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23 Aug 2008 Title Ch Jessica Biel vs Kaley Cuoco

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Posted by simguy on 8/23/2008, 9:23 am, in reply to "Weekend PPV: Kristianna Loken vs Nadia Bjorlin"


Before: "I always said I wanted to see her do it again," Jessica says of Kaley's previous victory over her. "Everyone knows that was an off night for me. Kaley was very consistent and outworked me - but those things happen. I'm telling you right now - with the title on the line - Kaley Cuoco will not beat me again. She'll hurt like she hasn't hurt in a while when I'm through with her, and she's finally going to realize there's a pretty big step up from where she is to where I am. I hope she's satisfied with the little run she's had, because as of right now, it's over." Cuoco can't stop smiling - catapulted into this title contest by a wonderful outclassing of Ali Larter: only Jessica Biel remains. "I've known all along that I'd have to step up and get Jessica beat again," Kaley admits at the podium. "A lot of people - Jessica included - still think that night was one of 'those' nights - an aberration. But me and my camp know better: we've got Jessica clocked - we've got her all mapped out, and I've never been so confident going into an important fight. Most of you know that getting to Jessica Biel used to be priority one for me: now I've got the chance to blow by her and reach heights I honestly have never dreamed of before. I can't wait to fight with her!" Kaley iin black bikini, black gloves, beach ponytail with bangs. Jessica in taupe bikini, black gloves; shoulder length blonde tangle curls.

During R1: Tactical feeling out - both girls ranging clockwise, pouncing in and out. Jess making her strength known to Kaley's ribcage - champ batting away quick right/lefts as Cuoco's covering up. Both girls anticipating well - pulling back from aggression, then quickly countering to threaten the other in turn. Kaley raking her double-hook across Jessica's front in spots - but Biel's the aggressor, generally in charge through 1. Virginie Ledoyen very vocal from ringside: standing; hooting; whistling - encouraging her stablemate on.

R2: Jess cuts the ring off on Kaley, edges in with left shoulder in Cuoco's chest, making Kaley swap. Girls flat footed, bumping shoulder-to-shoulder, swiping and cuffing in close. Very supple, relaxed postures - girls easing forward onto front (left) feet, then leaning onto back (right) feet while bending and twisting at the waist. Punches flow smoothly from the balance-transfers - short-swiping hooks and chopping right hands off either foot. Kaley especially vigorous with that double left hook, clouting at Jessica's mouth or breasts. Jess busy off the shoulder bump, swatting away up and down Kaley's flanks to good effect. Biel a little stronger in the trenches - whenever a backward step is taken, it's usually Kaley easing back to regroup. Jessica nodding confidently to her corner as she's prancing back: this is more like it for Team Biel.

R3: Jess liking it inside - sporty legs quickly cutting off the ring, then she's edging in to work Kaley's ribcage. Cuoco giving ground throughout - but in good order - usually pressing up with her left shoulder first, then stepping well back. Biel the boss till late when Kaley fades back in good position, waits on her right leg, and smites Jess a lashing check-hook counter as Biel's pouncing inside. JESSICA'S WOBBLY BUTT! Strongest glutes in all boxing give a shimmy as Biel stumbles for balance: Cuoco quickly shifts right, leans in and lashes a thumping buggy-whip right hand in above Jessi's left hip. Biel groaning, dukes up in earmuff: Kaley steals the third with late power, getting herself into the fight.

R4: Jess shakes off punishment, resumes her attack. She's pressurizing Kaley all around the ring - Biel's legs able to keep pace and contain Kaley's. Girls easing in shoulder to shoulder, hands low, elbows in - they swat and cuff in close - short, swiping deliveries working on stubborn tummies and proud ribs. Both girls cuffing jug with tasty left hand swipes. Both girls attempting cute little right uppercuts off the back (right) foot in spots - only Jessi's able to land with any regularity. Pleasing, tense, supple slugging - Biel touching Cuoco up for more points in the fourth. Kaley frowning at the canvas en route to her corner: Jessica's really dictating ring-geometry thus far.

R5: Jessica continues to dictate. Early action features Biel moving-with, shadowing Cuoco around the ring, whittling down the distance and slowly moving in. Cuoco trying to sidestep with the ol' bump-and-roll, but Jessica's not having it: Biel's soccer-player legs answering Kaley's tennis-girl gams, easily keeping Cuoco in front. Latter half the round is all tasty shoulder-to-shoulder - Girls in there digging hooks to breadbasket, swiping hooks to jug, chopping short-righty to chin. Biel able to put together crisp right hand/left uppercut combos at snug-range. Kaley hooking effectively off the left-shoulder bump, fetching Biel leather to tummy, tits and chin. Neither lass rocked, but steady attrition seems to be favouring Jessica. Kaley again outworked, getting banged up on her arms and body by a vigilant Jessica Biel in the fifth. Hardworking smile, Jessica Biel as she trots back to her corner. Kaley's brow knit in a frustrated, thoughtful frown en route to hers.



Cuoco/Biel conc.


