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23 December 2006 Title Ch Rachel McAdams vs Jewel Kilcher

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Part 1:


Posted by Simguy on 12/23/2006, 2:15 pm.


Before: Jewel anxious to answer to a tuff loss to Neve Campbell—proud blonde with a chance to make all good with a title shot. “Loken will hold against Natasha,” Jewel asserts in prefight, ‘so I’ve got a great chance to extend Krusher dominion down past 120. Once we sweep the Mountees aside, we’ve got a real shot to control boxing in 2007!” McAdams well-used to grand plans and maniacal stratagems—Rachel staying composed at the dais, “I’m excited by this challenge,” McAdams admits at the pdoum, “both from the Krushers as a whole and from Jewel in particular, It’s a chance for us to step up and prove we belong with them, woman for woman. And I know how tough Jewel can be—if she’s on, she could well be my hardest opponent to date—so it’s just a real thrill, top to bottom!” Rachel in sport-cut bikini top, maple leaf motif; solid red bottoms; red gloves with white knuckle bars. Jewel in slick low ponytail; white halter-style bikini (twist tied), navy fern-print; solid navy bottoms; white gloves.


During R1: Jewel advanced behind her “frame” guard: right hand cupping her temple; left hand at her mouth, jab thrusting out and down from the shoulder as she steps forward. Rachel’s weight forward, right at cheek, left a little put front, pumping hard jabs from the shoulder while pivoting left. Kilcher looking to step close, sweep a right roundhouse thick to middle, mop up hooks. Rachel pinging away straight one-twos off her front (left) foot—mostly working up top, but occasionally dipping shoulder to hook at jewel’s midriff. Kilcher’s blocking defense very sturdy—tough to penetrate clean: Rachel’s blocking also good, plus sidestepping footwork making her elusive. Round to McAdams as she turns Jewel, controlling if not hurting the blonde in the first.


R2: Jewel ever-forward—peering out from her tight frame, jabbing hard—relentless pressure has effect this round.. Mac wincing from Jewel’s thudding rights to the flank and waist—Rachel getting a little loose when a VERY hard hook clips her tidy to chin midway through. McAdams stomping in fence post holes—shaken: Jewel scowling, hard-eyed as she pumps another pair of stubby jabs up top, then STEPS into Rachel’s waist a ripping hook. Groan of pain, Rachel Mac—she sags to ropes, earmuffed up, tilted forward to soak her beating, Jewel obliges—thick, pounding shellack dished out—Jewel busting Rache in her body, then shoving her in her shoulders or leaning into her. Blonde getting big, getting brawny in the second, sends champ to her corner wobbly butt.


R3: Jewel stepping and jabbing her way forward—just chipping and smashing at the defences, then edging in close enough to strap home heavy rights and lefts, Rachel buffeted off stride—covering up at her temples, getting herself walked around as Kilcher smashes away. Down the stretch, Rachel firms—slips in under a Kilcher right, answers a tidy left hook and JEWEL’S HURT! Kilcher suddenly staggered, crosses arms instinctively, leaning forward into a withering barrage of batting rights and lefts on her flanks. Rache leans onto right foot while clawing a pair of tidy hooks against Jewel’s chin: mouthpiece flutters off Kilcher teeth as blonde finishes up shabby in the third.


R4: Pumping left jab/right cross up the middle—DOWN GOES RACHEL! McAdams caught tic-toc in  between her mitts—she sits down stunned, shaking her head as jewel strides past, glaring down,. Mac up at 8—clear eyed, but rattled: Jewel punching extraordinarily crisp tonight, putting punches together and hurting Rachel. Jewel gets on top quick—jabbing Rache against ropes, then strapping right/left to waist—McAdams cringing forward, lips curling back off teeth, more body work—Jewel dipping her shoulders and DIGGING into Rachel underneath, sometimes 2 lefts or rights in succession –blonde looming over her girl as poor McAdams groans forward, Jewel palming Rachel’s shoulders, leaning into her to stack—then smashing away—good muscular thumping administered as Rachel tries to keep it together, McAdams defence holding up top despite the pounding—but her ribs and waist pay a steep price—Jewel scoring some of the thickest blows thus fair in mopping up Rachel’s midsection.


R5: Rachel-the-champ shows up--coming off the knockdown last round to stabilize the ship with a shutout fifth. PUMPING jabs from Rachel—not always penetrating jewel’s frame, but the constant hammer-taps against the guard keeping Kilcher from getting off. Rache pivoting ‘round her lead (left) foot, dropping in the odd straight right—everything quick and crisp, giving Jewel no chance to answer. Kilcher blocking much of the work, but Rachel’s hooks finding a home in the waist and rightside ribs—McAdams able to put rigid 2s and 3s together, then turn Kilcher midring.


Kilcher/McAdams conc.


