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25 March 2006 Jenny O'Dell vs Charlize Theron

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FIGHT #245 Charlize Theron vs. Jennifer O’Dell by simguy 3-25-06


BSE over to offense - winning the strategic initiative in their struggle against the Krushers when Charisma turned back Charlize with a withering body attack last time out. Theron now under the gun - facing rotating attacks from BSE as Jenny O'Dell looks to double-up on Carpenter's good work.


"I've been waiting for this opportunity for a long time," cold-eyed Jenny admits in prefight. "Everyone knows my last fight against Charlize left a bad taste in my mouth. I've endured Theron's gloating, I've had to deal with gym-gossips who like to snipe that I'm a choker and that I can't handle the high profile events. That all goes away after I clean up on Charlize in this fight."


Theron dismissing allegations that she's labouring after a particularly grueling stretch of fights - fights that may well have rendered lesser women hobbled from the accumulated punishment, if Krusher propagandists are to be believed.


"Ask my sparring partners if I'm fighting hurt," Charlize jokes with a jam-packed press gallery. "Not saying Charisma didn't fight a hell a fight, but I've had worse and come back strong. Jenny talks tough, but let me tell you this: I see punk in her eyes - yellow, quitting, blubbering, punk. She's got big-room fear, and the room doesn't get any bigger than this. I'm putting her down - hard - just to remind BSE that they are basically a fodder-stable for us. Jenny's an 'opponent' - nothing more."


Green bikini Charlize (see recent photo reference) Jenny in punching pink bikini.


Rd 1: Jenny: head down, plowing into Charlize' waist with chugging lefts and rights, working up torso to pound away jug. Theron driven backwards, lips pursed, extending her left hand to palm shoulder while lifting big right uppercuts into Jenny's chin. O'Dell's forward momentum halted: Charlize laying into jaw with swinging sidearm rights, leaning in close for clanging leverage, lifting the elbow and turning over the fist flat to chin - Jenny's turn to stagger backwards, right hands piling up. Retreating O'Dell halts Charlize with a thudding right pit-o'-the-stomach, back up top with a clouting hook - Theron on her heels, eyelashes blink-a-blink with hurt. Girls TRADE right hands, claw-back hooks - crowd screaming to its feet as both sets of knees buckle and hold, both blonde heads bash back with sudden jolts. Down the stretch, Theron reaching to palm-up left, swing right: she's strapping blacksmith blows against Jenny's jaw, then reloading and thumping Jenny's stomach to paralyze O'Dell in a cramped-up semi-crouch. Bell: both girls breathing hard, eyes blazing - hellish first round pace just can't last. Theron cupping a healthy chunk of taut O'Dell buttock as Jenny's walking to corner: JOD doesn't like it - ref jumps in to halt extra curriculars as panting beauties look to grapple.


Rd 2: Charlize into Jenny with scything right hands - pulling the punches around as she leans forward, thrilling the crowd with every gobsmacking impact. O'DELL'S WOBBLY BUTT! Jenny staggered under early bombast - covers up earmuff, stooping forward open-mouthed. Charlize dropping her back (right) foot back and HEAVING home rights to breadbasket - easing back while knuckling at Jenny with the left mitt to maintain range. O'Dell soaking up atrocious tummy-abuse - finally reaches in under Charlize' arms, walking her to ropes: Jenny's lips mouthing guppy-like for air. Ref's break - Charlize stalking right, looking Jenny over: relaxed, stiff up-jab off the hip as Theron keeps O'Dell occupied at arm's length. Theron settling into potshot mode - stepping around hurt prey, jabbing and slapping lefty at Jen, then setting down on meanspirited crosses to close the show. O'Dell covered up, bending at her waist - right near her chin, left across the bod - good head movement gets her out of a rough second as Theron misses haymakers over the top.


Rd 3: Jenny turns boxer: right hand at her temple while she spits a doubled up jab; steps briskly left. Theron looking to punch, weight on her right foot, right at her chest, left hand low - she's just leaning back away from Jenny's stick - batting at it, parrying it, looking to drive in chin-checking crosses. O'Dell can't reach Charlize' face with poke, but the waist and chest is there - Jenny stabbing at body, stepping away from receipts, keeps Theron turning, outworking the Krusher blonde in a tactical third.


Rd 4: Jenny establishing the jab to Charlize' chest - just locating Theron's breasts, beating her to the punch. Theron still stalking, but not moving her hands: she's still looking to end Jenny's night with one punch. O'Dell inching in off her jab - tidying up the ribs with ratatat combos; cleaning up jug with chugging hup-hup out of a crouch; dipping low and pivoting smartly away from late Theron receipts. Down the stretch, Jenny setting a nice crisp pace - Theron loads up and leans into a looping right hand but JENNY BEATS HER TO THE PUNCH! O'Dell dipping in and down with a straighter right - kisses mitt off chin with head-swivelling force - Theron's right waves over top as her legs give way - crowd roars to it's feet. Charlize undone, stumbling shipwrecked to ropes - she drapes her right hand over the top strand, lolling there as O'DELL POURS IN! Jenny squaring away off Theron's left hip and POUNDING the golden goddess. Belly, buttock, back, chest, back-of-the-head and face all rudely buffetted as Theron hangs onto ropes, tempest tossed. Bell - seething Jenny pushed back by the ref: Charlize open-mouthed, hair disheveled, eyelashes fluttering forlorn - she's a shaken beauty mincing back to her stool for repairs.


