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24 Dec 2001 Brittany Daniel vs Brandy Ledford

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Originally posted by Simguy on 12/24/01, 11:00 am


Before: Daniel looking to get back into the mix with a hard dime against one of the best all around fighters ever produced by the Playboy brawling mills. Ledford with quick mitts and subtle skills inside, tough as they come at sub120, advancing age and questionable training dedication the only black marks against her.


Daniel in black bikini, Brandy in black push up, orange bikini bottoms.


During R1: Daniel taking it right to Brandy early, testing those 30 something legs with a stiff body assault. Mouth on shoulder slogging. Daniel steadily working Brandy to the ropes, Ledford covers up to look for counters as Brittany puts punches together. Down the stretch, Ledford starts beating Brittany to the punch with clipping little hooks and uppercuts inside—Daniel’s legs spasm out and she is forced to clinch. Ledford muscling Brittany’s back to the ropes, has herself a fine finishing flourish at Daniel’s expense—Brittany’s mouthpiece dribbling off her teeth from shock of Ledford’s sumptuous body punching.


R2: Daniel’s legs don’t look right and Ledford gets on top in a hurry, Brandy with straight lead rights, lead lefts and she walks forward, hammers Brittany to the ropes, then works the youngster up and down with a cascade of bewildering combinations. Daniel seated ropeside, curvy legs holding her up as she is BATTERED by Ledford’s unforgiving fists—Brandy stepping to either side to sidearm in her body shots, then squaring up to have a go at Brittany’s face with chopping cluster punching. They sock some sack at the Playboy mansion as well—Ledford POUNDING her opponent’s breasts as Daniel slumps groggily forward—Brandy just rolling her shoulders as she hunches over her victim, letting short strokes do ruinous work underneath.


R3: Brittany bruised, abused, humiliated at the jug work SHE should have been dishing instead of giving—storms off her stool to engage Ledford in rousing trade midring. Crowd pleasing stuff, girls taking turns getting off right in front of one another, each covering up to block while waiting for her go. Both girls pumping away with right hands to the jugs in close, eash adept at working out the wrap, holding her foe about the shoulders with a casual left. By the end, however, it’s Daniel’s back hitting the ropes, Daniel getting worked over as Ledford uses her shoulder, gets off in clubbing bunches to the tummy at the bell.


R4: Banging exchanges midring, girls shoving up on one another, stepping into hooks, jumping to the side to jam in opportunistic right hand—lively stuff. Middle minute: Daniel with a snapping series of lefts to the pit of the stomach has Ledford leaning forward to clinch—Daniel shifting to her back foot clips a beautiful right uppercut off her foe’s face to Brandy wobbly butt. Daniel able to body up and bully her stunned foe to the ropes—Brittany finally sinking into Ledford’s stomach with brutal force, sending the older woman trembling to her corner for the break.


R5: Ledford sucks it up, fighting hurt, and outbanging Daniel toe to toe. Brittany not fighting particularly smart—always right in front of Ledford and that tit-punching pride is working against her as Ledford’s vicious jug mugging seems to be mesmerizing Brittany.

Daniel not punching back, riding her left or right arm on Ledford’s shoulder—meanwhile Brandy digging into the ribcage with both hands, swabbing that cleavage, keeping Daniel’s butt on the ropes with a bell to bell scrub-down.


R6: Daniel with a good first minute, explores the jab she should have been using all along. Seduced by the lure of jug, Daniel slumps in close with Brandy, and Ledford takes over in the trenches. Beautiful sequence at the end of the second minute—girls hunching forward, Brandy coming forward, clipping the tight right uppercut, stepping in, clipping the left uppercut, stepping in—series of these blunt, brutal shots lands and Daniel is bludgeoned to a seat at the far ropes as Ledford stands tall, sweaty and satisfied at the look of used-up shock on Daniel’s face. Brit takes 8, Ledford piles on and punishes the kid at the ropes, leaving Daniel ashen faced at the bell.


R7: Daniel sloppy, eyes vacant—she’s taken withering abuse this fight and her form is shot. Ledford able to step in and out with her punches, making Brittany miss, and early on, cuffing counter hook on the chin beats A Daniel right hand—Brittany swaying on thr spot, staring as Ledford enjoys her handiwork. Ledford piling on workmanlike to consolidate, working out of the wrap, cuddling Daniel close with the left arm while plundering jug and belly underneath with meanspirited rights. Daniel comes to life late, writhing against Ledford and slugging toe to toe, but this fight is all Brandy on the cards.


R8: Shutout Brandy Ledford. She’s closing distance without paying, she’s getting underneath to move Daniel backwards, and she’s beating Daniel senseless at the ropes where Ledford can put her punches together. Brandy just taking what she wants, expertly leaning her body or shoulder on Daniel to prop her up and refreshen the assault. Brittany looks drained, used, covers up, lolling side to side as Ledford has her cruel way with Daniel’s midsection.


R9: Hard face punching startles both girls this round, each stamping straight right hands and hard left hooks to the other’s head midring. Once again, Ledford too determined—her savage punching finally beats Daniel down and by the final minute—Brittany is cowering in a familiar position on the ropes, allowing Brandy freedom to romp to the sides, up underneath, across the back with roving punches, Daniel protecting he face and chin at all costs—but WHAT a cost.


R10: Daniel jabbing—should have been doing it all along as Ledford is held outside. Brittany finally stepping to her left, turning Brandy, Daniel able to dictate terns from distance. Midway through, a frustrated Ledford starts lunging to get inside—Brittany able to fade back and pick her up with catspaw hooks has Brandy looking sloppy. Sliding back, Daniel stops, bends into a drilling right that beats a gambling Ledford to the punch and BRANDY GOES DOWN! Ledford on one knee, takes 8, blinking, and a shopworn Brittany Daniel marches in to finish! Sensational final minute for Brittany as she mauls Ledford at the ropes, pounding the offending bra with rising lefts and rights, wrapping up with the left to plunge right hands into the belly—all the things Brittany had envisioned shed be doing all night long. At the bell, Ledford is shaken, but triumphant, lifting her mitts in weary celebration. Daniel, badly swollen, listens to the announcement without expression—UD10 Brandy Ledford.


After: Daniel looking to re-position herself, instead serves to launch a Ledford comeback as the Playboy, Baywatch bad girl looked as sharp as ever,


“I feel great, God knows I looked great and I’m ready to shake up the country club,” proclaims Ledford in postfight, “I’m not afraid of Dani Fishel of that’s where I have to go. I’m not afraid of anyone at bantam. Things look wide open to me, frankly.” Confident words, confident fighter.


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