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22 November 2000 Ali Landry vs Kristy Swanson

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Posted by Simguy on 11/22/2000, 9:03 pm


Before: Ali recently voted “Most Punchable Brunette” in BLONDE! magazine—titillating article with a series of insulting categories, complete with quotes from many of the fair haired set, including Swanson on what’s like to work Landry over. Among other slights, the word “plush” gets used—but why sue when you can slug? Both girls have something to prove—rightly recognizing each other as natural enemies. Landry in gold bikini, Swanson in teal tankini.


During R1: Swanson off to a strong start: leaning on Ali, hands low and loose, punches lifted hard up into the brunette’s breadbasket as Landry meanders away—Kristy stepping with her. Down the stretch, Ali finally warms up, shows Swanson that stiff pageant jab, but it’s not enough to undo solid blonde work through most of the stanza.


R2: Kristy keeping that methodical pace, getting her chin out over Ali’s shoulder—seemingly vulnerable, but she’s got Landry bunching forward from gut work. Swanson walking Ali back, using the left to casually turn or cradle her foe, holding Landry for pumping rights from the thigh—Ali boxing in spots, but laying in and taking for the most part.


R3: Ali busier, a little sharper with her feet this round, gets off first, pounds the jab and circles to her left as Swanson seeks access. Kristy blocking well, not taking much punishment but she gets steered this round—Landry moving her girl where she wants, taking over the tactical initiative.


R4: Ali Landry gets her groove back. Hard jabs to the face set up thudding hooks to the stomach, then it’s shoulder work to get Swanson moving back. Ali working Kristy to nthe ropes, then opening up Cliff Etienne style, putting short, clubbing punches together as Kristy straightens, dukes up, but getting punished and finally clinching for the break. Pattern repeats as Ali wins the exchanges, bullies Kristy slowly to the ropes, then opens up, getting great head movement on Swanson and stunning her in the middle minute. Goes as shutout for Landry—she beats Kristy pillar to post this round—Swanson a little wobbly butt en route to her corner.


R5: More of the same: Ali pitching, Kristy catching.; problem for Swanson is she’s standing too tall against the ropes, hands high, blocking a lot of shots, but without head movement. Ali’s teeing off. Landry really not taking it inside—she’s outboxing Kristy midring, moving her to the perimeter and pouring on clubbing lefts and rights until Swanson can smother. Swanny all scuffed up at the bell—Landry starting to strut a little.


R6: Hard driving, two-way slugging a crowd pleaser from bell to bell. Both girls weathering one another’s punches very well—each soaking up stern tests to her chin and answering right back. Landry still trying to fight textbook pageant style—but kristy often collapsing the jab, leaning in and lifting her mitts up underneath doing damage this round. Stanza ends with Ali’s butt on the ropes—Swanson working her over with that holding and hitting to the body routine that has Landry groaning at the bell.


R7: Intensity goes to the next level—girls are stepping in and smashing one another’s faces with sharp 2 and 3 punch blasts, each enduring, answering back in toe to toe action. Fight careens across the ring, but Landry slowly gains control in a series of life and death exchanges. Down the stretch—a grimacing Kristy Swanson on retreat, getting walked down, clubbed, then stalked again as Landry emerges dominant.


R8: Good first minute for Kristy as she steps with Ali against the ropes, buckling the brunette forward with right hands from the hip—Kristy just curling the punch up into that “plush” body. Landry takes over with a nice clinch-and-turn to get back to midring, consolidates behind a punishing rangefinder, and down the stretch she has Swanson eating hard one-twos up the middle as Kristy charges in. dying seconds: Swanson jarred onto her heels with a one-two on the side of the jaw—Landry able to reload and splatter another right hand on the cheek to nearly put Kristy’s knee on the canvas.


R9: Swanson roaring back, PUNISHING the body with heaving lefts and rights—punches curling up from down low as Swanson turns her tanned shoulders into the work. Landry buckling, gritting her teeth as she soaks it up, but Kristy not letting up. Blonde batters brunette from corner to corner, Landry all hunched up and hurt, unable to get off herself. Swanson looking over her prey, works inside and out of Ali’s drawn in elbows, polishing up the midriff, hips and sides with slinging power punches—fists bouncing off the golden body, splashing sweat off the beaten brunette’s back.


R10: Ali pumping jabs, backs Kristy into the ropes then piles on. Vicious assault pours forth, lefts and rights beating arms and head as Swanson is overwhelmed—punches breaking hard against the face—Kristy reeling and SWANSON GOES DOWN! Blood from the nostril as a shellshocked Kristy Swanson staggers to her feet to take 8. War in the corner as Landry closes I to finish and SWANSON STAETS BEATING HER TO THE PUNCH! Girls trading left and right—Swanson just clouting Landry step by step back to mid ring, Landry adjusting, steps back to rework the jab—catching Swanson coming in and don the stretch, Landry steps right, drops a slashing right cross over Swanson’s shoulder, bending into the punch and taking a picture as Kristy buckles in pain-wracked swoon. Swanson’s legs straighten—but she’s helpless as she clatters to the ropes. Landry with her hands at her sides, struts over to finish as the bell ends the slugging frenzy. Goes as UD10 Ali Landry to hysterical applause.


After: Swanson soaking up the hardest right hand of her career in the tenth, refuses to be stopped, but she’s helpless to prevent the walk of shame afterwards. Is there anyone as full of herself as Ali giving the walk? All pageant form, the smile, the hand about the battered blonde’s waist—brunette all serene with that little wave—images will haunt Kristy for weeks to come. Ali gloating in post fight, mocking Kristy’s magazine comments and glorying in the ruin caused by her devastating rights down the stretch—Landry’s best outing in a long while.


Reposted by Archer 8/29/09

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