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23 September 2006 Dani Fishel vs Britney Spears

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Originally posted by Simguy on 9/23/2006, 12:16 pm


Before: Dani still haunted by her last battle against Britney--a devastating KO loss—Fishel brutally single-minded in camp for this fight. “I owe her a KO,” Dani says simply, unusually somber at the dais. “That defeat probably bothers me more than any other over the last couple of years, because…because she…I got used up. I admit—Britney used me up the way I’M  supposed to use other girls up,  and I hated that afterwards. She got better, she got tougher, she got smarter and she surprised me, but I know all her tricks now—I know what to expect. I’m putting Spears though hell in this fight and I’m showing her that TE girls have more heart than those BSE girls. She’s the one who’s gonna get used up this time: me on her, all night long.”


Spears respectful of Dani’s smouldering intensity, but plainspoken at the podium. “I pulled away from Dani in that last fight,” Spears says Dani grits her teeth, stares into the middle distance. “I went to a place she can’t get to as a fighter and I gave her a beating that threatened her whole identity in the ring. “I didn’t finesse her; I didn’t avoid her; I stood up to the bully, I fought her in the trenches and I rook Dani Fishel apart in chunks. That defeat ‘bothers’ her NOT because I used her up—it haunts her because her because for the first time in our history, she finally realized I AM better than her, and that hurts like hell. You guys that report on this stuff don’t know—you can’t know—what that’s like—when one of use reaches deep down into the soul opf another and breaks her spirit. All I can say is, if you look close this time, you’ll see it happen again.”


Britney in white string bikini, wearing straw conboy hat to ring for instructions, white glove. Dani in navy bandeau bikini with bra-strap support—large baby blue polka=dot, white gloves.


During R1: Dani bobbing and weaving on approach, hands constantly crossing/uncrossing, showing earmuff, showing peek-a-boo, always stepping forward, Spears giving ground behind a light taping jab, trying to walk Dan I into an intercept-right hand, then lean away to sweat the check-hook. Goes to ropes—Dani on top—Britney covers up to soak. Fishel busting body hard, grunting “HUH-UH!” “HUH-UH!” as she rips hooks out of her crossed-armed bob—twisting torso right to lug those strapping beauties home. Shockwaves rippling out in Britney’s pudgy flank-flesh around the impact-dent if Dani’s mitt—Spears just tilting forward behind her mitts, sponging bombs, Fishel’s right hand shove-bumping Brit in her left shoulder, jostling her—occasionally Dani shifts hips to sweep the big right roundhouse in above Spears’ left hip. Splattering blasts up and down Britney’s tanned flanks—big bashing punches spanking off full biceps, ribs and paunch. Brit face-in- gloves for the most part—twisting torso side to side, bending forward into Dani to smother, then leaning back to slip, showing a slow torso-rotation at times. Spears clouting the odd counter off her defensive movement—little swiping lefts and rights—she’s able to punch with either hand off either foot with supple leverage, always keeping the off-hand right to cheek when throwing.


R2: Britney sets up on the apron, luring Dani on in—Spears put on a counterpunching clinic. Britney comfy with back to ropes—very relaxed—elbows in—left at her tummy, right at her chest as she dips and rolls her torso on strong, planted feet. Britney’s legs and balance the key—everything’s so compact—punches are swats, clouts, digs—nothing wild or desperate. She’ll dip to her left, work left uppercuts off the left foot, get a swipe-hook across as she’s easing weight to right foot, then lick right uppercuts off the right foot. She’ll show either shoulder to Dani as she twists and rolls, never presenting a clean, square surface for Fishel to shoot at. She’ll give Dani little drubbings by twisting torso and dragging mitts across face—no backswing, just smudging buffeting. And clutching, holding—Britney’s getting that done, too—nearly pulling Dani’s head down, anchoring her for swift little clouts on the eye, cheek and chin; pulling Fishel’s face moist to breast and tucking her in for ref’s breaks. Dani frowning, really bamboozled this round—Britney’s right there in front of her, but somehow, Fishel just can’t get her work done. Spears evens up the cards—reintroducing Dani to the quicksand effect in the second.


R3: Britney ropeside: Dani attacking—that’s not going to change. Fight taking place on a little patch of canvas just a few feet to the right of the BSE corner—Fishel willing to march across the ring and take the fight to her girl. Brit tilting and leaning, rolling and twisting—cuffing and bumping at Dani just with hip and back movement behind the shots (very little arm swing). Fishel taking time to palm her girl’s shoulders, or pull Brit’s head to one side or the other so Fishel can better bang the body. Minute mark—pair of short, muscular left uppercuts off the left foot picks Britney up hard—Dani pops hips-right and RIPS a hook behind the right elbow, drawing a breathy gasp from her foe and SPEARS TAKES A KNEE! Britney’s face twisted in agony—left hand on the ropes, right clutching at her side—Dani positively glowing as she bouncy-jogs to a neutral corner, buoyed by the sight of wounded Brit. Spears up, eyes winching at 8: she sits into ropes, covers up her face and digs in to receive Dani’s best. Fishel obliges, squaring away to do harm—big, banging beat down, administered as Dani gets in there thick. Fishel lambasting the Spears biceps—making a conscious decision to pound Britney’s arms, Paunch is brutally subjugated—beaten side to side as Dani pops hips to rip either hand into firm Britney-meat. Flanks are clapped and spanked, and when Dani wants to reset she’s reaching in under Britney’s arms and chesting the taller girl up deadweight into ropes. Spears: eyelashes batting, lips parted—she’s taking too much punishment here—not disrupting or holding Dani enough. Bell: Britney bedraggled, rumpled back to her stoolo, wincing and cringing as trainer addresses her various hurts. Fishel upbeat, flushed with success and excitement: she can’t wait to get back on.


