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25 Jul 2008 Ali Landry vs Torrie Wilson

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Posted by simguy on 7/25/2008


Before: Pound for pound two of the best bodies in all Christendom pairing off: both girls think that's only half right. "Ali has never respected me the way she should," a serious Torrie says in prefight. "I've learned to beat her in the ring, and outside the ring, she KNOWS heads turn from her to me - that's just a fact. She will never, ever admit that - and I think that's just cheap, because I've worked hard to be as good as her, and I always give her credit for making me a better fighter. When I turn her back in this title fight, I want to see a different tone from her. Respect - maybe even a little deference. I've earned that much - TAKEN that much - from Ali Landry!" Landry ill-amused - refusing to acknowledge Torrie as a legitimate body-rival. "Wilson's a distribution-champ - always has been," Ali shrugs. "I wait until she knocks off another of these chumps, then I move in to relieve her of the burden of ruling a division that's way too much for her to handle. Torrie's got her place - I'll admit that. A lot of my fans love to see me work her over, and I'll always deliver those thrills, but I'd like Torrie kept in perspective. She's one facet of my career - a bauble in the glittering tiara that is the legacy of Ali Landry. Nothing more." Ali in gold bikini, white gloves; very dark tan. Torrie in silver/white bikini, white gloves; dark tan.


During R1: Ali right hand at cheek, jabs her way into Torrie's chest. Wilson immediately cups left hand behind Ali's head; reaches right arm in under Ali's left to achieve a loose over-under clinch; walks Ali counter-clockwise for ref's break. Ali re-initiates, jabbing into Torrie's torso: Wilson again responding with clinch-and-walk, frustrating Landry. Down the stretch, Wilson finishes up her clinches by shoving Ali off/walking her down. Blonde separates herself late with some beefy right and left roundhouses shellacked to Landry's midsection as Ali stoops forward in earmuff, stationary and taking at the bell.


R2: Same methodical pace - Torrie channeling Ali into clinches, walking her around big-girl, pushing off and banging the body. Landry falling into the rhythm - prowling flat-footed around her girl, jabbing jug, then looking to fit a right hand into Torrie's ribs as blonde's tying up. Both enjoy succulent sequences of straight up body banging as the other grunts behind her mitts: simple tight-arc roundhouses, pounded to waist with thick, beefy spanks. As minutes progress, both girls relax, keeping dukes up - both swiping and cuffing each other extremely heavy left hands to paunch and flank - punches sounding out with fleshy CHUP! CHUP! impacts. Hard working round tough to score: fighters seem to be fighting at Torrie's pace as Ali likes the terms.


R3: Same flat-footed prowling; same heavy, clouting blows to waistlines, followed by muscular clinches. At one point, Ali wrestles her way on top, tummy to tummy at the ropes - writhing against Torrie and preparing to smite her. Clever blonde grabs long brunette curls at Ali's back, yanking her head back - neatly breaking the oppressive clinch and bringing in the ref. Landry seething; Torrie winking, grinning, being a little brat to vex Ali.


R4: Torrie mounting flat-footed pressure - now taking the initiative behind her jab, backing Ali up all around the ring. Wilson methodically dappling Ali's golden-brown upperchest with jabbage - shelling the pecs and breastplate stiff, jarring left hands. Torrie reaching in/pushing off, walking Ali down: Landry looking grumpy - covering up right at her left cheek, left across her gut as Torrie pounds away big girl. Torrie finding spots to pop her hips and shellack big to the waist: that gorgeous, mouthwatering CHUP! noise of big-girl leather applied with commitment to pageant-winning beef.


R5: Ali negotiating Torrie's thudding jab with a little lateral movement - brunette stepping to her left, doling out jabs, dictating terms to blonde. Ali chopping right hands down onto Torrie's bulging hooters - just leaning in close and hammer-dropping compact tomahawks in. Torrie grimacing, shying away: Ali able to impose will via Torrie's jugs in the fifth.


