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25 Jan 2008 Navi Rawat vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Originally posted by Simguy on 1/25/2008, 6:59 am.


Before: “I’ve been doing some soul-searching,” says Navi in response to questions concerning her disappearing act following KO1 dismissal to Anne Hathaway. “I had to come to grips with the fact that I went out KO1—that it’s POSSIBLE for another woman to get me out of there. I’m not invulnerable—I can be checked—and I just needed time to deal with that. But I didn’t want to wallow in that defeat—I want to get back on track, and I need to re-instill fear in girls who might have gotten brave after what happened to me. I know for fact that Mary would never have issued this challenge if I hadn’t shown weakness, so I have to make her pay for that.”


Winstead champing at the bit—plucky brunette still a pretty green prospect, but you’d never know it by her attitude coming in. “Navi’s an exciting fight for me,” Mary says, eyes bright. “Maybe my management would never have allowed this fight id Navi had won her last fight—but I ALWAYS wanted Rawat no matter what. I want the big, bad confident Navi, because I honestly think I can compete with her. I’m not trying to kick a girl when she’ down: I’m hoping she’s up and steamin’ mad!”


Rawat in scarlet lace bra and panties; long loose black tangly-curls; white gloves. Mary in brown bikini with yellow strings and tie-side bottoms; white gloves.


R1,2: Winstead playing matadora to Navi’s bull. Winstead eyes wide, dukes up, feet scootin’—she’s deliberately running, willing to sacrifice these early rounds to get Navi breathing hard. Rawat dukes collected at her mouth as though nibbling them—head tic-toc slipping side to side, then unleashing vicious, swiping shots as Mary’s scampering

Away. Some concussive hits scored to flanks and shoulders—but Winny’s survival tactics doing the job. MEW loses both rounds by wide margins, but has Navi scowling in frustration through 2.


R3: Midway through navi crouching, turning, hooks Mary tidy to mouth as Winstead’s steppin’ to her right: MARY’S HURT! Short, shocking blast unhinges Mary’s legs: she standing midring, earmuffed up as Navi hops in: left uppercut Rawat; left hook Rawat—Mary’s head belted about as mouthpiece flies off teeth. Crowd screaming as Winstead bennnnds at the knee, then straighten, staggers forward. Navi seething, hopping to the right, hooking Mary in her midsection, then bashing her a right behind the head as Mary stumbles past. Ropes: Navi scooting in: Winstead distressed, eyes glassy as she slumps against cables, reaching for Navi’s head, pulling it down. Navi fighting off Mary’s chest squirming to keep hands free, rotating shoulders to put short, cudgeling leather on Winny;s slender ribcage. Bell: Winstead finishes on her feet, but she;s cringing with hurt: Navi got there with vigour in the third.


R4: Mary shaky-legged—hopping to her right: Navi hooking wide, catches brunette on her teeth and DROPS MARY TO HER BACK! Winstead stretched out, propping up on her elbows: Navi lifts mitts, struts sultry to neutral corner nodding and smiling at the audience…but Mary beats the count! Winstead scrambling up, falli8ng into ropes, pleading with ref to let it go: she digs in hurt, as Navi wades in. Mary: reaching for Navi’s head, cupping he ears, pulling down and trying to tie up either arm. Navi strong on Mary’s chest, bumping and shouldering her, hunkering down, slamming away to ribcage in short, sudden ripping rights and lefts. Navi beating the breath from her brunette—but Winstead defiant: Mary’s catching a beatdown, but protecting her chin well, bogging Navi down some and once again getting out of a tough round still conscious.


R5: Mary utilizing a combination of jabs, clinches and constant running to string things out. Rawat steaming after Mary, weaving in, hounding Winstead to ropes, then beating her without mercy until Winny can tie up. Mary in survival mode, taking punishment, but managing the situations well: Rawat hurtling pace slowing—she’s walking in now, not getting off in combination—occasionally even reaching around Mary’s back to rest until ref’s break.


R6: Mary circling to the left—no longer running: she pivoting around the left foot, locating Navi with pesky jab. Rawat’s head movement not as abrupt and crisp—Winny able to put poke on eyebrows, tracking her foe as Navi crouches, Wi9nstead drilling a straight right—punching Navi between the eyes, then bringing the mitt back quick: basic boxing 101 fundamentals serving Mary well. Navi’s penetrations quickly gobbled up as Mary clinches, tying up her stronger opponent, retreating into ropes for ref’s breaks. Navi coming forward all round long, but it’s not effective aggression: Winstead boxes for her first points.


R7: Navi breathing hard, mouth open: hurtling, ballistic attacks now plodding as she walks in, ties up. Mary pumping stick, stepping left—simple tactics, but she’s shunting Navi to the side, getting around her. Mary placing the straight right between the eyes with bright cracking impact—just knocking at Navi’s pate, touching her up., Midway through, Mary pivots left, walks Navi onto a gorgeous little left uppercut: Rawat soaks it, crouches and GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Mary panting, pours in a right/left/right—scouring away on the head and shoulders of Rawat as Navi’s backing away. Mary hopping in, pasting away exuberant, colour high—she beats Navi to ropes and Rawat clinches, face strained. There’s Mary, all hugged up—her hands high I the air, bouncing in Navi’s grip shouting: “Break ref! Break!”


R8: Mary’s eyes bright, attitude upbeat. Navi sullen, gassed, frowning. Rawat’s output falling to single digits—she’s wading in, weaving side to side, sometimes groping for Mary with the left hand, hoping to step-in a fight-ending right.  Winstead jab-jab-jabbing—like she’s got a box of puppies on the end of her arm, just keeping it in Navi’s face. Jamming right hand busting Navi between the eyes—not hurting her per se, but it’s discouraging her. Once in a while, Mary pivots left and walks Navi’s bra or chin onto that cute little left uppercut: Rawat clinching after eating that punch rather than responding in kind.


R9, 10: Rawat forward, pawing the jab, throwing some still-lethal right hands, but hardly working on the inside when Mary ties up behind elbows. Mary pivoting left around spicy jabs and hooks—busy left hand just nibbling at her full-bodied foe. Mary’s right hands knocking at hairline and brows—patiently chipping away at Navi and vexing her. Rawat a little busier when she takes Mary to ropes in spots—wriggling free of a clinch and clubbing Winny to the body. both these rounds very hard to score; both women getting some of what they want. Goes to the cards, comes back slender UD10, Navi Rawat.


After: Pyrrhic victory for Rawat—Navi just exhausted, punching herself out with a roaring first half: in victory, she’s exposed as a bad manager of her own energy. Winstead beaten, but exuberant—laughing and cheerful in her corner as she goes the distance, hurts Navi occasionally, and once again, confounds the experts who still think her as ‘in way over her head’ in the FCBA.


Reposted by Archer 6/16/09.


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