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23 Aug 2008 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Allison Mack

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Posted by simguy on 8/23/2008


Before: Hewitt really wowing onlookers at early weigh-ins: Jen's toned up, slimmed down, looking fitter than she has in years - and she's ready to wield her beauty as a weapon. "Allison's one of those girls who kind of chokes up against prettier fighters," Hewitt shrugs matter-of-fact. "It's true - so I felt like I wanted to come in - not only strong - but hot. I know it's working because I can see how discouraged Ali is already. You can always lift weights and run miles to get in shape - but there's not much you can do about humdrum looks. I feel like I'm already up 3 rounds on her!" Mack pursing her lips, clearly antagonized. "Newsflash - you're not hotter than me," Allison stresses at the podium. "Let's not even talk about who's stronger - I'll save you the embarrassment. I'm not playing these little mind games with Jenny. You guys know what I'm all about. I'll back Jen up, break her down to the body, then polish her off. She's going to start off sexy, but she'll end up shabby, and guess what? Suddenly, I won't feel so 'intimidated' by her!" Jen in bright purple bikini; long hair softly curled at the ends; black gloves. Allison in black bikini; black gloves; soft blonde bob.


During R1: Allison methodical, taking the fight to Jen. Spitting jabs from the blonde - then she's forward with clubbing rights and lefts, bouncing mitts off Jen's head and shoulders. Hewitt adopting sturdy V guard: elbows together at her stomach; hands either side her face - she's receiving clout in good order - buffeted, but unyielding. Mack backing Jen up in stages - sees the sturdiness, goes right at it. Allison pounding waist and both biceps in what amounts to a softening barrage bell to bell.


R2: Jen returns the favour - dropping a hammer-style jab from her guard onto Mack's face and chest, backing blonde up early. Hewitt disciplined - bringing hands back to form V after she gets off: Mack responds to offending biceps, but is quickly chopped on her face and breasts as Hewitt counters well off the block. Allison rudely backed up in stages, unable to penetrate - meanwhile, Jen's collecting touches. Down the stretch, Hewitt drops a short right hand tidy to chin - jerking Ali a quarter turn right and loosening her up. Wide, straight-arm hook bats at Ali's breasts as Jen slugs from outside Mack's left shoulder; sidearm right takes Mack in the lower back - Jen delivering short with her elbow in close to her hip. Ali crippled at the ropes, covering up with her right side against cables: Jen smites her another right hand in the lumbar as ref wades in at bell. "DON'T!" Mack shouts, hot with hurt as she clutches at her back.


R3: Jen marches on Ali in that confident V-front. Sharp, hammer-drop jabs startle Mack to her face, jolting her wide-eyed: Hewitt quickly reforming V, blocks receipts on her arms, then drops short, hacking punches onto Mack's face and breasts. Ali backing up - Jen stepping-with, keeping the jab on - really imposing will. Second minute - Jen's getting work done on Ali along the aprons: simple stalking pressure,;good blocking defence; short accurate punches making the difference. Bell: Allison windblown - a little wobbly butt: she's taking an unexpected amount of punishment early.


R4: Spirited Mack offensive sees her bash away head and shoulders on tightly-covered up Jen: Hewitt absorbs, crouching in her V - then retaliates, cuffing and chopping Allison senseless. Mack thrown back in disarray - eyes wide with confusion: as she's trying to regroup, Jen steps in and jabs her mouth, follows up with a crisp hammer-drop right hand. Midway through, girls exchanging hooks: Ali's detonate on Jen's right flank and arm; Hewitt's swat through to chin and ear as she just tips torso-right, gets off with the elbow in close to her body. Down the stretch, Hewitt hounding Mack at apron: Jen covers up, absorbs a thumping shelling to her shoulders, then neatly picks up Allison's chin via the right uppercut. MACK'S HURT! Ali stutter-stepping at ropes, momentarily in swoon: JEN COMES AT HER HARD! Hewitt steps in with a short right cross, swiveling Allison's head; sitting her in ropes. Jen leans in behind the compact V, crouches down, jerks the left uppercut to Allison's midsection, punching the air out of blonde lungs. Still on the front (left) foot, Jen swats a tidy hook across quivering blonde abs, then straightens, arching her back to get a vicious, clipping right uppercut onto Mack's chin. ALLISON SLUMPS AGAINST ROPES! Mack's curvy legs holding her up, but she's shipwrecked - swooning on the spot, eyes suddenly glassy and forlorn. Left hook to the face rocks Mack's head back over top rope - as it lolls sadly forward THE REF JUMPS IN! Good Lord - TKO4 Jennifer Love Hewitt!


After: Hewitt hopping away all jugs a-jumpin' - big, healthy smile on her face as she crisply disposes of a very strong, very sturdy former champ in 4 brisk heats. Mack crying wearily into official's chest: Allison devastated by the mysterious power Hewitt seems to wield over her. UD10, now TKO4: "At this rate," Hewitt quips on camera, "I'll be stopping Allison at the weigh in! Seriously - you know - Ali Landry's always talking about how fights are won and lost on the scales - when the other girl gets her first taste of what you're bringing - and I really felt that was true this time out. When Allison saw that I was looking my best, the heart just went out of her - she wilted in my heat. It's something that maybe only me, Landry, and a few other girls can do consistently: kill hope with our bodies." HBO suits very nervous with Lacey lurking nearby and Allison in bludgeoned stupor - JKO's known to take advantage of such situations in the past; you just never know.

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