R6: Girls dig in, bump up shoulder to shoulder, each taking turns at the other's midsection with churning, lapping work underneath. One covers up as the other gets off CHUP! CHUP! CHUP! - then it's back the other way as neither gets the upperhand. They'll turns slamming away to world-class tummy, then tie up - each mouthbreathing moist against the other's shoulder. Girls stepping each other around in the grasp: ringsiders just sitting back with happy smiles as buttocks and legs work hard to muscle the other about. Late the round, Torrie pushes off, swats a pair of cuffing hooks to Ali's jugs and momentarily breaks brunette composure. Landry covers up face-in-gloves, grimacing: Torrie dips her right shoulder, comes up underneath with a juicy right tucked in snug under Ali's elbow. Landry's legs give a shimmy, she reaches to clinch, winded by Torrie's big-swinging right amidships.


R7: Ali steps up her attack on Torrie's jugs - ranging in on 'em with jabs, then turning on hateful right hands to smudge those bulgers flat. Wilson gasping, giving ground: her back hits ropes at the minute mark as Ali wades in. Landry hardhearted, determined here - she's reaching in to pull apart Torrie's guard, then cuffing away at the goods. Big blonde jugs are swatted senseless, but Ali's tucking into ribs and tummy - systematically taking Torrie's legs away. With Wilson breathing hard and whimpering in spots: Ali comes off the body with crisp-clipping uppercuts: just arching her back and ringing away short on the inside - either hand. Good withering, sustained beatdown: champ spellbound - getting bullied, mauled and slugged up against the ropes.


R8: Torrie tries to re-establish the heavy jab to Ali's pecs and upper chest: Landry times her blonde for exquisite counters. Ali with the quick-chopping right over top Torrie's stick: blonde head toggles off the chin-check - magnificent legs spasming. Ali's eyes widen - she opens up her stance, clouting rising lefts and rights sidearm from her hips (elbows in close to her hips as she delivers). Punches bash off Torrie's face, stunning her: she droops on the spot, legs frozen - hands out front, dangling down. Ali POURING it to Torrie - lefts and rights - pulled up and across with vicious leverage. Torrie's head pounded back and forth - her body spanked flush as Ali mixes it up and WILSON GOES DOWN! Big blonde legs lock up as champ wilts forward, and crashes face-first to canvas. She lies in stupor, hands tucked up underneath her KO'd chest and IT'S OVER! KO8 - Ali Landry!


After: Ali beaming - ripping the belts from Torrie's cooling waist via main force: resounding stoppage sees Ali reclaim what used to hers for the mere asking. AND ALI WANTS MORE! Landry crossing the ring with Kelly Brook and Jeri Ryan - the latter two vixens popping their blouses to reveal heartpounding push up bras, faces all business. Some wit in the booth cues up the milkshake song: Ali and co take their turns on poor Torrie, each crushing the woozy blonde face-first to triumphant breast, then passing her along before unconsciousness can reclaim her. Wilson sobbing groggily - eyebrows high, eyes shut, her mouth wide open and gulping for air on the transitions from one rack to another. Torrie's meaty legs stamping as she's passed around, then collected up - Ryan's Mob forming a loose triangle about the former champ. When not gainfully employed in smothering - the girls will stand about hands on hips, watching intently, or clapping and pumping fists at the crowd. At one point, with Jeri pouring jug to Torrie - Ali and Kelly are off hamming it up, popping single bicep poses side by side for the crowd. FINALLY, Torrie is allowed to collapse onto her haunches: she sits there in jugshock, eyelashes closed, lips parted, chest rising and falling as she drags in air. Ali leans down, twirling a finger in conquered, damp blonde locks, pursing her lips and cooing: "baby had enough? Huh? Want more jug, Torrie? Baby need more?" Looks like it's about to get worse when suddenly, Swan Lake tape is flashed onto PPV screens - protecting innocent viewers from additional heinous conduct.

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