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25  September 1999 Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Lea Thompson

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Posted by Simguy, Saturday, 25-Sep-1999 11:15:30


Before:  JLH using the Kelly Packard receipt for success, hopes to pave her way to a title shot over the bodies of Thompson-like characters. Lea a good overall talent and has some veteran savvy—Jennifer can’t be too sure of a walkover in this one. Jennifer in black push up bra, black nylon trunks; Thompson in black jogbra red high cut trunks.


During R1: Lea wanting to set the tone early, comes out slugging. Interesting look as slightly built Lea tears into Jennifer, hurling wide right hands from well behind her hip, holding Jen with the left around the shoulder. Hewitt getting shotgunned, cut over left eye, slides along the ropes as Thompson pounds away. Lea going to Jennifer’s chubby breasts with a meanspirited digging right hand that travels maybe 6 inches, makes things personal from the outset. Shutout Thompson as she accomplishes her goal of becoming the aggressor early.


R2: Hewitt still a little shellshocked, waits for Lea to get off. Thompson able to stick her jab into Hewitt’s eye and work with straight rights on the mouth and body of the younger brunette.


R3: Good two-way action as Jennifer overcomes her jitters and trades effectively toe to toe this round. Hewitt with very smooth action on punches, able to time Lea’s hook and slide a right hand in over the jab. Jen takes the points with a nice series of counterpunches down the stretch, leaving Thompson a little discouraged at the bell.


R4: Hewitt takes over the bout this round with lead rights to the body, a wide left hook on the jaw, and terrific upperbody movement to make Thompson miss over the top. Jen really has Thompson on a string, bobbing and coming up to counter with the left hook as lea reloads, midway through the round, Hewitt slips the left and bangs a hard right hand off Thompson’s jaw then slips left under Lea’s panicky right, coming back with the whipping left hand to cave in Thompson’s jaw. Lea’s head jerks sideways, her body goes limp, and the veteran brunette crashes to her back as the crowd explodes. Thompson groaning, shielding her eyes from the lights, can’t get off her Back, and Jen walks away a KO winner in 4.


After: Crowd pleasing scrap between two non-punchers, who seemed determined to knock one another out. Hewitt showing signs of Packard-like ability, putting together a beautiful series of slips and counters to end Thompson’s night. Not the first time Lea has been used to launch a career, probably not the last.


Reposted by Archer 8/27/09

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