R4: Fishel RIPS Britney a short, clouting right cross inside, pounding Spears’ face aside (sure to become a YouTube clip-classic), shooting the mouthpiece off her teeth: woozy Spears immediately responds with desperation clinch, pulling Dani in as Brit sits hurt in the ropes. Ref’s break—Dani surges back in: Fishel just a bundle of energy as she bobs and weaves, pushes and bumps, slugs and wiggles to keep her arms free from Britney’s clutches. Spears better job pulling Dani’s head down, drawing Fishel into smothering clinches, getting more ref’s breaks to slow the action. Spears scoring to Dani’s face short, clipping and cuffing licks—picking her up cutey-pie uppercuts, swiping her little peek-a-boo hooks while keeping the right hand tight to the cheek. Dani starting to lump up, but willing to ship it: she’s getting quality work done herself, pounding out more points in the fourth.


R5: Dani pouring in—head pushing in on Britney’s face—hands pushing down on Britney’s wrists—brawny brown shoulders pushing into Britney’s chest. Dani happily tapping away bumping little right/left/rights to the torso underneath—just touching Brit then RIPPING her huge payoff left hooks strapped thick to the waistline: Dani twisting her torso-right, digging the mitt to beef, then snapping her mitt off the body like it’s hot. Spears with a wan, sullen look—eyes half closed, lips parted, hair disheveled—she’s being pushed and bullied, systematically worked over. Dani a little punching juggernaut—beating Britney’s rounded arms with flat-knuckle impacts when choicer cuts of beef aren’t available—Fishel getting off much more consistently than she did last fight. Brit soaking more abuse as a result-not tieing up as well. Late the round, Dani aggressively rummaging on Britney—pulling down Spears arms and giving those plump popstar jugs a good working-over. Spears aghast, jug-buffeted raw by the bell—Dani hooting in exultation at her successful rack-raid. Spears cranky, whining to ref about Dani’s headbutting and roughhouse—dark mouse under Brit’s right eye providing grim evidence to support her claims.




Originally posted by Simguy on 9/23/2006, 12:18 pm.


R6: Bitter, bitter infighting as Spears finally works her punch-n’-clutch to some effect off the ropes. Dani pre-empted as Brit flicks a little upjab off her hip, leaning weight onto right foot and cuffing Dani the hook while covering up on the right side. Pulling Dani in—Britney masterful at controlling her foe’s head, swiping and clouting hold-n’-hit licks as Spears shifts position. Fishel clobbering back in spots, but not getting clean looks—Britney denying her foe the long, patient slugging sequences she was enjoying earlier. Rack? Britney indulges—just shrugging sidewipe lefts and rights snug to bulging cleavage—finishing up so short that her bicep gets to scrub jug on follow-through. And tummy: Britney finally getting into Dani’s belly with thumping, limber-limbed lefts and rights as Fishel stoops forward: Dani in evident discomfort—frowning eyes shut, grimacing as she soaks, then gets tied up behind her elbows and pulled in close for break. No doubt about it—Britney bangs out the points in steamiest two-way of the fight: she chests up brazen at the bell, bumping Dani back—Fishel shoving Brit hard in her shoulders—ref jumps in as tempers flare.


R7: Brit goes to ropes, brazenly waving Dani on it: tortuous body-on-boy shellack continues. Dani focusing on the biceps, paunch, looking to loosen Britney up, then clout at her face/jugs short, clubbing blows in close, Spears with that supple weight-shifting foot to foot, cuffing and clouting Dani as Brit eases to one side, turns her shoulders and covers up cute on follow-through. Uppercuts for Britney—lefs off the left foot, rights off the right—doing wonders: Dani really getting picked up clean, startled. Hooks for Dani just smashing at the goods, taking Britney’s breath away, leaving her staring, open-mouthed. Constant chest-to-chest press as the girls take turns reaching in on one another, tummies smudged together in resentful writhing. Britney warned for holding and hitting—loving the clipping right uppercut inside as she pulls Dani’s head down with the left hand—Fishel’s face puffy, tender as a result. Dani warned for noggin’ knocking, elbowing, and shouldering. Bell: Dani still on  Britney’s chest, clubbing away—Britney sleepy, still looking to cuff and swat her foe’s face in between Dani’s monster swings. Ref breaks’em up at the stumble—both girls’ buttocks starting to wobble from attrition.


