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24 March 2006 Kate Beckinsale vs Lori Loughlin I

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Posted by Simguy on 3/24/06




Kate in black leather bikini

Lori in purple/mauve jazz print bikini

Small gloves both vixens

Royal Albert Hall, London

KO6 Beckinsale


It’s not easy being one of the world’s cutest, unmanaged cougars: Lori Loughlin would fly thousands of miles, fight the day of arrival against one of the premier bantams and boxing and accept a thorough drubbing as a consequence of her lack of clout at the negotiating table.


Lori wasn’t her usual mobile, nimble self: jet-lagged legs rooted her to a defensively sound patch of canvas near the ropes, where she dug in to fend off Beckinsale assaults with pure handspeed and determination. She was frequently quicker than Beckinsale at close and medium ranges—often beating Becks to hooks and finding British chin relatively easily—but there was no question who the fresher, stronger lass was in the ring. Beckinsale relentlessly pounded Loughlin midriff and ribcage, steadily wearing out those glorious American legs, shrugging off scrappy blonde combinations and hooks to impose British will on the proceedings.


There was little doubt: an ill-prepared, poorly rested Lori simply didn’t have the stamina needed to compete, and her minute-by-minute collapse made even staunch Beckinsale fans purse their lips in disapproval. This was simpleminded, cruel retribution for the humiliation of the Jennifer Connelly invasion; pure making-someone-pay; sheer vindictiveness. As Lori grew weaker and Kate grew stronger—there was no mistaking the hard glint of satisfaction in Beckinsale’s eyes: this was punishment, not competition. Loughlin suffered for Connelly’s triumph; Loughlin suffered so Kate could feel good about herself again.


The fight ended with in the sixth when Lori’s proud legs gave way, spilling her to face, out cold at Kate Beckinsale’s feet. Lori would limp home with her bruises, anguished by the knowledge that a fair fight, with equal preparation time, on neutral ground may well have been different. Unfortunately for Loughlin, this was not the first, nor would be the last time, she would have such bitter regrets.

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