grunting and little feminine whimpers as girls strain to twist each other’s backs to ropes, Neve working on hooking Sophia behind either elbow to help lever her over. Both girls hopping on one foot when the other tugs her off balance—hot n’ heavy work. Later on—Neve more successful picking Myles up with heavy jabs, sidestepping the blonde. Action whistled dead when Neve lands a strong right cross, staggering Myles to her right after about 10 minutes of this.


Cut to:


More open sparring—4 and 5 minute rounds. Neve in control throughout, using her head, shoulder and forearms to bump and bully Myles. Sophia handling herself on the inside, willing to grind tousle with Campbell, bumping with her left shoulder and putting tidy swatting lefts and rights together. Campbell evidently stronger, routinely pressing Sophia against the ropes and crowding her there, left shoulder on blonde chest, or raised guard smudging into Myles. Neve keeping the right at her cheek, clouting Myles hooks upside the head, then tucking hooks behind the elbow, then leaning onto right foot to cycle a pawing jab and reset. Neve scraping tight right uppercuts while keeping the left hand at her cheek, then throwing the left shoulder at Sophia’s mouth to discourage the clinch. Myles progressively more and more b eaten up—pouchy under the right eye, looking discouraged as minutes pile up. Eventually, hard hook catches blonde jaw, stunning Sophia; follow up hook clips her chin; wide hook digs flank, shivering blonde chassis and Myles sinks to one knee, grimacing in pain. Voice from off camera shouts “Fresh body!” as Neve turns away without apparent concern, cheeks rosey from the workout.


Cut to: Some pro-style wrestling work—Neve belly-to-belly with Sophia (who’s now changed to a yellow t-shirt, peek-a-boo green trunk bottoms), wrapping her up for a Steiner-style suplex, pivoting to the right to turn Myles, then heaving her up and over with ring-rattling crash. Voice from off-camera shouts “Good, Neve!” Campbell bouncing up off Myles, on her knees, adjusting her trunks while looking down. Sophia grimacing, knees bending as she lays on her back, hands up at her brows as she shakes off the move. Pushes up off her knee to stand, then reaches down t help Myles up off her back.


Reposted by Archer 11/9/09

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