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25 Feb 1999 Charlize Theron Vs Jamie Luner

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Charlize Theron vs. Jamie Luner* (I) (*Welterweight title) by simguy 25-Feb-99


HBO execs breathed a sigh of relief when Charlize beat Giselle - this is the fight they wanted. Jamie Luner very impressed along with everyone else at Charlize' upset over Fernandez. "I'm not going to underestimate her. I think Giselle was over confident for that fight, and it cost her. I'm taking Charlize at face value, and I think it's going to be a tough fight." That said, the early line makes Jamie an 8-1 favorite as bettors think the Cinderella story will end at midnight.


Black bra and panties for Jamie; white for Charlize.


Round 1: Jamie very defensive, paws at Charlize with both hands, pushing at Theron's gloves, then stepping away. Theron moving forward, driving in with that right hand off her back foot and really trying to hurt Jamie with every punch. Luner practically gives the round away, and in the final minute actually does a rope-a-dope with Charlize. Covering up on the ropes, Luner just gives Charlize her rib cage and takes a series of baseball bat right hands in a questionable strategic move. Shutout Charlize Theron - which girl is the champion here?


Round 2: Theron buys into the act and surges across the ring, eager to pour on more punishment, but the real Jamie meets her with a Roy Jonesesque triple left hook. Theron staggered, bends forward, then wobbles back and TAKES A KNEE. To her credit, Charlize gobbles up the abuse and stands toe to toe the rest of the way, but Jamie is clearly the quicker fighter, and Charlize face is beginning to take the traditional pounding, courtesy Jamie's short left hook.


Round 3: Jamie masterful this round with combinations, moving in, feinting a left uppercut then GOUGING CHARLIZE' BREASTS  WITH HURTFUL LEFT HOOKS. Theron hurt midway through the round, squares up and stumbles forward, getting shredded by Luner combinations. Jamie too quick, too accurate for the blonde this round.


Round 4: Hurt to the body last round, Theron comes out holding her left across her right over her left breast and walks into a series of crashing rights to the jaw that have her woozy on the ropes. Jamie rips away, snapping off three and four punch combinations, keeping the shots short and quick and Theron's head is starting to bounce dangerously. Theron gets wild, swinging off the ropes, but Jamie coolly steps back, bobbing and slipping, COUNTERING TO THE BRA WITH LETHAL EFFICIENCY. By the end of the round, Theron has been led around the ring by her nose, battered consistently through all three rounds and is beginning to show the strain. Theron staggers to the wrong corner at the bell - Jamie almost unmarked in contrast.


Round 5: Cue Cardiac Comeback! Charlize holds Jamie off with an extended left hand ala Tommy Hearns, and as Jamie swats at the glove in her face, Theron steps into a right to the jaw that momentarily separates Jamie's upper body from her lower. LUNER COLLAPSES to the canvas, eyes fluttering as she gobbles up a tremendous shot, beating the count at eight. Luner retreats to the ropes and the fans roar as Charlize moves in. More rope-a-dope from the champ as she sways back, counters with chopping rights and rising left uppercuts just pushing at Charlize, PLAYING PATTYCAKE WITH HER BREASTS. Theron single minded, plows right hands into the body, but can't land another clean head shot and Luner escapes the round in good shape.


Round 6: Jamie on the ropes, playing Ali to Charlize' Foreman. Jamie uses her quick hands to swipe at Charlize face, but it's Theron carrying the fight, literally hitting Jamie's body with everything's she's got. Luner very strong about the middle, takes a good shot, but she's getting creamed in some of these exchanges.


Round 7: Jamie counters well off the ropes and gets on her bicycle, circling the big blonde and backhanding Charlize with left and right jabs, turning southpaw at will. Luner wins tactical round as Charlize pursues.


Round 8: Charlize stuns Luner early with a grazing blow to the temple, and the champ goes back to her perch on the ropes. Jamie seems desperate to avoid getting knocked out, and is successful at making Theron miss the pay off punch, but she's losing rounds in the process. Corner begs Luner to get off the ropes and fight as time is running out.


Round 9: Luner on the ropes again, clutching, scoring in bursts, then covering up and letting Theron pound away. Charlize not getting tired, is actually getting stronger as Luner simply chooses to absorb body shots. Charlize frustrated at Jamie's bewildering tactics upstairs, but making hay down below to bank another round.


Round 10: Luner's corner gives her the "Yer blowin' it kid" speech, and she finally comes out to do battle this round. Using her dazzling legs, Jamie circle and scores with slick jabs and combinations from outside for the first minute, then sets down on her punches and looks to get Theron out of there. By the middle of the round, Charlize realizes she's in trouble, and that Luner is still fresh and punching hard. DOUBLE LEFT HOOK SPANKS CHARLIZE' RIGHT BREAST and a chopping right to the cheek stuns her! Suddenly it's Theron on the ropes, getting welted by the savage combinations of the champ. Charlize not as adept as Luner from this posture as she takes bomb after bomb and looks ready to go in the final minute. Crowd roars as Jamie plants and goes for broke, banging away at Charlize, with a left, left, right rhythm. Charlize out on her feet, will not go down. The bell rings and Jamie Luner thrusts her gloves in the air as Theron, eyes shut, sags on the ropes. One judge scores the 10th 10-8 for Luner, the others have it 10-9 - the fight is a majority draw - Luner retains her title with a dramatic final round pounding.


After: Controversy reigns once again; some claim Theron was robbed, others praise the decision as final justice for favored blonde. Charlize ahead on all cards going into the final round, but it's hard to argue the decision as she finishes battered beyond recognition. Luner dominant early, nearly cost herself the fight by giving her opponent TOO much respect. Jamie showed in the end that complete package that has made her the best celebrity fighter over the last couple of years as once again, she finds a way to prevail.


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