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25 Feb 2005 Megan Fox vs Courtney Thorne Smith

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Posted by simguy on 2/25/2005


Before: "I'm going to work Courtney over the way O'Dell pounded Dunning," proclaims tank-top wearing phenom Megan Fox in prefight. "Cougars better look out 'cause hot young fighters are here and we're hungry. Smith's best day might actually have come before I was born - can you imagine? She's creaky, she's sad, and I'm gonna mop the friggin' ring with her!" Smith pursing her lips - not knowing quite what to make of her opponent. "Brash, isn't she? Every year a bunch of trampy young sluts come up, strut around for exactly 15 minutes and are never heard from again," Smith shrugs. "From what I've seen, Fox is a brunette Tara Reid. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this." Courtney in black Hanes two piece cotton undies (conservative, elegantly understated) - Fox in yellow bikini with purple slashes or waves (ep of Hope and Faith), long top-knot ponytail. Small gloves both vixens.


During R1: Courtney has to cover up, get low as Fox comes out swinging! Megs hup-hup-hupping up into Courtney's midsection, lugging lefts and rights up with a lanky, thudding delivery, lips pulled back in hard working sneer. Smith blocking downstairs, but unable to answer back - she finally disengages, moving back and to her right - Fox stays on her with jabs, tapping and pestering head and shoulders, chasing Court to ropes. Smith covers up, gets low, elbows in: Fox lathering away, tip of her tongue pink between her lips as she pours in the effort. Same pattern evolves - Courtney weaving low, taking a belting to her arms, flanks, back and midsection, wearily escaping only to be hounded, chased down and lathered on a new patch of canvas. Bell to bell Fox - she shrieks in triumph at the break, lifting her mitts and glaring at Smith: Courtney flushed, worked over, and more than a little surprised.


R2: Smith's had a good look - she gets the jab off early to try slowing Fox, fades brunette pressure and times a stroking check-hook to Megan's chin as brunette winds up wide punches. FOX GOES DOWN! Perfect timing, placement - veteran tags ingenue chin-tip and scatters her to all fours - Smith allowing herself a small smirk of superiority, strutting to neutral corner. Fox up quick, blushing crimson - she's right back at it, totally undeterred. Veteran Smith knows she's got the round big - goes into that defensive shell - staying low, rolling her torso, using her left shoulder to nudge Fox in the waist. Brunette not doing a lot of damage, but she's dumping buckets of punches on Smith, bruising up the fruit through 2.


R3: Courtney trying to be more active - working behind her jabs, pre-empting and disrupting Fox' brazen attacks. Megs getting busted in the mouth, momentarily set back, but constantly bringing the fight - nice bandy armed delivery as she strokes away to older vixen's ribcage, curls up into tummy as Smith bends low. Down the stretch, Courtney in her defensive crouch, slides her right foot back, bobs under the Fox right hand and straightens into a glorious left hook on the chin! Megan put wobbly butt in a heartbeat, eyes suddenly forlorn as she stagger-stomps around. Smith snagging a mittful of Megan's waistband with the left, pulls brunette in, spins her, shoves her ropeside and labels her a tidy right hand on the eye - maintaining her illegal trunk tug. Megs covered up as Courtney anchors her by the trunks and drifts some tasty, clubbing, short right hands at the guard - ref finally gets in there to break up the action. Fox' nose bloodied, knees a-knockin' but able to get her wits back quick as Courtney takes an appraising look.


R4: Megs: jabbing with Court, not just walking in - brunette getting the better of it and forcing blonde to the defensive. Megan working her way in close and lathering away bandy-armed side to side action - soon as she coaxes Courtney forward, Fox leans in and pulls those bludgeoning licks up underneath. Court bending low in a tight clamshell - oftentimes, Megs will just pry at blonde hip or flank with little packing hooks, trying to wedge in and open Smith up. Smart work as kid focuses on older woman's body - Smith's legs starting to look a little heavy after a near constant body-shellacking fourth.


