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24 Dec 2001 (Title) Ch Charlize Theron vs Ali Landry (III)

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Posted by simguy on 12-24-01


Mega-fight rematch a gorgeous blonde/brunette match up, but guest commentator Gena Lee Nolin is quick to point out, "I don't care how big this fight is, it's still a loser's bracket brawl to determine the second best girl out there. I'M the queen of this particular hill, I'M the boss in there and these two know it." Entertaining weigh in, with both girls in their underwear, Charlize with hands on hips, looking Ali over as the brunette stands on the scales - blonde doing everything she can to remind Landry of their first encounter. Indeed, Landry's handlers more worried about the psychological than the physical for this fight - Theron bullied and tormented Ali in the brunette's first real super-fight, setting Ali's career back, but arguably making her a better fighter in the long run. "This is the pay off for us," says Landry's chief second, "This is where we see the results of all our hard work, this is where Ali gets to even up the karma cards. However Charlize wants to fight, Ali's ready to beat her." Charlize in light blue bikini top, white bikini bottoms, Ali in gold bikini.


During R1: Shutout Charlize. Theron sending the message: I'm quicker, I can dominate you outside, you can't box with me like you think you can. Landry peering out over her gloves as she tries without success to cut off the ring - long shanks Theron never prettier as she glides to her left, punching Ali square in the forehead with her jab.

R2: Shutout Charlize. Theron's jab controlling the fight - she's stepping in close to get off in spots, then stepping out before Landry can respond - blonde turning and pestering brunette all around the ring. Delicious sack socking from Theron as she steps in, lashing rising lefts and right to Ali's bulging top, putting the big girl on her heels in a stupor! Through two, Theron hasn't been touched, while Ali's cheekbones are looking raw, breasts are pinking up from the blonde's cruel accuracy.


R3: Charlize settling down, now seeking Landry chin with booming right hands, hopping out on her right foot to swat at Ali's chin with fall-away hooks as the brunette breaks down. Midway through, Theron working in and out gets Ali missing, and makes the brunette pay with a slashing right on the chops to put the challenger wobbly butt. Ali reeling on the spot, can't regroup - Theron steps right, hooks jug and CLANGS hard right hand down over Ali's left shoulder, lifting Landry's lead foot off the canvas. Ali cringing, hurt, gets tackled from the side as Charlize wraps up around the girl's arms, stampedes her to the ropes. Once there, champ gets big, palming the brunette's golden shoulders, going to town with swabbing strokes to the face, breasts and waist. Shoving and slugging absolutely merciless from Theron - she's icy-eyed as she palms and punches, beating the bigger woman into stupor with sustained ferocity. At the bell - Landry swoons all but out as Theron chests up, forces eye contact on her victim until referee intervention. Scored 10-8 without a knockdown as this fight starts to look sickeningly familiar.


R4: Charlize light on her feet again, fading Ali's jab, fading, then suddenly bending in and down with a counter right hand to beat Landry to the cross. Ali's right hand sails weakly over the top as her legs buckle - once again she is bundled up from the side, arms pinned to her sides as Charlize piles the big girl into the ropes and saddles up to ride. Bell to bell beat down - Theron just lashing her fists back and forth into golden body, palming and bodying up to press a punished Landry up against the ropes, then bashing away with heartless determination. Final moments exquisite torture blonde to brunette - Charlize just lolling atop her girl, left arm wrapping up Ali's right, pushing the girl into the ropes then jamming in successive right hands tight to the jugs, drawing a woozy whimper of hurt from the battered brunette. All Theron through 4 - Landry's lumping up badly, achy and disheveled from the bullying.


R5: Ali comes alive, launching haymaker lefts and rights as she crouches forward, Theron easily stepping back out of range, sets up to counter off the ropes. Landry staying low, still slugging, missing as Theron bends back across the ropes to evade leather. Landry sticking with it, misses a left, but lands a hard right to the left breast that FREEZES THERON IN HER TRACKS! Charlize staring blankly as Landry keeps punching! Leaning right, Ali pulls a swinging left into Charlize' jaw, then over to the other side, hauling the right into Theron's chin. Charlize soaking 'em all up dreamily, hands cupping that left breast. AND THERON GOES OUT!! Champ wilts off the ropes under a sweeping barrage of haymakers - Ali stumbling back in shock at her success - the new lightweight champion via KO5!


Charlize coming-to in a daze, can't accept the verdict, dropped and stopped by Ali Landry after TOTAL blonde domination through 4. Ali beaten beyond recognition, but gloriously happy - she's been carrying this particular burden for years - joyous tears track down swollen cheeks as Landry revels in victory. Charlize blubbering about a rematch, but nobody's listening - it's Ali's night.


Days after the fight, Ali in sunglasses, announces in press conference that she will trash can the lightweight belts in order to go back to welter and reclaim her empire. To the lightweights she says, "Fight amongst yourselves and remember: mention my name and you'll be sorry. Just be thankful I'm not sticking around to rule with an iron fist. As for Charlize: don't even think about it. The next time will be much, much worse."


Contenders start your engines - been a long time since the lightweight world was fractured.

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