23 Aug 2008 Kristen Bell vs Brenda Song




Posted by simguy on 8/23/2008, 9:10 am

Before: Song busy in prefight trying to come up with musical puns involving 'bell' and 'song' - Kristen's altogether more pragmatic in her comments. "It's a good time to check Brenda," Bell explains. "She was hot, but she's coming off a loss, so it's good to keep the pressure on her. Beating her also maintains my ranking - which is important - 'cause at flyweight, you can be out of there after just one PPV. And also, you know, I've never liked Brenda's attitude in the sport. We're serious celebrity-athletes and her frivolity always strikes me as unprofessional. So there you go - plenty of good reasons to beat Brenda up!" Song in black bikini with gold ring connections; small black work out gloves. Kris in fun bandeau top with neck strap support and sturdy bottoms (pale blue squiggly print); scrappiest beach ponytail in boxing; small white work out mitts.

During R1: Song's attitude gets stone-cold professional at the bell - she squirts across the ring, batting straight-arm hooks across Bell's tummy/straight right hands up top. Bell forced back early, turning at the ropes; by the minute mark, she's firming. Kris electing to move in - engaging toe-to-toe: girls' heads and raised dukes all collected together in a tight grouping. Nasty, short, clouting punches from both - hooks and uppercuts - each lass bringing mitts back quick to her temples to form guard. Kris busier, bossier - she'll pump the odd jab into Brenda's chest to pre-empt her, or push Brenda's guard with the heels of hands before striking her. Brisk up-tempo tap-n'-touch gives Bell a competitive first.

R2: Song's eyes narrow as she sees what Krissy's up to: Brenda showing a little leg, trying to create distance for her free-flowing powershots. Bell bobbing and weaving, scooting-to - trying to fight off Song's chest - nice rapid pace as blonde walks brunette down, while brunette walks blonde into sock. Both girls scoring - even round till late, when Song nearly sits Kristen down with a ringing left uppercut. Krissy's head flipped back (face to ceiling); Bell's sturdy body does a queasy whipsaw- she steps back stunned, arms at her sides, face blank with astonished hurt. Brenda pounces in with a right hand off the left foot/left off the right foot to send Bell reeling to ropes at the break. Song dancing back to her corner all grins and shimmying shoulders: lighting Bell up makes Brenda happy.

R3: Song hurt Bell last round, goes at her without pity now. Kristen loose, still groggy: she's got dukes at temples, leaning in with Song, but Brenda's doing all the punching. Tough to watch - Kris stumbling forward, cringing as Song hooks her behind the elbow, or drives a right into the body like she's trying to stamp her way THROUGH blonde torso. Brenda working furiously, but in control - scraping away hooks and uppercuts up top at close range - often pushing Bell in her gloves or shoulders to reset her. Kris waving back don't-hurt-me punches - no pepper on these swings: Brenda almost always crippling Kris with don't-you-dare body shots in reprisal. Goes to bell - Brenda grinding on Kristen for a bitter 10-8 without the knockdown.

R4: Song with another hard-working round: now SHE'S the one looking to square up close and scrub away. Bell outpunched two-to-one, but showing signs of life. She's slipping the odd punch - starting to hook Brenda's midsection with a bit more vigor. Song begins what could be a determined campaign to subjugate Kristen's modest rack - ripping away lusty left and right uppercuts all teeth bared/eyes flashing. Crowd pleasing fight - normally mobile beauties are basically standing in front of each other in tight guards, scrounging for constant contact.

R5: Krissy catches second wind, outslugs Song midring to shake Brenda's legs at the open. Song scoots away, looking to circle the perimeter: Kris slashing in on top of her, touching her the jab, then setting up close-quarters. Second minute proves how serious KBell really is here - she's going at Brenda with murderous, tight punches - snatching at Bren's ribs, bouncing leather off her waist, clanging away on her chin. Song beaten up in the exchanges, then staggering away before her knees can give way - Bell in hopping pursuit. Brenda chased from one set of ropes to another, from one corner to the next - constant, scrubbing pressure. Song swooning late - deeply discouraged, eyes forlorn: she's hurting, can't keep her foe off her - and Krissy just keeps digging at her. Torrid beatdown at the ropes - Bell just working, working,working - head pushing in between Song's mitts as punches rip away and BRENDA GOES DOWN! It's all too much - exhausted, battered Song wilts to canvas - first to all fours - then to face-and-knees as she tries pathetically to rally. That's it - Bren can't get off her knees: KO5 in come-back fashion, Kristen Bell.

After: Song checked and rechecked by blondes in back to back fights: FCBA veterans finally starting to dial in on this explosive young Asian. Bell seething for moments afterward - pacing her side of the ring while glaring as Brenda's taken to her stool. Kris badly hurt tonight - nearly stopped herself - she needed to engage 100% physically and emotionally to get back into the fight - can't just switch the adrenaline off right away. "I know what Brenda wants to do in the ring," Kris says when her blood cools, "and I just refused to let her. She ripped me some good shots - I won't lie and say she never hurt me - but I knew crowding her and pressuring was definitely the right thing to do. I exposed Brenda Song as a cheap little bully tonight - she doesn't like it tit-for-tat."