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25 April 2001 Kelly Hu vs Jaime Pressly

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Boxing After Dark


Posted by simguy on 4/25/2001, 9:24 pm


Before: Increasingly acrimonious rivalry brewing - Pressly proclaiming herself the 'Asian Assassin' with her sterling record of abuse towards the likes of Hu, Liu and Tom. Kelly doesn't like it, doesn't like Jaime, and can't afford to lose any more ground in the ultra-competitive world of bantamweight boxing. Pressly in the same boat - she might not need a title as much as Hu does to get over, but a loss drops her back to the pack all the same. Kelly in red beach volleyball bikini, slick ponytail, Jaime in grey everlast sports bra, black high cut aerobics trunks, fighting braid.


During R1: Pressly bringing the fight, stalking Kelly - Hu on her toes, giving Jaime lateral movement, stopping to initiate sizzling exchanges, then getting out of Dodge rather than staying in one punch too long. Final minute, Pressly shaves Hu's cheek with a lethal right cross, comes back with a sharp left hook but Hu BEATS HER TO THE PUNCH! Kelly's hook crashing home just a split second sooner, unhinges Jaime's knees and leaves her helpless, though standing at the bell.


R2: Kelly able to wheel and deal more flagrantly this round - roaming left, stopping and clubbing Jaime's head to the side with the sudden hook, roaming right, stopping and drilling Pressly with sneaky lead rights. Pressly looking gunshy - she's hanging back, hands up high, not commiting to her punches as she goes down 2 rounds to love on the cards.


R3: Pressly shakes it off, comes back with those lanky left hooks, slinging right hands from her waist, stepping in and out with scoring one-twos. Hu still gliding left or right, stopping, popping and copping - round scored a draw as brisk pace continues.


R4: Pressly forcing the action once again - Hu's legs are a good first line of defence, but when she runs out of ring or misjudges distance, Pressly can land, and overwhelm the Asian beauty with lashing combinations. Hu blocking with outstretched arms, then clinching for breaks avoids serious hurt, but she can't get off as Jaime keeps up the pressure for all 3 minutes.


R5: Hu answers back - dipping down to push her jab into Jaime's rocky midriff, then stepping left around a crisp hook on the chin. Pressly walking into punches - she's walking in straight, getting turned around as Hu's legs are winning this fight.


R6: Best two way action of the fight so far: Hu setting down more, Pressly getting brazen - girls take turns polishing one another up with spanking 3 punch clusters. Tummies and heads are shined up nice as Hu chops, Pressly slings. So close, but down the stretch, Pressly straightening out that right hand nails Kelly sweet 3 times and has the Asian hanging on at the bell. Pressly squeaks out the round as the ref separates the snarling bantams after the bell.


R7: Big statement round Kelly Hu. She won't be bullied in this fight - dancing away the first minute to get Pressly frustrated and chasing, Kelly starts to pick the blonde up - walking her into that jerking hook, turning into a sneaky right hand between the breasts that has Jaime double clutching her own punches. Final minute, exchange of hooks goes Kelly's way - Pressly's legs falter once again, and Hu capitalizes, driving Jaime ropeside with a fusillade of straight lefts and rights. Pressly momentarily stunned, sits on the ropes as Hu HARMS her to the body and head with machine gun hooks - Pressly dazed, cut in the mouth at the bell as Kelly chests up to force eye contact.


R8: More two way action, but Hu standing her ground, goes punch for punch as boxing match turns into a last-woman-standing slugfest. Hu happy to eat Pressly's right hand as long as Jaime eats 2 in return - it's Kelly initiating, then finishing every exchange as she batters Jaime in staggerstep from pillar to post. Hu just standing right in front of Jaime, forcing her to fight for her life - Kelly's more compact delivery, quicker mitts in combination prove decisive. Pressly looking discouraged for the first time in the fight as Hu takes the blonde's lunch money this round.


R9: Someone forgot to tell Kelly that taking Jaime's right hand isn't a Nobel Prize winning idea. Pressly lands a bender against Kelly's mouth, has Hu spilling tragically forward - Jaime stepping back welts away with gusto to the body with long strokes from both sides underneath. Hu ragged, reeling, but she finally clinches, gets the break. Jaime hunting Hu down from then on, but Kelly on shot legs just evasive enough, leaping in to hold, frustrating Jaime's kill shots like a pro. Hu gets out of the round with, but she's glassy eyed and vulnerable. Jaime gets her lunch money back.


R10: No more screwing around for Hu - she boxes like her life depends upon it, dancing, jabbing, jumping in with the potshots, but pivoting away rather then attempting any follow up. Pressly taking the arm shots easy - but Hu's legs still too good - Kelly purring, taunting at her foe in the dying seconds as she keeps her distance. Comes back a solid UD10 Kelly Hu.


After: Pressly shaking her head, staring at the floor in the aftermath - too much boxing from Hu tonight. Kelly mixing up her slick with some pop tonight - Jaime just couldn't get comfortable with Kelly hurting her occasionally. Interested observer Janet Jackson said to be courting a Hu bout - Double J a canny marketer, knows she looks too luscious with an Asian beauty in the ring - and oh, the boxing skills those two bring.

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