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23 September 2000 Ali Landry vs Pamela Paulshock

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 23-Sep-00 10:42:55


Before: Landry the forgotten big woman, takes this fight in conjunction with a Stuff Magazine pictorial to regain some spotlight. Paulshock seen as a marginal opponent, but Landry rusty after a long layoff, and Pamela showing some heartstopping power in her last outing—wiseguys aren’t as confident as Ali coming in. Landry in gold bikini (see this month’s Stuff), Pamela in tight white shorts, heavy leather Canadian Maple Leaf bikini.


R1: Landry looking to box, but Pamela goes straight for the jugs with mauling, brawling lefts and rights—drags Landry into the gutter with meanspirited attack. Girls tumble along the ropes, holding and uppercutting one another in the cups—referee breaks don’t mean much as both beauties want back in to continue the sensitive slugging. Girls come away with tears on their cheeks—Landry doing more damage, but Pamela’s got the classy brunette fighting the wrong fight.


R2: Ali getting a lecture in her corner, gets up on her toes and shows that spiking pageant jab, pounding it off Pamela’s available face early. Paulshock coming back midway through with right hands to the breasts and once again Landry’s focus drifts. Reckless brawl rambles to a corner—girls slugging it up close, just stuffing short right uppercuts into one another’s jugs. Down the stretch, Paulshock with a WCW move, wraps Ali into a headlock, twists her to the corner and the ref issues a break—Pamela leans into a go-home eight hand flush on the jaw to the unwary Landry. ALI GOES DOWN! Stunned, on her butt in the corner, Ali struggles up the ropes to save the bout but she is DAZED. Pamela all high fives and happy yelps in her corner.


R3: Ali can’t shake off that sucker punch and Pamela tackles her into her corner for more holding and hitting. Ali helpless, reaching for Pamela as the blonde digs short right hands across her jugs or mouth. Repeated breaks from the ref see Pamela just wade back in as Landry sags drowsily on the ropes. Paulshock having her brutal way this round, finishes up with a series of clubbing right hands on the ear as Landry buckles forward.


R4: Paulshock back on top—beefy girls juggle to the ropes—Pamela doing the bullying as Ali looks slack-jawed and hurt. Landry bent forward, eyes closed, gives it up downstairs as Pamela lustily helps herself to belly with free swinging lefts and rights. Landry’s legs tremble midway through as Paulshock sinks in hard, hard body shots.


R5: Ali Landry makes her stand. Meeting Pamela midring—Landry pre-empts the blonde with pounding jab up the middle, then bodies up—Paulshock can’t extend on her sweeping, brawling blows. Ali hitting the body hard, taking it out of those legs with short scrubbing blows to the ribs and midriff. Paulshock soaking up the shutout, looks gassed at the bell as Landry has her best round.


R6: Shutout Ali Landry. Ali setting the table with the jab, then getting her body on Pamela, walking the blonde around the ring, keeping Pamela on her heels and working exclusively to the gut with thudding short strokes. Pamela ashen-faced, clinching outside Landry’s arms but getting used up as Landry hurts her repeatedly inside the hips. Landry looking more confident as she gives a hurting Pamela a haughty glare at the bell.


R7: Landry the bully now, Pamela’s staggering around the ring—Ali stepping with her, keeping her head on Paulshock and reefing lefts to the stomach, rights around the back to bash up that kidney. Landry working methodically, just grinding Paulshock up—occasionally twists a short right uppercut t the jugs as Pamela breaks down. Landry’s third shutout in a row.


R8: Shutout Ali Landry. Grinding, tortuous beat down continues, with Landry walking Pamela all over the ring, stuffing her mitts into the gut and around the side, bouncing punches off Pamela’s body whenever she bends forward. Pamela gasping, clinching—she njust has no answer for the inside pressure of the brunette.


R9: Pamela scores some points early sweeping wide right hands to cuff Ali’s ear as Landry forgets to jab her way inside. Takes Landry a minute to get inside where she can pound away, but down the stretch, Pamela’s headlocking or armlocking her opponent to a standstill as the ref issues a series of breaks. Sloppy round goes as a draw.


R10: Ali wading in, walking into a clocking wide right hand on the jaw and LANDRY IS HURT! Ali stumbling forward to the ropes as Pamela jumps her and the brunette covers up! Pamela bracing her feet starts propelling lefts and rights onto the brunette in an effort to finish. Landry covering up tight, does a good job of bouncing up against the ropes and moving her head as Paulshock forgets to work the body. By the midway point, Pamela’s arm weary and Ali starts to chip away with clipping hooks to the stomach or jaw from that tight guard. Ali fights her way off the ropes to finish up strong mid ring—Pamela’s early flurry carries the round. Crowd pleasing donnybrook goes as a draw.


After: Landry hard on herself in the aftermath, knows a draw against a valet is going to be ridiculed in some quarters. Rust and poor judgment factors early as Landry got bogged down in Pamela’s fight, hut heavy handed dominance through the middle rounds revealed a glimpse of Landry’s versatility. Not many big women can box and take it inside as adroitly as Ali.


Reposted by Archer 8/23/09.

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