Rd 5: Charlize wounded, grimacing - she reaches out the right to palm at Jenny's forehead, stepping away from O'Dell's pressure. Jenny bobbing, weaving, tracking Theron down and forcing her to ropes with heavy lead right hands to chest; sweeping left hooks to mouth. BSE blonde squares up and goes to work with thumping efficiency as Theron slumps into the strands. O'Dell reaching in to push and knead for position - Charlize trying to tie up. Not for the feint of heart - Charlize fans groaning, biting their knuckles as Theron tilts forward behind her gloves, soaking up one of the worst drubbings of her glorious career this round. Jenny teeth-bared, punching with murderous intensity: Charlize' lats, ribs, tits and tummy all brutally pum-pum-pummelled, loosening up the guard for lifting uppercuts and chin-checking hooks. Second minute attrition adds up: Charlize wilting under the onslaught to all fours, panting, distraught, as Jenny is bodied back by the ref. Third minute more of the same - Jenny just GOING at Charlize with nightmarish intensity - sheets of JOD leather raining down, bashing at the body, jerking up into the chest and chin, clouting away at the skull. Theron beaten senseless, wilts to her knees once again - drawing a bellow of supremacy from Jenny as once again, ref has to body pumped-up O'Dell back. Theron fighting her way off the canvas, sagging into ropes with gloves limp at her chest, eyelashes fluttering: she's out on her feet as Jenny struts back to her corner pounding her chest with thumping right hands.


R6: Charlize: face puffing up, eyes swelling, hair obscuring her features, lips parted, legs shabby - she's easily hounded to ropes as once again, Jenny squares away to work. Relentless, non-stop, churning punches, punctuated by periods of pushing and kneading as Jenny resets herself on Charlize. O'Dell prodding her jab at Charlize just to push aside the guard and prop Char up, then it's shellacking right hands and bashing hooks as Theron is beaten head-and-shoulders into stupor. Charlize drooping forward mute, astonished - world-class legs holding her up, but this is gobsmacking brutality she's soaking. Jenny able to push and punch to her heart's content - by the final minute she's leaning in close, treating herself to right hands up underneath into Theron's lungs, sitting Charlize helpless in the ropes at the bell. Emotional Jenny shrieks "YOU'RE BEAT!" into Charlize blinking face, blowing strands of tired blonde hair off Theron's shiny brow.


Rd 7: Charlize tragically beaten, but catching a second wind: she slinks to her right, waving her jab and walking Jenny into some firm right hands on the chin to reject early O'Dell advances. Jenny rebuked through two minutes, soaking up more right hands than she needs to: she adjusts, steps out, shakes out her arms and regroups behind a spicy jab to get Charlize covered up. Jenny edging in off her stick, lifts a GLORIOUS right hand up into Theron's pain-wracked tummy: Charlize crying out, bunching up, covering up - she's gut shot, paralyzed midring as Jenny surges over to offense. O'Dell's eyes wide, tongue pink at the corner of her mouth as she lavishes hurt onto Charlize' golden flanks - big splashy rights and lefts bouncing off hip and lower back. Agonized Charlize able to reach around her foe's waist and hang on at the bell: Theron finishing up with her open mouth moist against Jenny's tanned shoulder.


Rd 8: Ramshackle beauties step heavily to midring. Jenny prodding with a jab off the shoulder, just trying to locate Charlize' chest. Theron loping to her right, left hand low - she's hoisting it up, waving it at Jenny's face. Girls fall in: CT reaching her left over Jenny's right shoulder, spoiling O'Dell's right - Theron able to carry her right hand deep to JOD paunch, doubling Jenny up with a sob of hurt. CT steps right - left arm riding over Jenny's shoulder, tugging her to her left - Theron carves the right uppercut through to chin, steps right again. Jenny ragged, being tugged as CT steps and slugs: another beefy right slams into O'Dell's unprotected breadbasket, buckling her forward with a moist grunt. CT teeth bared, sloshes the right sidearm to Jenny's cheek, clouting her senseless: looping right uppercut pitches Jenny's head up and back. O'Dell's eyes dazed, shiny with hurt - hands up and extending out to push as CHARLIZE POURS INTO JENNY'S CHIN! Gobsmacking right hand smashes Jenny's face aside, stiffening her legs - O'Dell topples back, back and JENNY GOES DOWN! Jenny stretching out - arms up over her head, chest piled high and proud as breasts slosh to a stop, head bouncing off canvas, impact shooting the mouthpiece off her teeth. Theron screaming down - bodied back by the ref and it's OVER! Jenny out cold, can't get off her back: KO8 in thunderclap fashion - Charlize Theron!


After: Theron crying angry tears of vindication - some of the beefiest slugging of her career finally bludgeons Jenny off her feet - Charlize' power tends to be underated, but she channels Mariah Carey tonight to overwhelm her rugged opponent. Charisma quickly into the ring even as Heigl and Loken are bouncing over to congratulate Charlize. Jenny extraordinarily vulnerable - stretched invitingly on her back - as Krusher beauties start to congregate, gazing down in unspeakable exultation.


Heigl and Loken both urging Theron to take extra, to consolidate the victory on helpless Jenny: Charlize groggy, listening, weighing the pros and cons. Carpenter fists clenched, standing over Jenny, willing to offer dukes to any girl comes too close - Portman and Spears rush up in close support. Getting ugly when officials finally diffuse a tense situation by separating the two cliques - gently pushing bodies back as heartfelt accusations fly back and forth.


"That's Jenny on her back," Charlize clarifies for the television audience. "They tried to double team me and I hurled their best right back at them. Nobody beats on Charlize Theron, baby - nobody!"


Bitter feud stalemated for the nonce-  both sides retreating to lick various hurts and plot various revenges.



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