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25 July 2009 Eva Longoria vs Sarah Shahi

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Posted by simguy on 7/25/2009, 9:23 am,

BEFORE: "Don't know who she is," Longoria shrugs in prefight, "don't care. I'm not going to allow Sarah Shahi to become some kind of flyweight Olivia Munn. That's not happening: not on my watch. Frankly, I'm appalled that Gellar didn't handle this girl's business with more authority, but whatever. Sarah's getting a good swift kick in the rear end from me - a REAL welcome to the FCBA!" Shahi upbeat: pasting Gellar a very nice debut and Sarah's looking for more. "Gellar's a legend," Shahi grins, "she's the Slayer: busting her up puts me on the map and I'm not going to throw that away by fumbling against Longoria. It's gonna be the same story all over again: fresh fists sweeping shopworn old goods to the sidelines!"


Shahi in white ring connected bikini over dark complexion; white gloves; hair black and tangly-wild. Longoria in rainbow bikini (ring connections hip and jug); white gloves; hair in slick low ponytail.

During R1: Quick-mitt pressure from Shahi - Longoria punched out of her stance, forced to back off and regroup. Eva reorganizing behind her jab, poking Shahi into compliance, then cleaning her up late via hooks to the body/sleek right crosses up top.

R2,3,4: Systematic shutout rounds for Eva Longoria. She's boxing - showing the jab body, breasts and head - Eva staying organized, being first, steering Shahi around. Sarah baring her teeth - she's a frustrated beauty: constantly pre-empted; grimacing when hooked to the body; constantly outflanked as Eva sidesteps to angles. Gorgeous veteran stuff - Longoria renewing her master-boxer credentials with a flourish.

R5: Resistance from Shahi. She's a little puffy about the eyes, a little touched up, but still combative - looking to jab-with, step close, and use her combinations. Longoria solving most problems with footwork - slidestepping back from Shahi aggression; jerking the left uppercut to Sarah's breasts. Sarah manoeuvred into punches, gets outboxed once again.

R6: Shahi scoring in spots: when she can negotiate herself inside, she's showing flashes of the form that beat Gellar. Longoria in control throughout however: jab, footwork dictating distance. Longoria able to work behind the jab to score cross/hook combos, body and head, OR; she's fading back, walking Shahi onto the left uppercut to jug. Eva grinning pretty at the bell - tidying up on Sarah through 6.

R7: First signs of collapse in Shahi: until now, she's born up well to Longoria's power punches. Keying off the jab, Eva keeps at it - placing the gauncha hook in behind Sarah's right elbow; strafing Sarah right hands up top. Minute mark: Shahi's legs give a shimmy - she's starting to wobble away, no longer able to come forward strong; eyes are moist, glassy; mouth forlorn. Digging, doubled-up hooks produced fight's first knockdown in the second minute: Shahi body-punched to her hands and knees, panting in pain. Down the stretch, Sarah toppling into ropes, stricken: Eva hooking the body to stiffen her girl, then pasting away straight left/rights in criss-cross strafing runs up top. Sarah shredded, facing into blows - she's a helpless vixen when the ref stops the fight. TKO7 in commanding fashion, Eva Longoria.

After: Welcome To The FCBA beatdown indeed: Eva makes good on her promise, pasting and punishing the rookie before stopping her at ropes. "Treatin' her shabby!" Longoria beams in postfight, smiling like a little ingenue herself, "that's the way to take care of these girls. Shahi got a free pass against Gellar; tonight's when she had to pay her freight. When I box, I still think I'm the class of 110...I really should listen to my trainers more, hey?"

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