R5: Courtney jabbing to Megan's body, dipping and getting a nice little fish-hook left uppercut square on Fox' solar-plexus: Megan doesn't like it one bit. Megs peeping in pain, covering up as she tilts forward - Smith enjoying moments where she can tan Fox' flanks, turn her with cute little sidesteps. Smith taking liberties with Megan's bottoms, constantly pulling, turning and tugging her off balance - ref barking a stream of warnings: "Stay off her trunks Courtney!"


R6: Courtney starting to mouth breathe, but still controlling Megan through variety of Jedi mind tricks. Sneaky, abrupt jabs, head and body. Gutting left uppercuts to the sternum, then quick sidesteps to get Fox turning. Dive-in right hands on the ear and muscular clinches - blonde walking brunette to ropes for the break. Fox a little tentative, getting tagged, confidence wavering - Smith working all the angles through 6.


R7: Hotly contested round, but Smith tiring, falling off the pace - she's retreating to ropes, bending at the waist, rolling punches and looking for single shot KO counters. Megan's tireless punching astonishing - she's up in there with lugging lefts and rights, exhaling hard through pursed lips - she'll slug until Courtney tries to get away or clinch. Fox' pursuit rapid, pesky - chasing after Smith while jabbing to her head, scooting back into position, then lathering again - poor blonde doesn't know which way to turn. Courtney looking haggard at the bell - accumulation starting to take effect as Fox is all ponytails and bounce back to her corner.


R8: Fresh punching from Megan as she jabs, hops after Smith, then lathers her senseless as Smith rolls and blocks. Courtney's face tight, eyes wincing - she's all hot and bothered, unable to deal with the sheer volume of brunette coming at her. Megan fearless - it's not like she hasn't been hurt tonight, but she just keeps coming, breaking Smith's spirit and will in the process. Courtney beaten pillar to post, walked down and touched up hip to head - sunny smile Fox as she prances back to her corner increasingly proud of herself.


R9: Courtney's eyes tired, resentful - she's sliding back, setting traps, bending in and landing sneaky lead right potshots over the top - but Megan's walking through them. Youngster's early savage body attack paying huge dividends - poor Smith breathless, listless, unable to really get her legs behind her shots - she just can't hurt Megan at this point. Fox hounding her blonde, chasing her to corners, scrubbing, licking, lashing away. Down the stretch, she even takes greedy helpings of Courtney's still-proud rack - going where an exhausted blonde can't stop her. Fox upbeat, fronting up on Courtney at the bell and shouting "YOU'RE SHABBY!" Smith sullen, shopworn, glares back and waits for ref to do his job.


R10: Fox pouring herself at waning Smith - Courtney melting to the ropes, covering up destitute, rolling sloooowly underneath as punches bounce and pelt off her back, head and shoulders. Fox grinning now, humming on all cylinders - she'll hammer away at the back, then reach underneath to stack Courtney up, all the better to hoist leather into tender blonde underbelly. Smith groaning, tieing up behind Megan's elbows, but Court can't do anything to keep Fox off. After referee's breaks, Megan keeps walking in, moving her hands and working Courtney into stupor. Bell - Fox punching at the air and squealing with delight: Threadbare Smith open mouthed, looking parched, slinks to her stool and slumps heavily to a seat. Comes back hard-working UD10 by a single point, Megan Fox.


After: Foxie getting nailed a couple of times and tasting canvas early on, but trusting her legs and lungs to overhaul classy blonde veteran down the stretch. "That's what I call using a girl UP!" Crows Megan in postfight. "Baby, there is NOTHING left of Courtney Thorne Smith. You know, she did all her little tricks, used all her experience - and what did it get her? Probably the worst beating of her disappointing career!" Courtney approaches to congratulate Fox but is rebuffed: Megan slapping Courtney's offered hand away, then shoving her in the shoulders, lips curled back in harsh sneer - no compromise from the up-and-comer. Smith shabby with punishment, stung by the very public dismissal - she's bitter in response. "Look - I faded down the stretch, but I had this chick and I TOTALLY let her off the hook. Megan Fox is nothing special - I had her on the canvas, and I should have finished her. She can talk it up all she wants: there'll be another day." 

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