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24 July 2009 Alana de la Garza vs Odette Yustman

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Posted by simguy on 7/24/2009, 9:03 am

BEFORE: Momentous match up between two of boxing's prettiest - Odette supremely confident after crushing the Foxfire lightweights: "Beating Laura and Mary really gave me the firm base I need to go after Alana," Odette admits in prefight. "As for how pretty Alana is, or thinks she is: if I wasn't intimidated by Laura Vandervoort, I'm not going to blink an eye at De La Garza. I'm ready for Alana on ALL fronts." De La Garza non-plussed - this showdown's been in the cards for some time. "Our names both came up for 'Wonder Woman'," Alana shrugs, "I'm aware of Odette - she's one of the young up and comers. It's a good time to slap her down: she's had her first blush of success; she's starting to get pretty full of herself...bursting her bubble will show everyone how I'm the hotter prospect...in AND out of the ring." Odette in clingy white cotton tank and panties; white gloves; straight black hair. De La Garza in royal blue cotton tank and panties; white gloves; LAO corporate bob.

During R1: Energetic stuff from Odette: jabs and right hands off the front (left) foot as she scrubs away on De La Garza defences. Alana holding dukes up, blocking shots: she's biding her time, looking to dip her left shoulder and crank hooks to willowy Yustman ribcage. Odette busier - volume and enthusiasm carry the round.

R2: Alana keeping dukes up - waiting for the Odette right hand, then simply wiping it aside with her guard, then answering hooks to the Yustman waistline/ribs. Odette well and firmly smote: she's getting the worst of the exchanges as Alana digs in.

R3: Tick-tock batting body attack as Alana employs both hands against Odette's long flanks. Yustman covering up more and more, looking a little concerned: De La Garza the effective aggressor. Odette backing up, unable to lean forward and extend on shots from a good stance: she's getting exposed a little here. Withering body attack cramps Yustman up while relaxing Alana: De la Garza letting her hands go upstairs and down - reaching out and pasting Odette from range.

R4: Hard grin Alana: she sees the effect her rangy body licks are having. Yustman achy, moping - shying away and pouting as Alana walks her down. De La Garza begins with shivering tick-tock to the ribs, then looks to lump Odette up rights and lefts upstairs. Alana leading prodding straight right hands to set up those sinewy, curling hooks at Odette's noggin: Yustman clobbered lanky, sent scamptering. Through 4, Odette's a confused beauty, getting scuffed up by a glowing Alana De La G.

R5: Right hand lead/curling hook: Odette's clipped to chin and steppin' in fence post holes early. Being hurt brings out the scrapper in Odette: she stands her ground wobbly-butt, lashing a lanky left to Alana's midsection; pushing the right into De la Garza's jugs. Attention to rack distracts/angers Alana: she repays Odette in kind, straying from the thumping ribcage attack that had been effectively reducing Yustman. Sloppy, but entertaining brawling results as tall girls lick and lash away in trade, setting feet firm and twisting all sinewy on respective hips. Odette blinking, hurt throughout the round, but she's defiant at bell, chesting into Alana and barking at her as De La Garza's promising to stop her next round.

R6: Odette gets the jab on Alana: Yustman able to get her feet set, lean herself forward, picking the right (back) heel off canvas. De La Garza trying to slip Odette's stick to hook the midsection, but Yustman's showing savvy, rotating clockwise around her jab, away from Alana's hook. Minute in, Odette pushing off ball of the right foot paints Alana a rangy, elastic one-two on gorgeous Latina chin: DE LA GARZA GOES DOWN! Rangy, supple power of Yustman surprises again: Alana punched to her buns, looking all pretty and startled as she sits up. De La Garza beats the count, but she's meek - covering up earmuff, staying on the ropes as Odette steps-to. Yustman putting non-stop, lanky scrub on Alana - often pushing or slinging the punches up top, but occasionally getting all the parts working together to really stroke De La Garza. Most importantly, Odette's finding a licking body shot with which to threaten Alana: Yustman popping hips-right, hooking De La Garza in coin of her own realm. Bell: Odette brightening - SO pretty when she smiles that "I just kicked ass" smile.

R7: Both girls wide-eyed, concentrating intensely as rangy boxing takes place midring. Odette: two-jabbing, then leaning into slinging right hands, trying to punch Alana's face. De La Garza: putting jabs into Odette's breasts; turning over the right hand, then torquing torso-right to pull her hook across Odette's front. Spirited, rangy stuff: girls bending, twisting into sinewy shots - both using her length to generate supple power. Odette the more accurate vixen from outside: Alana's beautiful face starting to lump up as Yustman finds the mark.

R8: More hard-fought, two-way, rangy boxing midring. Alana parking hooks in behind Odette's right elbow; across the waist; up under the breasts - but the price is steep. Yustman leaning in, turning Alana's head again and again with slinging right hands: Odette bending in, really extending out over her front foot. Competitive, but Alana's the one backing away after heated exchanges, looking like the frazzled fighter. Odette's keeping her stance in order, maintaining form, slowly breaking De La Garza's will through 8.

R9: Odette almost frisky - hopping at Alana, getting off in that rangy, wide stance: De La Garza visibly wilts under the assault. Odette turning Alana's head with right hands, starting to close Alana's left eye. Odette cuffing lanky at De La Garza's ears whenever Alana covers up at ropes: Yustman tightening up stroke to swipe at her foe. Yustman leaning in, depositing spearing right hands straight down into the De La Garza gut: Alana groaning, forced back on her heels as she keeps hands at temples. Bell: De La Garza blinking back tears as she slumps in ropes; Odette looking her over without pity, making sure to get eye contact.

R10: Odette closes the round huge, routing an exhausted, demoralized Alana De La Garza. Alana being jabbed to ropes, then smote vicious right crosses - her head flying back over top rope, then lolling forward as her knees buckle. Odette pressing her attack to Alana's body - dipping left shoulder, popping hips-right to gouge in with snatching left uppercuts, claiming against De La Garza's sternum. Midway through, slinging right cross turns Alana's head, then her body as she's pasted to all fours. De la G plucky - getting up all shaky/weepy, but insisting that she be allowed to continue. Yustman beats her for it - sinewy, rangy and supple - as Alana slumps against ropes, sponging it up. Comes back UD10 in mild-upset fashion, Odette Yustman.

After: Yustman continues to shock opponents and pundits alike, coming back from a big De La Garza lead to batter her lovely opponent over the distance. Alana distraught - badly lumped up and nearly stopped by a girl she didn't respect...it's a heartbreaking night for the proud latina. "I scorched her!" Yustman bleats, giddy with success. "She was really strong early, and I felt her to the body, but I just said 'not tonight' - you know? Mary, Laura and now Alana? I'm beating down all the best, freshest names and I'm ready now, I think, to take my first title. The one around Yvonne Strahovski's waist!"

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