R8: Dani wades back in—implacable tonight. Britney shopworn, punished—she’s rotating her torso, twisting, turning, covering up, holding—but doing less and less of the punching—she’s rotating her torso, twisting, turning, covering up, holding—but doing less and less of the punching she needs to stay competitive,. Fishel constantly bogged down and embraced, but refusing to get discouraged—drawing warning for butting her head ior shoulder to disengage from clinches. Big, splashy bicep punches, Dani to Britney: one good reason for Spears’ reduced output tonight. Gets so bad at pone point—Dani just erupting with a series of short hamhanded right  and lefts to Britney’s tender arms: Spars out in rage and pain—eyes shut tight, teeth bared as she sits into the ropes. Britney’s bleating wail like a bucket of fresh water to Dani: Fishel galvanized, punching with renewed vigour, pumping dogs into the belly, bumping off with her shoulder and cleaning up that fat, strapping hook in Brit’s ribs. Down the stretch, Britney well-reduced, listless—Dani braces Spears shoulders, then tucks into0 offending rack all squirmy, shrugging lefts and rights, brutal hup-hup-hupping to jugg draws fresh bleat of pain from Britney—she can’t stop Dani from a good ol’ fashioned pumpkin harvest at the bell.


R9: Britney combative as hell—badly beaten, she digs in at the ropes, draw Dani in and punishes Fishel this round. Fishel clipped, cuffed, clouted at close range—Britney with those cutey-pie swipes as she closes up her stance on either side, presenting one shoulder or the other. Britney also cute with lead right hands—no warning as she just drops the mitt off her shoulder onto Dani’s face, then clouts a tidy hook, then toes up as Fishel wobbles on the spot. Dani steps back from the fray to regroup: Britney leans forward with pesky straight lead-rights to the face, then eases onto right foot as Fishel comes forward, neatly picking Dani up the cuffing left hook, turning the shoulder sexy through the motion. Uppercuts—short, muscular little bumpers—ravage Dani, putting her wobbly butt, Dani constantly bedeviled—head pulled in under Spears’ armpit for front-choke clinches,; headlocked right as Brit lays back into ropes; smothered as Brit toes up and presses Fishel’s face to heaving bosom for breaks. Dani refusing to back off, paying the price for stubbornness—Britney dictating, getting the better of things, then tieing Dani up to prevent reprisals. Fishel swooning at the bell, looking shabby—Spears sends Dani back to her corner with an insolent clapping right handful of buttock; Fishel frown dimly in complaint.


R10: Hammer. And. Tongs. Both beauties know it’s close, both are gassed, needles at empty. Britney worried about the knockdown against, puts in her busiest round, even stepping off the apron to back Dani up with thudding combinations to the stomach, Fishel won’t have it—shouldering and slugging until Spears’ back is against the ropes where it belongs—Dani responding to Britney’s desperation with increased output herself., Mouth on shoulder, they dig mindlessly away underneath, plundering offending paunch and jug—legs set form, shoulders pumping as leather gets swapped hup-hup. Britney adept at coming off the body, dangling her left hand at hr side as she clouts Dani a short-short right hand on the face, then cutely butts her mouth the left shoulder all snug-n;-subtle. Dani smashing flat-knuckle at the biceps to suppress Britney’s offence, then going to the breadbasket, ribs and jugs with free-swinging fury. Britney groaning, elbows in—she swishes that little knuckle-scrubbing shoe-shine across Dani’s face: like windshield wipers squeaking back and forth. Bell: Britney with that dangling low left hand, clips Dani the right uppercut with a little bobbing body action, then swats her the short-short right across the mouth. Fishel back with a right in Britney’s left hip, then a clobbering right on her ear, following through to ride the right arm across Brit’s shoulders. Spears slugging in the clinch, lifting right hands into Dani’s paunch—FINALLY ref gets in there—both girls reeling in stupor, just trying to get the last touch in. Comes back UD10 strong Dani Fishel!


After: Britney: bleak, eyes hollow, face drained. Dani: ecstatic—shooting her hands to the ceiling, head back, then dropping to her knees, bursting into tears as she avenges one of her most bitter defeats. In the aftermath, interviewer approaches the TE corner, only to be startled as exuberant Dani gives the guy a robust, giddy hug! Fishel just thrilled with what she was able to do to Britney tonight. “I beat her body to take her legs away; I beat her arms to take her punch away, and I beat her breasts to take her heart away!” Dani gushes—little hand pulling the mic down as the interviewer holds it. “She wasn’t so much an opponent tonight as she was a victim—I mean—I’m fresh right now—I could go another 5 rounds; Britney’s all saggy and beat up, you know? I solved the BSE rope-a-dope tonight—exposed it: Britney’s going to have to dig into her ol’ trick bag and come up with something new—if she can!”


Reposted by Archer 6/23/09.


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