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24 June 2002 Brittany Daniel vs Kelly Ripa

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Originally posted by Simguy on 6/24/2002, 5:07 pm


Before: Daniel the bigger girl, the stronger girl, but Ripa all grins in pre-fight, confident that she can and will bang Brittany senseless if she gets the chance. Brittany with all the tools but needs guidance—fight a real test of Lange’s ability to get through to a stubborn young blonde who doesn’t always give herself the best chance to win.


Ripa in black cotton jockey two piece, Brittany in snake skin bikini.


During 1,2: Kelly takes the first, Brittany the second and this is banging, bruising trade. Daniel giving away her height to hook and hack shoulder to shoulder—she’s dipping her left shoulder and jerking up into Ripa’s chest, then giving clocked right/left as Kelly jumps in. Shattering back and forth crowd pleasing enough—after 2. Daniel with mouse under her left eye already—Lange tells Britt: “You’re doing fine but why are you giving her a chance to fight you? That old woman’s punching your pretty face Brittany, why let her do that? Break this bag down from the outside like we worked on, come on now.”


R3: Ripa really committing her punches—she’s leaning in face first, chest second, then pulling haymakers around hard, slamming into Brittany’s jaw or chest with pulverizing force. Daniel sputtering around the ring, getting caught with gobsmacking blows that send her shaky to the ropes, but Britt takes a good shot, keeps her lateral movement going and down the stretch, she walks Ripa into a gorgeous counter uppercut to put the blonde wobbly butt. Instant turn around—Brittany stepping right, quick jab/chopping right hand on the eye—she crowd in close to body Ripa back after the sudden scores. Kelly busted up at the bell—Daniel steals what what been a Ripa round.


R4: Kelly’s hurt—Daniel takes advantage. Jab now a shattering factor as Brittany steps it in sharp, cracking Ripa’s head back and leaving her stunned. BD taking that little shuffle to the right, quick biting left/RIGHT on the eye and Ripa’s knees are buckling—she’s not seeing that cropping right hand. Daniel sharp on the outside, scoring, crowding, then spinning off her girl—Ripa can’t get set to punch. Shutout Brittany.


R5: Tit punching from a smug Brittany Daniel. She’s safe on the outside, banging away between Ripa’s mitts with a vicious stick, stepping out and around any time Kelly coils to lunge in, then Daniel goes to the bra with the jump in hook. Brittany having her way and loving it—smiling, turning Ripa, punishing her with very compact, hurtful combinations. Rounf ends to the glorious sight of Daniel treating herself to a 4 punch combo—just chopping her fists straight out from her chest, thumbs to the ceiling as her gloves pancakes Kelly’s pudgy melons at the bell.


R6: Shutout Daniel, Kelly ALL lumped up now, not seeing the jab, head jerking back with a wet crack as Brittany slices it in, steps to the right grinning. Short right hands chop out from the shoulder, continuing to bash that sorry left eye of Ripa’s. Kelly dazed, following Brittany, reacting late to punches and catching clean—Ripa’s really slowed down and glum with punishment at the bell.


R7: Ripa sucking it up, getting low beneath the jab and showing some of that balls-out punching that hurt Daniel earlier. Brittany backing straight up, runs out of ring and Ripa NAILS her a crashing right on the jaw to sit Daniel helpless in the strands. Britt out cold for just a second, she lolls helplessly as Ripa resets, palms Daniel’s body for balance, then leans in with bashing lefts and rights, fists bouncing off the chest and just grazing the chin as Brittany’s head bobbles. Daniel comes-to, covers up limp—Ripa’s fists pounding down the guard and continuing to score heavily as the blonde soaks it up. Daniel taking a withering beating but curvy legs prop her up—Ripa starts to punch herself out and BRITTANY STARTS PUNCHING! Daniel on autopilot, catching Ripa with little hooks inside, short punch finishes up with the shoulder on Kelly’s mouth as the daytimer gives ground. Brittany stepping and slugging, eyes half closed, turning her shoulders left and right to clip her fists back and forth across Ripa’s chin. At the bell, both beauties slack jawed and staggery—blondes exchange windblown looks of awe and exhaustion as they reel midring.


R8,9: Agonizing back and forth, Brittany taking the 8th, Kelly the 9th in a series of heartstopping exhanges in the corners. Kelly repeatedly nailing Brittany with that lean-in right corss, dazing the blonde and leaving her helpless for crippling follow up body work. Daniel sucking it up after absorbing dreading punishment, then rolling her shoulders, moving her hands into Kelly’s breasts, picking up her chin and backing her off to move the brawl to the next corner. Sensational punching and surviving from both women—both repeatedly rocked and refusing to buckle in close quarters struggle.


R10: Daniel that quick one-TWO over Ripa’s left shoulder—Kelly’s head getting jammed in a shower of sweat—she’s wobbly butt, unable to punch. Daniel scrapping lips with a fully extended left as she steps right, keeps hacking away—heartless right hands to the side of the head, catching Ripa over and over as the shorter woman starts to crumble. Finally, Daniel blasting away with heartless rights—Ripa staggers to her right, hands down, eyes vacant. Brittany stomping forward, stamping straight punches to the face as she steps in—Ripa’s head snapping back as she clatters backwards and RIPA GOES DOWN! Kelly stampeded to her back as Brittany tramples her. Ripa beats the count, but the ref doesn’t like what he sees as he asks her to step forward—he waves this thing off and Kelly wails in protest. TKO10 Brittany Daniel!


After: Ripa sobbing in the ref’s arms, stopped by Daniel’s irresistible punching in the tenth and final heat. Brittany all banged up, baptized as a Krusher bin a savage tussle, comes out on top in a fight that showed her heart, skill, and boxing ability along with the bra busting that is her trademark. Brittany well ahead on the cards with a smart boxing performance in the middle rounds, turned slugger once exhaustion set in and got the job done. Lange doing a nice job coaching and encouraging—Daniel responding well to Jessica’s instructions.


Reposted by Archer 4/9/09

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