Posted by simguy on 8/23/2008, 9:23 am, in reply to "Jessica Biel vs Kaley Cuoco title bout pt1"


R6: Kaley hurts Jess at the open: crunching step-in left uppercut of the kind that devastated Erica Durance. Biel stamping back on her heels in wonder: Cuoco surges to the attack. Vicious, strafing flurry of lefts and rights tears at Jess along ropes: she hits her own corner in a fog, crouching forward in swoon as Kaley bounces a pair of hooks off Jessica's face. Biel staggers to her right - exiting the corner - Kaley stepping-with, slashing the buggywhip right hands to Jessica's left flank with meaty thumping impacts. Jess reeling - curvy legs holding her up, but she's windblown all around the ring. Kaley merciless in pursuit - hacking viciously with buggywhips in above Biel's left hip; ripping hooks to tummy and chin; carving left and right uppercuts through the middle. Biel in tatters - staggering away from shock, rallying, then hurt again as Cuoco pounces without hesitation. Midway through - Kaley pounds a right flat to Jessi's face; doubles the right into an uppercut, setting the champ stamping back on her heels, jugs a-jumpin'. Kaley moves in - confident she's got Jessica softened - blonde leaning her chin over Biel's right shoulder, keeping hips back for punching room underneath. TORRID drumming torso-thump applied - Biel's face pinched in swoon - her right arm threaded loosely in under Kaley's left; Cuoco hustling in hup-hup leather PUM PUM PUM PUM PUM - beating Jess to a seat in ropes. JESSICA'S DOWN! Beaten to her knees by thunderous body blows - Kaley skipping away with a shout - jogging to neutral corner all grins and ponytails. Biel in rags - pulling herself up and swaying at the ropes - she lifts dukes to her eyebrows, butt back in ropes for support as HERE COMES KALEY! Cuoco eyes-bright - strides in, shows the right hand but brings an oily hook across instead: vicious, curling clout toggles Biel's chin. KALEY'S CRANKING HOOKS! Blonde setting her mouthwatering hips, grunting as she twists torso-right, pulling left hands across in tight-swatting groundstrokes LOOSENING JESSI UP! Biel undone, hands lowering as her head switches left/lolls back forward. BIEL'S DOWN! Jessica half-turning away from the harm, twisting to her right and sinking to her left knee: she's blubbering groggily, badly battered. Cuoco bats mitts together, hops to her left while eagerly drinking in the sight: Jessica humbled! Biel fights off the KO, rising on trembling legs: she beats the count, tottering at the ropes, face bleak with hurt. Cuoco hugging her trainer, getting settled down as guy tells her to "focus". Biel? Vigorous thigh message as she's sitting slumped on her stool; enswell applied to swelling brows and cheeks.

R7: Kaley grinning as she sees the shabbiness of Jess: Biel reeling - dukes up loose around her chin, swollen eyes half shut, lips parted. Cuoco stoops, jabs the tummy, jumps out of range as Jess waves a weak receipt short. Kaley shimmying her shoulders, then hooking Jessica's tits: blatant swat to jug designed to break Jessi's spirit at this point, proving Kaley can take what she wants. Biel trudging forward with a shoving right/wide left hook: Kaley slips left/right underneath, slides back half a step in her stance, then rips a savage snapping hook to Jessica's ribs, bringing the mitt back quick. Kaley creep-steps to her right - right at her chest, left at her gut. Kaley: turns into a quick right cross, smiting drowsy jess across the mouth. Kaley: dip-right to reset, then a quick right uppercut - her back arching as she gets it strong off the right (back) foot. THERE GO JESSI'S LEGS! Sad-to-see whipsaw snakes through Biel's body and legs, swaying her gently on the spot: her hands drop to her hips, torso lolling forward. Right cross Kaley, chopping Jess to chin; right uppercut Kaley, clipping chin; tasty, short-shrugging hook turned into Jessica's breasts from close-in. BIEL GOES DOWN! Shoved backward by the chest-punch - Jessica totters, then sprawls to her back, hands up above her head and it's OVER! KO7 in shocking fashion for the winner and NEW lightweight champion - Kaley Cuoco!

After: Mt. Cuoco erupts, pouring punch after accurate punch to the hardest body in boxing until Jessica's will is broken - shattering, come-from-behind KO sees Cuoco finally complete one of her career-long goals: beat Biel for a title. "Oh my God," Kaley stands with hands at her cheeks, eyes gushing tears of joy. "Oh my God - this...this is what I've trained for my whole career - this moment. I'll tell you this - Jessica did NOT go quietly into that good night! I had to get to CHOPPIN' on that girl - she just wasn't giving in - even when I had her busted up and going down. I hurt both my hands on her ribcage, but I didn't care - I knew I had to keep on her with everything I had. She's great, I mean that sincerely - but I want my respect from her now. She's always looked down at me with movie-star swagger; she's never given me credit for beating her the first time - but now she has to admit: I'm the better woman. Me - a little blonde TV sit-com actress stepped up and STOPPED Miss Pound for pound COLD!"

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