Posted by Simguy on 12/23/2006, 2:16 pm.


R6: More sharp punching from Rachel—she jams a brisk one-two past Jewel’s mmitts to bang back blonde head: while Jewel’s dealing with bit, Rache rips a hook to floating rib that buckles her blonde’s knees. McAdams DIGGING follow up hooks to the same spot—pounding around and underneath the protective right elbow Jewel gritting her teeth, leaning forward hurrrt as she feels Rachel’s might downstairs. Mac sidestepping after delivering—showing plenty of respect for Jewel: Rachel setting down to do harm, but not hanging around one second longer than necessary. Pumping jab has jewel under control—Rachel steering Kilcher—champ keeping her back clear of ropes—dropping in quick rather than hard right hands just to spank Jewel’s face. Kilcher shaking off the hurt late, able to answer with right hands up top/left hooks downstairs to engage Rache in feisty toe-to-toe late. Bell: Angry glares all around—both women feeling the strength of the other through six as neither can impose will thus far.


R7: Rachel consolidates, taking her third straight round after suffering the knockdown. Piston jabs, lateral movement the basic recipe: straight, jotting right hands off the lead left foot and batting, lathering hooks fill out the menu. Jewel frowning, hands up around her head she crouches, bobs, weaves—she’s still edging forward, but at terrifi9c cost as McAdams douses her with punches, then moves along. RIPPING sequence of full-bodied rights and lefts to jewel’s paunch in middle-minute action nearly put Jewel on bended knee—sensational combination wallop brings many in the audience to their feet as Kilcher groans, Rachel steps away narrow-eyed. Body work finally loosening Jewel’s tight frame just a smidge; that rivet-gun jab of Rachel’s starting to bust Kilcher up around the eyes through 7.


R8: Hard fighting, all around the ring, Jewel grimly coming forward against Rachel’s pulsing jab—it’s expensive, but effective as Kilcher’s able to re-establish roundhouse blows to the ribcage, both hands. McAdams’ jab still supreme—hammering away in doubled-up rhythms against Jewel’s skull; short right hand follow up; ripping hook downstairs as Rache pops hips-right. Rache so smart with her feet—always stepping off her left, making Jewel adjust—Kilcher unable to stand mouth on shoulder and bang away as McAdams keeps the initiative. Bell, Rachel forcing icy eye-contact—unspoken message loud and clear in redhead gaze: I’m beating you.


R9: Bitter fighting—slowly but surely, it’s Rachel, Jewel finally forced in stages to back up—McAdams now willing to go toe-to-toe, driving straight up the middle, off the jab now, Rachel’s leaning in close, tucking the right hand up snug into Jewel’s solar plexus; beautifully placed blows punching air past Kilcher’s lips in breathy little whimpers. Midway through, Jewel’s back hits ropes: still has dukes up, but she’s staring, open mouthed. Rachel bumping with her shoulders, pushing and jostling, then pounding Jewel in her tummy, working her ibs and jugs—Rache upping tempo, pouring it on as Kilcher falls off the pace. Jewel still competing—swinging back hard on occasion—but Rachel’s work rate, stiff punching starting to have numbing effect on brave blonde challenger. Jewel griping to ref after the bell: Rachel very aggressive to rack that round and Kilcher didn’t like it.


R10: Rachel jabs Jewel to ropes, treats her to a majestic beating as McAdams salts away the tenth bell to bell. OH, that right hand tucked up into the body—just a short, muscular pump after Rachel’s pre-occupied Jewel with spicy jabs—Kilcher sagging, crestfallen when it lands, unable to immediately answer. Jewel’s hurt, trying to clinch around Rachel’s elbow—McAdams wriggling free, bumping free, being very rough with Jewel now—after jostling comes the punches in thick, compact bunches. Jewel often stooping forward behind her mitts, sullenly soaking up chugging of short lefts and rights against her breasts—Krusher beauty grimacing, but soaking up as though she has no other options. Kilcher roasted, beaten soundly at the ropes, but holding it together: Hands are up, she’s still blocking, stubbornly refusing t be routed. Just good work from Rache—tons of crisp, snapping punches biting into and bouncing off of blonde flesh. Bell: jewel reeling, tears standing in her eyes—Rachel with more meaningful eye-contact, making sure Jewel gets it, UD10 Rachel McAdams.


After: Kilcher drops the champ, gives her hell in the first half—but Rachel Mac showing her pedigree pulls away down the stretch. “She’s very, very strong.” Rachel admits, white towel around her neck, “she reminds me of lightweight I’ve sparred with. I tried to hook her to the body like Neve did, but jewel was very firm—I know I hurt her, but I didn’t feel like she was really weakening the way I wanted her to. I just took her apart, you know? I kept the pace high, I boxed her, I put volumes in her and eventually,  she gave me her throat a little bit.”


Reposted by Archer 11/17/09

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